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Playstation Store gets much needed revamp by Sony

Sony's Playstation store is getting a much-needed revamp to prepare for a common store-front across its Web-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and phones. Related game and movie franchises will be placed together on one page. Movies and other related material from popular franchises will then be easier to rent or buy. The game controller will also be more easily used for alphabetic searches. Michael Aragon, Sony's general manager of global digital video and music services, said: "In the siloed past, there was ...

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Magic Finger turns your finger into a mouse

magic-finger-autodesk-research Autodesk Research, in collaboration with the University of Alberta and University of Toronto, has developed a prototype for its user-controlled "always-available input", the Magic Finger. This device is able to turn literally any solid surface into a touchpad, the upshot of this is people can effectively do away with mice. Integrating a micro RGB camera, LED light and optical mouse sensor, the Magic Finger can be configured to operate any number of smart devices. This essentially means you can access ...

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DSTV Mobile Walka 7 review: is bigger really better?

Lead image The Walka 7 is DSTV Mobile's latest offering for mobile television viewing. It's sporting a 7-inch display, twice that of the previous Walka handheld device. Has the increase in screen size affected the quality of this newest device? First impression When I first got my hands on the Walka 7 I was surprised by the sheer weight of the it. Its pretty hefty and not ideal for viewing while travelling. It's better suited to a stable surface with movement kept to a minimum. Setup Activating ...


The iPad Mini rumour round up: what we think we know [Infographic]

ipad mini Oh, what? Apple is making an iPad Mini? Really? Who would have guessed... well, you, if you've been anywhere near a tech blog in the last eight months. Ok, so technically Apple isn't definitely making a seven-inch tablet, but there are so many rumours flying about that it's starting to look like the day before the iPhone 5 launch. Because of the details which were leaked before the announcement of Apple's next-gen smartphone, the official event just seemed to largely ...

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Asus Padfone 2 hands-on review: a second gen smartphone/tablet hybrid

PA165524-580-90 We've got our hands on the Asus Padfone 2 - Asus' second attempt at a smartphone/tablet pairing. In case you don't know, the Padfone is an original Asus concept that brings together a tablet and a phone; the tablet itself is essentially a dummy device which the phone slots into. There is a battery for extra life inside the tablet, but otherwise all the processing power, memory and more comes from inside the phone. The company says it has listened carefully to the ...

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HTC J Butterfly unveiled in Japan — girly name, awesome screen

HTC J butterfly The J Butterfly is the latest mobile device from HTC. It's the first smartphone to feature a 5-inch 1080p full-HD screen and it's now available for pre-order from Japanese telecommunication company KDDI. Full specs on the device are still to come, however Engadget has released a few details -- the majority of which look quite promising, including the fact that the device runs Android 4.1 (JellyBean). Its dinner-plate-sized screen, dubbed "Super LCD 3", is supported by a 1.5Ghz quad-core processor as well ...

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Project Eternity reaches its $4 miilion crowd funded target

photo-full Indie gaming title, Project Eternity from developer Obsidian has reached its US$4-million goal thanks to Kickstarter. The development of the "isometric party-based RPG", requires a sizable amount of capital to get an experienced team to create what Obsidian call "a whole new world". Support from backers has been overwhelming, considering the Kickstarter funding phase began 14 September 2012. After reaching its initial US$1.1-million target, the company was able to raise an unbelievable US$3-million in little over a month. Obsidian's rapid fund-raising is ...

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Nexus 10, made by Samsung may launch next year

it_photo_180688_52 Not the Nexus 10, but still the best tablet on the market There's nothing wrong with the Nexus 7, we said as much in our review. So a Nexus 10 would be... three levels better then the Nexus 7? Plus, it's being pumped out by Samsung this time. The specs Thanks to internal reports from people close to the source, we know a fair bit about the hardware specs of the Nexus 10. First up, the screen is going to be legendary. A 10-incher ...


GoPro Hero3 is the new camcorder of choice for action sport enthusiasts

03_h3_black_camera_inhousing_glam The Hero3 is the latest release from GoPro, unveiled by the manufacturer at a launch event in San Francisco. This is the company's flagship device and makes improvements on its previous offering, the Hero2. Enhancements include the Hero3 being "30% smaller and 25% lighter" than its predecessor, according to GoPro. Another key feature includes the Hero3 being able to shoot in 4K resolution, quite the achievement considering its size. The increased resolution will however cause the users' frame rate to drop to 15fps. ...


Halo 4 leaks, pirates rejoice but should anyone really worry?

halo img 3 In another triumph for piracy and internet “freedom”, Halo 4 has been leaked online – the jewel now not of Microsoft but of the peer-to-peer websites dotting the net. It’s not unusual for games, films and music to be leaked to the internet, but rarely is intellectual property (especially of the magnitude of Halo) available so far ahead of its boxed release. The news comes as Microsoft rolls forth an advertising campaign in the build-up to Halo’s November 6th release. ...


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