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Rascarlo custom Nexus ROM review

nexus 7 What’s in a ROM? I’ve mentioned  a few times in my older posts that custom ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus aren’t really needed anymore, because of where stock Android is. JellyBean is a fantastic OS, but luckily with Android we are spoilt for choice, and although we don’t need them, using custom ROMs, which are stable, is a lot of fun and they do offer a number of awesome enhancements to an already great OS. I’ve been using Rascarlo’s RasBeanJelly for the ...

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Sony Xperia U review [Video]

Xperia U Video review It's got a delicate pink bottom, a 280 PPI display and the Xperia stamp of quality. This dear friends, is the Sony Xperia U and it's one hell of a phone. There's plenty to talk about when it comes to the Xperia U. How about the nifty 5MP camera? Or what of the built-in 3D surround sound? Watch, don't read as Managing Editor Michelle Atagana sinks her teeth into one of Sony's best Xperia phones yet.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ review: does Amazon’s latest light a fire under the Nexus 7?

firehd-both-580-90 Amazon changed the tablet game late last year with the introduction of theKindle Fire, a $199 7-inch tablet that – while limited by a slim offering of apps and lower-end hardware – really upended the lower end of the market and proved a dramatic success. No other manufacturer could compete on both price and features until Google and Asus dropped the similarly priced Nexus 7 this summer. The gorgeous screen, sleek form factor, and pure Android 4.1 UI made Amazon's once-impressive entry seem immediately antiquated, ...

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Fabled 13-inch MacPro with Retina Display to launch with iPad Mini on 23 October

New-Macbook-Pro Keen on seeing the rumoured 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display? Luck's on your side, as the fabled smaller notebook may make an appearance at the launch of the iPad Mini. Sources, and these are of the reliable kind, say it's sure thing. This is the 15-inch MacPro. Expect the 13-inch to be... smaller There's a tiny bit of info to nibble on. The 13-inch MacPro will have the same "thinner and lighter" chassis as the 15-inch model. There'll also be two ...

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Apple fingerprint sensor patent points to biometric device integration

fingerprint-1 Engadget reports that Apple's latest patent application has been successful. The patent deals with "fingerprint sensor" technology, the purpose of which have not been outlined. Many analysts believe its logical use would be in security and e-commerce applications such as Google Wallet. Details of the patent describes the fingerprint sensor as a concealed window on the face of the device, opening and closing when prompted by users. This patent follows several others that Apple has applied for following the acquisition of ...

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Xbox music pre-installed on Windows 8, no love for Windows 7 users

Xbox-Music-Logo Microsoft's soon-to-be-launched media app, Xbox Music, will be available as a 30-day trial alongside Xbox's dashboard update on 16 October. For those of you not of the Xbox persuasion, it will arrive pre-installed on Windows 8, 26 October. Unfortunately Windows 7 users will be left in the lurch, as the new music app is specifically designed with Windows 8 devices in mind. Users still running the "older" program will continue using Microsoft's Zune Music service, but will receive access to ...

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iPad Mini: leaked screenshot shows big price tag

ipad-mini-first-photo-300x207 With the rumored iPad mini launch event scheduled for 23 October, a leaked screenshot has surfaced detailing model range, storage capacity and price listings courtesy of Mobile Geeks. The screenshot shows that the iPad mini will be released in eight variants, none of which would feature the rumored coloured back-panels, a feature we were looking forward to seeing. The devices range from an entry-level 8GB version to a top of the range 64GB version. Another significant difference is the inclusion of ...


Logitech Wireless Boombox review: get the party started

logitech-wireless-boombox After years of the phone-in-a-bowl trick, I think it’s time to upgrade to something a bit classier. Enter the Logitech Wireless Boombox. On first impressions it doesn’t look too bad. And as I’ve recently been in the market for a wireless speaker dock that hasn’t been mass-produced and marked up by a trillion percent, maybe Logitech is the one for me. With a pleasing design ever so slightly resembling those old school boom boxes straight out of the 80s, the ...

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iPad Mini rumored to be unveiled on 23 October.

ipad-mini-mock-up Another iPad rumour, We know, but this one looks legit. Sources at All Things D report the new device will be shown at an invite-only event 23 October. It was initially thought to be making its debut to the public around 17 October, but it is believed that due to delays in production at a plant in China, the event is now scheduled for this new date. Details on the device are limited, what can be said for certain is ...

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Acer Aspire M5 ultrabook and V5 laptops are touch-friendly, Windows 8 ready

acer-logo It's impossible to quantify the potency of 26 October. For one shining day, Microsoft is back on top again as Windows 8 officially launches. With Windows 8, a slew of devices will find its way into the hearts and homes of consumers globally. Products like the newly-released Aspire M5 and V5 ultrabooks and laptops. The M5 is a touchscreen Windows 8 ultrabook, leaving the V5 to be the supermodel-thin baby of the family. Aspire M5, a touch subject The M5 is US$799, ...


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