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Fotodiox tries to address iPhone 5 ‘purple flare’ problem — Fails

Fotodiox-camHoodie Photo accessory specialist Fotodiox has come up with a solution to the "purple flare" phenomenon currently plaguing iPhone 5 users. For those of you who don't quite buy Apple's statement that customers are holding the device incorrectly, there's a quick and easy solution. According to Mashable, Fotodiox has designed a iPhone cover that "will greatly reduce the effects of lens flare on your photos" when taking aim. The "camHoodie Lens Hood case" is fitted with a "tiny rubber hood". It ...

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The iGlaze + VersaCover for iPad review: robust and artful

front page Moshi’s iGlaze + VersaCover is a protective cover for the astute iPad owner. What it lacks in naming ingenuity it more than makes up for with sharp design and functionality that surpasses even its closest competitor -- Apple’s own Smart Cover. Made for The New iPad (3rd Generation), yet also ‘backwards compatible’ with the iPad 2, this cover will make you the envy of your friends and also provide much-needed protection from scratches and minor drops. Perhaps the most appealing aspect ...


iPhone 5 production slows down to address ‘quality issues’ in aluminum casing

apple_foxconn_071344562615_640x360 To ensure that design standards and quality are not compromised due to high consumer demand, Apple has ordered its Foxconn plant in China to slow down production. This instruction has come on the back of many iPhone 5 users complaining of scratches and chipping of its newly designed aluminium casing. And this is from devices straight out the box. Many economic analysts are projecting a substantial sales drop for the iPhone 5 during the final quarter of 2012. Bloomberg has compiled a ...

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Galaxy S III Mini launches 11 October, will rock a 4-inch display

samsung-logo1 And it's been confirmed. The "mini" Galaxy S III, a four-inch device, will launch 11 October in Germany. JK Shin, Samsung's head of mobile communications dropped this tasty nugget of information at a press conference earlier today. Here's what he has to say. "We'll be launching a 4-inch Galaxy S III on the 11th in Germany. There's a lot of demand for a 4-inch screen device in Europe. Some call it an entry-level device, but we call it 'mini.'" The ...

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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini specifications, screenshot, price, unceremoniously leaked before tomorrow’s launch

Galaxy S III Mini Holy shit. We published this story of the Galaxy S III Mini, and now the price, plus images and specs have been released. Read on! Honey, I left the S III in the wash and now it's... smaller Right, there's a 4-inch screen which is the selling point of the S III Mini. It's a tiny little nipper compared to poppa S III. There's Android 4.1 or JellyBean as the mad people call it, a screen resolution of 80x480, a paltry 5MP ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review: the Note is back, bigger and better

Samsung Galaxy Note II PR 3-580-100 It hasn't even been a year since the original Samsung Galaxy Note launched. It was a work of genius for old Samsung. Many (including us, we admit) were not convinced. Who on earth would want something so big to make their calls and surf the internet, even with a glorified stylus? Cue awkward silence. Millions of you, it would appear. The Samsung Galaxy Note has sold by the bucketload. And while it is most definitely a niche device, it's done wonders for Samsung's ...


South Africa gets first LTE network, care of poppa Vodacom

vodacom-red-logo-vodafone1 Mobile telecom Vodacom has gone and launched the first LTE services in sunny South Africa. LTE is roughly double the speed of 3G according to Vodacom, which is roughly 60Mbit/s. Theoretical speeds clock LTE  in at a very capable 300Mbit/s, but that's a long way incoming. It's not all sunshine and smiles though. There's specific LTE coverage which operates in Johannesburg only, for now. It's an exceptionally limited area, and for users lucky enough to live in sections covered by this ...

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Sony Xperia ‘Odin’ to make its mark in 2013

sony xperia The Sony Xperia "Odin", scheduled for release in 2013, is set to be Sony's flagship device for the competitive smartphone market. This news arrives prematurely as Tech Radar reports device details from a leaked User-Agent Profile (UAProf) appearing on numerous blogs. The most important news from the leak is that the "Odin" will run three different models. The difference being each model has been set up to support varying degrees of 4G frequencies. This means each of the three models ...


Interview with the dev: Crossbones’ custom Nexus OS

nexus 7 I’ve used Crossbones ROMs on both my Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus and I have to admit, they’re as stable as you’re likely to find. They offer some very useful additions to Google’s stock offering, while also giving you a little more control over your device. If you’re looking for something that looks like stock, but feels and reacts quicker, then this is certainly worth a look. CPU controls and unique notification toggles are two of the most important features to ...

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New Microsoft motion-tracking venture project ‘Digit’ is all about the wrist

digits Kinect, it fills our stomachs with bile. Here was potentially the greatest controller to ever hit consoles, but was and is sorely underutilised. Is it down to the cumbersome tech, a hefty price or lack of innovative software? Whatever's cock-blocking motion-technology isn't getting Microsoft down and today, news of a new motion-tracking technology, namely a wearable wrist sensor is making us whole once more. A Microsoft research team have created a wrist-mounted array of sensors which accurately tracks hand and ...


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