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Nexus 10, made by Samsung may launch next year

it_photo_180688_52 Not the Nexus 10, but still the best tablet on the market There's nothing wrong with the Nexus 7, we said as much in our review. So a Nexus 10 would be... three levels better then the Nexus 7? Plus, it's being pumped out by Samsung this time. The specs Thanks to internal reports from people close to the source, we know a fair bit about the hardware specs of the Nexus 10. First up, the screen is going to be legendary. A 10-incher ...


GoPro Hero3 is the new camcorder of choice for action sport enthusiasts

03_h3_black_camera_inhousing_glam The Hero3 is the latest release from GoPro, unveiled by the manufacturer at a launch event in San Francisco. This is the company's flagship device and makes improvements on its previous offering, the Hero2. Enhancements include the Hero3 being "30% smaller and 25% lighter" than its predecessor, according to GoPro. Another key feature includes the Hero3 being able to shoot in 4K resolution, quite the achievement considering its size. The increased resolution will however cause the users' frame rate to drop to 15fps. ...


Halo 4 leaks, pirates rejoice but should anyone really worry?

halo img 3 In another triumph for piracy and internet “freedom”, Halo 4 has been leaked online – the jewel now not of Microsoft but of the peer-to-peer websites dotting the net. It’s not unusual for games, films and music to be leaked to the internet, but rarely is intellectual property (especially of the magnitude of Halo) available so far ahead of its boxed release. The news comes as Microsoft rolls forth an advertising campaign in the build-up to Halo’s November 6th release. ...


5 tips for taking better photos with your point-and-shoot

silhouette-photography6 Digital has made photography a lot easier to master. Gone are the days of not knowing what you have photographed or whether you have gotten the exposure on the money, as know we can preview what has been done. Or so many think. As you sift through the photos of the weekend at the beach, you are still confronted by out of focus over exposed and blurry shots. All of these types of errors are completely avoidable. Here are a ...

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With the Padfone 2, ASUS updates its smartphone and station combo

Asus-Padfone-2 At an event in Taiwan earlier today ASUS CEO Jerry Shen unveiled the new Padfone 2. A revamped version of its Padfone, which made its original debut in April 2012. The smartphone and station have both gone under the knife. The smartphone's undergone an OS redesign and the station's had much of its fat trimmed such as the unnecessary battery space which has now been done away with. This all adds up to net weight of 649g, trimming a significant ...

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Apple sends out iPad Mini event invites for 23 October

Apple Media invite Well folks, it's all but confirmed. Apple has sent out media invites for what looks to be the launch of the iPad Mini. "We've got a little more to show you," the Cupertino-based tech giant said in the media invite. The event, which is set to take place on 23 October at the California Theatre in San Jose, will most likely see Apple unveil a smaller iteration of the iPad, designed to compete with the like of the Kindle Fire and ...

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Windows 8 review: our definitive look at the final release of the new Windows

Windows-8-logo-300x300 (1) The final, Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8 is now available to developers, IT professionals and businesses with volume licences (or to intrepid testers who don't mind an evaluation version that expires after 90 days and can't be upgraded, downloaded from here). The rest of us will have to wait until later this month when Windows 8 upgrades, new Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT devices will be released - but this is the final version that you'll get then, so we ...

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FNB to offer discounts on smartphone and tablet devices

800px-FNB_logo.svg FNB has announced a new promotional offer for all current and new cheque or credit card customers. The offer allows customers to receive monthly discounts when purchasing a smartphone or tablet from the bank's specific range of devices and runs until the end of 2012. The discounts will range from a R50 to R100 monthly deduction, over a period of two years on FNB's re-payment plan. This initiative comes as FNB looks to make "electronic banking conveniently accessible to all". It's also ...

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Microsoft Surface prices leaked — If only for a moment

Surface A price listing for the soon-to-be released Windows 8 powered Microsoft Surface found its to Microsoft's online store. The screenshot details pricing for the ARM-based RT version of Surface. It has been released for pre-order in three variants all of which are slated for delivery on 26 October. 32GB (without Touch Cover) - US$499 32GB (with Touch Cover) - US$599 64GB (with Touch Cover) - US$699 It has since been pulled down but not before a screenshot made its way onto The Verge. Official ads for ...

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Samsung ‘Smart PC’ plus desktops, laptops revealed

Samsung senior VP Mike Abary's gone and revealed the Korean company's new Windows 8 laptops, desktops and "Smart PC" range, which are tablet/laptop hybrids. Pricing seems excessive, but this is the price of the future people. Read on. Three new devices, but one is different from the other. Can you tell which one is the Smart PC? Hint: it's the one in the middle. Samsung ATIV Smart PCs (hybrid laptop/tablets) ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T — US$1200 ATIV Smart PC 500T — US$750 (with ...


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