Halo 4 multiplayer is more of the same, but you’ll play it anyway

Halo-4 Right in the kisser It's a hard truth. No matter how much you change the nature of Halo, it'll always remain the same. We got hands-on with the Halo 4 and here's what we think: It's the exactly how you remember it No fooling, this is Halo: Reach with a hot level of cosmetic sheen. We played it on an enormous screen though, so chances are that we were blinded by the 80-inch hotness. But in our opinion, 343 Studios, the developers tied ...


Far Cry 3 preview: the best deer-skinning game you’ll play all year

far-cry-3-arrow Here's the skinny. Far Cry 3 is going to be the shooter you'll play this year. We spent some time with it, and in a nutshell: you're going to want to buy this one. It's beyond gorgeous Watching a video doesn't do Far Cry 3 justice. Powered by the new CryEngine, Far Cry 3 bleeds graphical power. Blades of glass sway realistically in the wind, animations are realistic and textures sharp as all hell. Even the sky, the goddamn sky is ...


3 things you didn’t know about Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer

MOH warfighter Gaming on Alienware setup for MOH: Warfighter. Powerful machines. Single-player modes in shooters have one purpose in life, to train the gamer for the online component. After spending some time with Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer, which releases worldwide 26 October, we came away with these three factoids: There are six classes. Sniper, Assaulter, demolitions, heavy gunner, Point Man and Spec Ops. And each one plays radically different from the other. Sniper is self-explanatory, Assaulter is the grenade man, Demolitions is the ...


Tomb Raider: our hands on with the pre-beta hunting demo

Stranded-Lara The demo for upcoming Tomb Raider begins with a rebooted and fairly young Lara Croft, broken and bruised after the ship she was travelling on is wrecked in a heavy storm. She's washed ashore on a tropical island only to be captured by an ominous figure. In the process of her escape, Lara is injured quite severely after taking an arrow to the mid-section, not the knee, and dodging falling debris from the collapsing cave as she makes her way ...

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Microsoft Surface to release alongside Windows 8 on 26 October

microsoft surface keyboards Microsoft is set to unveil its new range of Surface tablets along with its new OS at a Windows 8 event in New York, 26 October. The Verge reports that the Microsoft press event will also include a "special surface reception" where the tablet will officially be launched. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that a select group of "Microsoft pop-up" stores will be selling both products in a 25 October midnight launch across the US. The ...


6 things to consider before buying a projector

Projector So the boss stopped by your cubicle and told you to stop sharpening pencils and do some research on data projectors.  Like what they are all about and how much they cost.  And you had better have the info on his desk by the close of work today.  Don’t panic Slim. Help is at hand. The boss probably confused you to start off with by calling the projector by its code name: Proxima. Truth is, what he means is a data ...

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Windows 8 review: a definitive look at the final release of the new Windows

familiar media player-580-90 Note: This review has been completely revised for the Windows 8 RTM release and we'll be updating it as we learn more about the Windows 8 apps and also about Windows RT for ARM devices. The final, Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8 is now available to developers, IT professionals and businesses with volume licences (or to intrepid testers who don't mind an evaluation version that expires after 90 days and can't be upgraded, downloaded from here). The rest of us ...

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Xbox Music tunes in 26 October, Windows 8 joins in

Xbox Music For Microsoft fans, 26 October is a big deal. Not only will Windows 8 be launching, but the somewhat-anticipated Xbox Music as well. The Verge, ever the predictor of techs future, has grabbed "multiple sources familiar with Microsoft plans" and rooted out the simultaneous product release dates. Xbox Music will come in two flavours: a free streaming service with ad support, and premium music care of Zune Pass. The current Xbox Music offering has streaming radio such as Live.FM and ...

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Delta Six is the greatest and worst controller for shooters ever made

deltasix There's a fine line when it comes to console geekery, and the Delta Six controller, a gamepad shaped like a rifle crosses that line, destroying it in a hail of virtual fire. But will it find itself under our beds, relegated to the dust pile like our Guitar Hero "instruments"? The same company that made this insane controller, the Avenger, created the Delta Six. It's difficult to describe it, but here goes: Plug the Delta Six into the console, load up ...

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BlackBerry 10 review: a hands on with the still heavily in-development BB10

BB10_04_HandsOn-580-100 BlackBerry 10 (or BB10) is still heavily under development and still quite some way from being a finished product, but we've checked out an almost-final version of the user interface, which is pretty close to perfection, according to RIM - but we'll let you be the judge by checking out our findings below. Delayed until early 2013, the first BB10 devices should land in January– although we're yet to see final devices running the new OS. We saw the near-final version of BlackBerry ...


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