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  • It’s Mine Bluetooth Bracelet review: protect your mobile devices

    The more portable our mobiles devices become, the easier they are to lose. And the more powerful they get, the more desirable they are to thieves. Perhaps what you need is some of knowing if your prized gadget has wandered off, and that’s what the It’s Mine Bluetooth bracelet wants to be. It’s Mine links up to your mobile device and vibrates if the link is broken by either the bracelet or the device going out of range. The idea is that if you leave the device behind or someone tries to walk off with it, you’ll know before it’s...

  • Nokia Asha 210 pulls a HTC, launches with WhatsApp button

    Nokia recently announced the Asha 210, a featurephone with a QWERTY keyboard and dedicated WhatsApp Key. For phones in Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, WhatsApp is the special feature. For Latin America and Europe, it’s a Facebook key. The single or dual-SIM Asha 210 costs a paltry US$72, is 2G only and has a standby time of up to 46 days. This is cheap phone, with plenty to offer and it’s perfectly priced. Moreover, it could be Nokia’s answer to the BlackBerry Curve range: a cheap phone, with free WhatsApp for life and a battery life that seems practically...

  • CryEngine 3 pushes the limits in this almost photorealistic demo

    French firm ENODO designed this incredible video of urban life by using CryEngine 3, software used to create games such as Crysis 3. ENODO doesn’t seem to keen on actually creating a workable game from this demo, judging by its YouTube description: “Enodo bridges two worlds, with only one purpose: to level up our client’s business by questioning cutting edge Real Time 3D technologies, to show that the mechanisms governing the world of video games are powerful and will revolutionize the way to understand urban or industrial projects, their development, and their communication.” Sounds like a load of PR...

  • Swype exits beta, enters Google Play

    While Nokia’s moving towards Blackberry-inspired QWERTY keyboards and Samsung is starting to experiment with innovative gestures, Swype is now out of Beta and comes to the public with new and improved features. A third-party app competitor to Google-acquired SwiftKey or Google Voice, Swype, is now available for Android on the Google Play store for US$0.99. Previously, this innovative keyboard was only available on pre-installed devices and has now finally came out of beta. How fast do you care to type on a touchscreen device, or is it more about comfort and personality than productivity? Users have the choice to buy...

  • 10 games that deserve to be made into films

    If there are two things I love, it’s games and stories. Luckily for me, these two aren’t that far apart. Most games feature narratives that admirably compete with my favourite books and movies. Most of the popular games (Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill) have already been made into films, but here are ten games that actually deserve to be made into feature films. And has anyone noticed that most of the game-to-film abortions have been horror-focused? Why is Hollywood so intent on creating a spooky narrative from a non-linear narrative? Enjoy the list.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 hands on review: the new king of mobile

    Update: We’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S4 in our testing labs for a few days now, and we’re putting it through our rigorous testing process as you read this to bring you a fully in-depth analysis of the handset. In the meantime, check out our updated hands on shots and check back as we’ll be bringing the full review with star rating any time soon. The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings a huge Full HD screen, an improved camera and faster innards, and fits it all in a chassis the same size as theGalaxy S3. However, many will struggle to tell the difference between...

  • Pizza Hut Xbox app removes all reason to leave couch

    This could be awesome for a LAN or Xbox Live gathering online. It’s a Pizza Hut app for your Xbox that lets you order tasty pizzas using hand gestures or voice commands straight from your living room. If you thought the app that let’s you create your own pizza on your smartphone, or the one that lets you find one of the 9 000 pizzerias in New York were great, then this will blow your mind. This new Kinect-integrated feature by Pizza Hut app is for those intrepid couch potatoes out there seeking new and interesting ways getting their...

  • Action Launcher 1.5.7 review: ‘Shutters’ and more

    Action Launcher 1.5.7 (US$3.99) is here, and Developer Chris Lacy released a brand new feature called, Shutters. What this does is eliminate the need for a ton of homescreens, so you can get where you want to be faster and with fewer actions. In my previous review of Action Launcher, I told you about Lacy’s take on folders, Covers. This time I’m focussing on the coolest feature to hit an Android launcher for as long as I can remember, well, since Covers really. Shutters have totally changed the way I use my phone, again. At this rate of apps changing...

  • This is possibly the iPad 5’s rear shell

    Thanks to tactus.com, we’ve got another leaked iThing. This time, the rear shell of the iPad 5. The image isn’t as clear as the leaked picture of the budget iPhone, but it’ll do. Is this an open invitation for us to recant the iPad 5 rumors floating about? Hell to the yes. Thinner, lighter, faster It’s an apple product, so it’s a given that any upgraded device will have less heft, have a faster CPU (possibly the A7X) and drop a few millimeters in depth. According to some, the screen is going to me a monumental 9.7-inches. And some, like AppleInsider.com,...

  • Nokia Lumia 720 review: leader of the pack

    Being the middle child is always difficult, so in that respect the Nokia Lumia 720 has it tough as it nestles slap bang in the centre of the Finnish firm’sWindows Phone 8 range. Arriving on the scene alongside the budget-focussed Nokia Lumia 520 atMWC 2013, the Lumia 720 provides a happy middle point in a line up which also includes the Lumia 620, 820 and 920. The Nokia Lumia 720 is available for around £300 ($460/AU$445) SIM-free, while on contract you’ll be able to pick it up for free from £22 per month over two years. This pits the Lumia 720 against the likes of the HTC One SV, Samsung Galaxy...

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