Sansa Clip Zip 4GB review: better than the iPod Shuffle

Sandisk MP3 Player 01 The Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player is all sorts of cheek-pinching cute. It weighs nothing, it’s got 4GB storage and a microSD slot for added gigs, support for audio books, a timer, FM radio, voice recording, a purported 15-hour battery life, a teeny 2.8cm colour screen and the worst headphones of all time. Best of all, it’s only US$50 for a damn decent MP3 player, but please replace the headphones with something “not shit”. The Clip Zip It’s a little cutie. Roughly ...

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iOS 6.0 Jailbreak in progress, but far from ready

apple-shows-off-more-of-ios-6-at-iphone-5-event-c0c8f783f2 It’s been quiet on the jailbreak front. Apple’s latest, iOS 6 is a tough nut to crack but famed hacker Planetbeing, in conjunction with the legendary Pod2g (creator of the user-friendly iOS 5 jailbreaking tool, Absinthe) have made “nice progress” in regards to the momentous task. Made some nice progress today with @pod2g. I think I'll try to reward myself with a nap. :) — planetbeing (@planetbeing) January 19, 2013 Pod2g shot right back with a high-five on twitter: . @planetbeing oh yeah! 2 ...

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iPhone ‘Math’ and 5S for June 2013 release? [rumour]

Apple’s got a busy 2013 planned. If the rumours are true, and they usually always are, Apple’s going to release three new iPhones in 2013. First up, the 4-inch iPhone 5S. This is predictable enough and Apple is well-known for releasing stop-gap devices until its next major iPhone release. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, you get the picture. Next up, we have the odd, but smartly named iPhone “Math” which is almost definitely a code word for the new iPhone. The Math is ...

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The new Sony Xperia Tablet Z: lo and behold it’s thinner than the iPad

sony xperia tablet Z Steve Jobs may have coined the "thinner and lighter" idea and pushed extensively for it in the quest for perfection, but Sony it seems has decided to take it a little further. The new Xperia Tablet Z is the thinnest 10 inch tablet yet at 6.9mm thick (or lack thereof), according to Sony mobile's Japan-based blog (translated) dealing with mobile communications-related topics. That tops the previous catwalk anorexic tablet, the iPad mini, by just 0.3mm. Another first Sony is trying to ...

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HTC One SV review: The ultimate midrange smartphone?

OneSV-Press-05-900-75 The HTC One SV isn't exactly a new handset, more or a reboot of the HTC One S which launched back at MWC 2012. That said the One SV arrives sporting a new chassis and slightly differing specifications under the hood, the most of important of which is its 4Gcapabilities. Available SIM-free from around £315 the HTC One SV is pretty much the same price as the year-old One S – give or take a couple of quid – making it a rather attractive proposition ...

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This could be the HTC M7

nexusae0_wm_IMG_20130121_111225_thumb1 Rumours abound of HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, the M7. This site (and this one) were some of the first to publish pictures of the mystery 5-inch device and after much bickering between the sites, tipsters can now agree that is most likely the famed HTC M7. FCC free

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Sony’s DualShock controller set to change after 16 years

The old faithful Sony PlayStation DualShock controller, synonymous with PS consoles, could be at the end of its day. What has over the last 16 years become the iconic, almost worldwide, picture and design of a game console controller, could be changed for the upcoming PlayStation 4. Shock and horror. Yes that does sound a little over-the-top-romantic, but this game controller has been the only one of its kind to not change much over the years, being appreciated for its ...

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Alcatel One Touch 997 Ultra review: halfway to glory

Alcatel One Touch 997 Ultra My first experience with an Alcatel was in the age of the Nokia 3310. My, how things have changed. Now that the company is competing in the Android smartphone space, its One Touch line is standing up against the cryptically named Xperias and HTCs in its price bracket. We liked the über budget One Touch 990, and the new lineup that hit this year's CES looks pretty smart too. But what about Alcatel's US$365 (R3 200) One Touch 997 ...

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Lenovo IdeaPad U310 review: an affordable, attractive Ultrabook

lenovo-ideapad-u310-11397193 Since the introduction of Ultrabooks, Lenovo has been at the forefront of thin and light machines. We've seen it do well at both ends of the pricing scale with the Lenovo U410 and ThinkPad X1 Carbon, but those are both 14-inch machines. The IdeaPad U310 is a 13-inch Ultrabook, more in keeping with the likes of the Asus Zenbook UX32A, Lenovo's own IdeaPad Yoga (but without the touch capabilities, or the flexible spine), or the MacBook Air. Though it trims down on screen size from the IdeaPad U410, it ...

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Rapidly Reviewed: Belkin Rockstar

belkin 1 Sometimes, a random gadget shows up at the Gearburn offices which is destined to gather dust unless it’s instantly reviewed. That’s what Rapidly Reviewed gadgets are all about. Getting the gadget, reviewing it quickly and publishing it. Here’s the Belkin Rockstar: Poor starfish Like a squashed spider It’s a six-port music sharing digital starfish that does exactly what it says on the box. It shares music between four to five other listeners. Testing was easy. I plugged in multiple headphones, and there was ...


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