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Huawei Ascend P2 is a 4.7-inch 1.8Ghz phablet-lite for $480

Image of the Ascend p2 (Chinese site, translated) delivers some pretty compelling shots of Huawei's Ascend P2, the 4.7-inch phablet-lite with tons of charm and a fairly beefy 1.8Ghz CPU. First some stats, then the pics: Huawei’s Ascend P2 comes with Android 4.1.2, 2GB RAM, 8GB internal memory and a microSD slot. Happily, it’s going to have the same battery as the Galaxy S III, a 2200mAh which should deliver a full day of usage without fiddling for a charing cable. Finally, the rear camera ...

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Dyson Airblade Tap review: is one better than two?

Dyson drier If there's one thing you should know about TechRadar, it's that we don't make a habit of covering industrial tap fittings. But Dyson's new device is somewhat different, boasting not only an automatic water outlet, but an automatic hand dryer, too. It's an evolution of the Wiltshire, UK-based company's popular Airblade dryers. The reason they've been successful is simple; they're fast and ideal for places like football stadiums where a lot of people need to get in and out of the toilet ...

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BlackBox mobile phone IM printer is the dumbest and best idea of all time

Blackbox Hark: This is the BlackBox, an IM/text message printer from Joe Doucet Studios and it’s an utter waste of everyone’s time. But not really. The BlackBox connects to an iPhone, well that’s what’s displayed in the rendered image, and prints out IM threads on what looks like grocery market till receipts. The website describes it as "standard, non-carbon receipt printing system to create two matching records of any length of conversation,” and makes one very good point: that it’s easier to print out ...

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Jailbreak iPhone 5 and all iOS 6.x devices right now

iPhone Cydia jailbreak It’s out! Download evasi0n’s Jailbreak for Mac, PC or Linux. Here’s how it works. Foreword: if you don’t know what a Jailbreak is, you’re not a regular Gearburn reader or part of the geek elite, so please click here for further information. Proof of life Further forewarning: Gearburn takes no responsibility for any “bricked” iDevices. This is done at the user's risk. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. Download the relevent Jailbreak (JB) app, we’ve embedded it above Backup your iDevice Close iTunes Open the ...

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10 gadgets you never knew you always wanted

"I don't hate you. Probably." Geeks, we love our gadgets and in honour of 2013, and just because it’s so damn cool, we’ve creates a list of the hottest, weirdest and coolest gadgets. Onwards to glory. JetLev Flyer It’s a jetpack, but instead of using weapons-grade rocket fuel, it uses regular water which is obviously much cheaper and can be acquired without some sort of government agency interference. It’ll cost you about R2-million (with free delivery, what a deal), but think of all the cash and bureaucratic ...

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Microsoft Office 2013 review: it’s finally here

Office Logo Microsoft Office has changed. It's not just that Office 2013 gets the Windows 8 treatment, with a touch-friendly interface and a sparser look, as well as new features in every application. Office is also going to the cloud, with subscription pricing, on-demand installation and automatic syncing of settings and documents you save in the cloud – if you want to pay for it that way. As usual, there are multiple versions of Office 2013, but this time around the different editions ...

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Ouya the Android-powered console launches June for US$99

Ouya console Remember Ouya, the Android console seemingly gifted to us from the geek-gods? Well it’s coming June 2013 for US$99 and it’s available for pre-order right bloody now. Kickstarter was its origin and the creators of Ouya asked for a humble US$95 000. The project was a runaway success, with current funding at an astonishing US$8 596 474. Just, wow. And all that for an Android-powered console. This video nicely sums up the secrets of Ouya’s Android-goodness. So, while the console and ...

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Is this the new budget iPhone? [Rumour]

The biggest oxymoron in tech world is "cheap iPhone". Or "budget iPhone". A set of words that just don't gel. Yet rumours persist. And if Patent Number 8 364 032, filed February last year by Apple and approved last month by the US Patent Office is anything to go by, then a budget iPhone is on the cards. The patent displays a rectangle with round corners which has become an Apple trademark, a front-facing screen, plastic body and a rear ...

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HTC will go ‘ultra pixel’ for new smartphone. Megapixel is so last year

HTC A new camera sensor, or should that be sensors, are the next big change in smartphone cameras if HTC's plans are anything to go by. Instead of having one 13 megapixel sensor, HTC plans to use three 4.3 megapixel sensors combined to give a much higher resolution sensor that will capture images in astounding detail and colour, according to Pocket-Lint. This is similar to Sigma's Foveon X3 sensor, and a very similar technology to the U.S. military spy drone that can ...

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Huawei and Microsoft bring Windows Phone 8 to Africa

huawei ascend windows phone 1 Huawei and Microsoft have teamed up to produce a Windows-run smartphone exclusively available in Africa, reports the BBC. Launched today, the modified smartphone is part of the Microsoft 4Afrika initiative for what is considered one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world. The smartphone is a modified derivative of the Huawei Ascend W1 handset displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, and sports a display of 4-inches with a resolution of 480 x 800, a ...


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