3002426059_80015e2902_z Is 3D dead? Should you be happy that new apparent replacement for HD is slowly being buried under four thousand pixel screens? The first time I went to a 3D movie it was, yes you guessed it, Avatar. It was grand. I can't say it was great, but grand it certainly was. It looked like it was heralding the newest, greatest step in movie history since the introduction of colour. And then I walked out the theatre. It was weird, my head ...

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Cheaper Surface Pro and RT tablets? Microsoft to offer a “variety of price points”

surface pro black keyboard This was inevitable. With the price of Surface RT costing US$720 (with the Touch or Type keyboard) and the Surface Pro costing an astonishing US$1 000, Microsoft had to eventually create cheaper models that more in line with what actual human beings can afford. And so, it will. Microsoft’s chief financial bigwig Peter Klein said “We’re working closely with chip partners and OEMs to bring the right mix of devices,” (translation: we’re desperately searching for the cheapest hardware to sling Windows ...


AVM FRITZ!Box 3370 review: an excellent German router

an image of the fritz router AVM's new FRITZ!Box 3370 ADSL router doesn't have as many features as the flagship 7390 model, but its wireless connectivity actually makes advances over its top-of-the-range stablemate. The 3370 lacks the 7390's built-in DECT base station and physical telephony ports, and it doesn't support simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections, but its three data streams give a WLAN data transfer rate of to up to 450Mbps, up to 50% faster than the more expensive FRITZ!Box's two streams. It proved more robust in our tests, and ...

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BlackBerry Z10 renders sneak into view

You want a long story about RIM’s latest BB10 devices? Or do you want some shit-hot pictures of the brand new BlackBerry Z10? We hope you chose the latter, cause here are some insanely sweet renders of the BlackBerry Z10, care of EvLeaks. We’re 99% sure that this is the real deal, despite being a render The UI matches what we’ve shown a few months ago, and paging through the leaked BB10 training manual shows a phone that looks exactly like this ...

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Possible PlayStation 4 specs reveal an 8-core, 8GB RAM monster [Rumour]

Not the PS4 Using the words "leaked" and "rumour" in the same sentence creates a lot of doubt, but according to a report by Kotaku, the latest specs of the PlayStation 4 (Codename Orbis) has come under their scrutiny via a reliable source. The information apparently comes from official Orbis documentation, consisting of a list of more than 90 PDF's. In these documents, some of the previous rumours have some weight added to them, and a few surprises are thrown in as ...

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The Intel Yolo is Kenya’s first cut-price Android-powered smartphone

Intel announced on Thursday evening the first smartphone targeted at the African market, the Intel Yolo. Intel are newbies in the smartphone market, but recent changes have suggested that the tide is turning. The phone will sell for US$125 and come bundled with 500MB data. In a partnership with Safaricom, one of Africa's biggest mobile network operators, the phone was developed for the emerging African market. Safaricom have had exemplary success with previous mobile phone sales in Africa, such as the ...


Syndicate: the most underrated game of 2012

Syndicate As a heads-up: calling anything “underrated” is obviously subjective. This then is an opinion piece that strives to illustrate the manner in which journalists unfairly criticised the 2012 shooter Syndicate. The game’s 74 Metacritic score, were it a film, would indicate a generally positive reception. But in gaming circles 74 is comparatively low. That might be symptomatic of an industry that calls anything above “85” good and anything below “70” deeply average. A shameless cash cow? Take the most reviled publisher in ...

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Judge Dredd-style non-lethal DNA bullets track criminals in the name of justice

selectdna The future is now. Well, every second that ticks by is another step into the future. But I digress. Ubergizmo dug up this gem of a story. SelectDNA, a UK-based company has created a non-lethal method of tracking criminal for later apprehension. Simply put, a DNA bullet is fired from a plastic gun that leaves an identifiable and unique mark. I am the law Currently, police use rubber, electronic  and paint bullets as non-lethal methods of criminal apprehension. This is all well and ...

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So long and thanks for all the fish: Nokia’s 808 PureView is final Symbian device

It’s confirmed: Nokia’s 808 PureView, the 41-Megapixel monster, is the final Symbian phone. Farewell old friend.

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‘I’ll be back’: 3D printed robot makes its appearance

If you have not yet understood that 3D printing is going to change the world, probably more than what most other past things have, then this reporter feels sorry for you. You see, there was just one thing missing for "the machines" to take over and procreate to the point where they could rule: 3D printing. And right on time the first 3D printed robot makes its appearance. Made from 3D printed parts, InMoov is the first full-size humanoid robot. Running ...


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