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Brother MFC review: an innovative A3 printer

Brother MFC lead This new multifunction printer has a twist. Specifically, it has a 90-degree twist. Instead of feeding the paper through the printer in portrait mode, with the short edge emerging first, the Brother MFC-J4510DW turns it sideways so it prints in landscape orientation. This offers several advantages over the more traditional setup. It can print on A3-sized (11 x 17-inch) paper by taking the page through the printer short end first. A3 pages have to be hand-fed, one at a time through ...

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Edge AIO is a 100% American-made Windows 8 all-in-one PC

Edge AIO Wave that flag proudly, USA. Although Windows 8 has been touted as a touch-centric OS best experienced on a tablet, Velocity Micro believes that its Edge All-in-one desktop PC is the perfect companion for Microsoft's new OS. Velocity Micro proudly flaunts the Edge's fully configurable features as well as being 100% American-made. Each and every Edge AIO is designed and assembled in the US. Let's see what the Edge AIO is packing. It features a 23.6-inch 1080p backlit LED display, consumers will ...

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Samsung Mobile Beam projector: a little novelty, not much else

Samsung pocket projector The Samsung EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector is a nifty new device that compliments the Galaxy line of devices and is only compatible with devices that support MHL/HDMI . Displaying video and images at a resolution of 640x360 and with a brightness of 20 lumens will probably not get you ooh's and aah's, but imagine if you had to carry around the usual building brick sized projectors we're all used to. Some might say that it's a novelty item, and for ...

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Steam’s Big Picture mode now live and kicking globally

For gamers, this is important news. Steam’s console-like experience, Big Picture, is now available in all countries. Steam is a content delivery platform for gamers, and Big Picture mode turns the interface into a TV-friendly experience. Big Picture has been in Beta for ages now, and today it enters the proving ground as gamers globally switch over to a console-like experience. With Big Picture, a console becomes the primary form of input, with the keyboard and mouse relegated to the ...

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iPhone 5 set to hit SA, China, UAE and others 14 December

iPhone 5 screen Behold, it beckons to thee Here’s the news the rest of the world was waiting for: Apple’s iPhone 5 will launch (again) globally from 14 December. We’ve listed the countries that are lucky enough to get Apple’s super-slim and ultra-sexy iPhone 5, below. December 14 Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador, Grenada, Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Jordan, Kuwait, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab ...

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Windows 8: an awkward transition

Win 8 lead proper Windows 8 is fantastic, in my opinion. The Metro interface is by far the best change I’ve seen in an operating system. It feels current and really bridges the gap between desktop and mobile computing. What it’s really missing are the Metro versions of proprietary software packages. In my last article I noted how amazing using the Metro interface was and what a big change it is from desktop view. I even thought that it was better to just forget everything ...

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HTC’s Titan III rumoured to be new WP8 flagship

HTC Titan II Update According to reports on WP Central, Microsoft has officially stated that the listing of the HTC Titan III seen by Xbox Live users was a typo. The post was intended to say Titan II. We'll take Microsoft at its word for now, but the question still begs. Why list the Titan II? which runs WP 7.5, when HTC have released the 8X, which runs WP8. Doesn't quite make sense, we'll be sure to keep all readers of the Gear updated ...

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Windows stores hit 42 new countries as Microsoft aims for emerging markets

Windows Phone App Store In an effort to make Windows Phone the go-to device in emerging markets, Microsoft's Developer Blog has announced that the company will be opening up online stores in 42 new countries. These countries cover most of the globe, with a specific focus on emerging markets. A pretty smart move considering Apple, Samsung and Android have the markets in first world counties cornered at the moment. This development will see the Microsoft lock horns with RIM, as BlackBerry is still the favoured ...

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Toshiba LX830-10F review: a Windows 7 all-in-one PC

Toshiba LX830 set-580-90 Somehow the Toshiba LX830-10F feels both current and out of date at the same time. The idea of an all-in-one PC that sits in the front room and handles media, games and even office programs with ease, all packaged up with an interface that's easy and intuitive to use on a touchscreen, is an attractive one. But for years they've been lumbered with operating systems that might be fine with a keyboard and mouse, but just don't work well with ...


Gearburn game news: A new Wii, Bungie’s next project and Nintendo says sorry

Nintendo's Wii U launched last week, so that's all people want to hear about, but there was a few other things that happened as well. Here’s a breakdown of all the news that matters over the past week. Monday 26 November - Wii U shortages In its first week on sale in the US, the Wii U has moved some 400 000 units. Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime has assured potential shoppers that the Wii U won't suffer from the same shortages the Wii ...


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