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Fancy 3D printer spits outs ‘replacement parts’ for humans

3D printing 3D printing is getting big. In a recent article, Sorab Ghaswalla listed 3D printing as number one on his list of five things "that will disrupt the world in 2013" and Chris Anderson seems to think that 3D printing will be bigger than the web, even leaving his job as Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine to, if you read the article's assumptions, concentrate on this as a new endeavour. I am one of those believers. According to The Verge, scientists at the ...

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HTC Deluxe DLX to join new range of 5-inch smartphones

HTC Deluxe DLX-2 Say hello to the HTC Deluxe DLX. It's is not the first 5-incher from HTC: the Taiwanese manufacturer recently released two region specific five-inch smartphones in the past month. The J Butterfly was the first to make an appearance and is set for an exclusive release to Japan. Then the Droid DNA was revealed as US-only device through carrier Verizon Wireless. HTC will not leave the rest of the globe in the lurch, as the manufacturer is rumoured to announce ...

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Samsung NX1000 review: performs as good as it looks

Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless cameras are the next big thing. They are not completely there yet, but give the technology a chance. The Samsung NX1000 shows a "I’m-a-big-boy" attitude by combining DSLR like picture quality in a smaller less expensive package. And a prettier one as well. You will be hearing that word a lot: pretty. But it’s not just all pretty roses for this pretty camera. Okay, enough now. The NX1000 is an entry-level camera for the budding pro, with the same if ...

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Xbox TV: Microsoft set-top box rumoured for 2013

Xbox TV Rumours currently doing the rounds detail a Microsoft designed TV set-top box for Xbox. This development has gained traction following another rumour describing a next-gen Xbox set for release in 2013. This new device, dubbed "Xbox TV", appears to be a natural extension of Microsoft's gaming product lineup, given the push the company has made in media integration. It would also offer Microsoft a strong competitor in the media streaming market to challenge the Apple TV, Roku Box and Wii ...

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WP 8 users left frustrated with lack of Xbox Video support

Windows Phone 8-Xbox Video Screenshot Windows Phone 8 users will not be pleased to find out that content downloaded from the newly refined Xbox Video Store has no playback support on their devices. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, but that's as far as it goes. There is no news on whether the company will release an update to address the problem, but it has definitely left WP 8 users in the lurch as far as loading up on content to get them through the festive ...

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5 of the best in-car GPS devices you can buy right now

Garmin Nuvi 3490LMT-1 In the age of the smartphone, does a GPS device has any real value anymore? What of the smartphone? Those are ultimately not designed to offer the experience a GPS device delivers. With a plethora of devices to get lost in, we put together a list of the top five GPS units currently on the market that meets most needs. Garmin Nuvi 3490 LMT At US$350, the Garmin Nuvi 3490 LMT is the most expensive GPS unit on the list. Why ...

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SuperTooth Crystal review: a hands-free car kit with power

SuperTooth Crystal triple-580-90 You're in the car. You need to use your phone, but you want to do it safely and without breaking the law and accruing a fine. You need a hands-free kit. And as luck would have it, that's exactly what we're reviewing here. The SuperTooth Crystal is a hands-free kit that's a little bit different to what's gone before - it acts as a speakerphone on your sun visor, and also pairs with your phone's GPS to give you voice directions ...

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Microsoft’s patent application reveals competition for Google’s Project Glass

Microsoft AR Glasses-Patent Application With Augmented Reality enabled devices and apps slowly creeping into the tech sphere (Google's Project Glass immediately springs to mind), a recently released patent application hints that Microsoft could soon be entering the AR fray. This patent was originally filed for application back in May 2011. Eighteen months done the line, it has been approved by the USPTO. We're sure there will be a lot finger-pointing going on between Microsoft and Google as to which company originated the idea, but seeing ...

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Hitman: Absolution review — open world assassinations

hitman Hitman: Absolution heralds the return of Agent 47, the bald assassin who kills first and asks questions later. Except, in Absolution, 47 is asking all the questions. This is a tried and tested morality tale that serves up familiar themes of bloodshed and betrayal. But for once 47 isn't merely a contract killer touring the globe at the behest of his superiors. Instead he’s on a mission all of his own, and the blood on his hands is personal. It’s one of ...

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Toshiba Satellite U840 review: a cheaper Ultrabook

Toshiba lead The Toshiba U840-10V comes in at the lower end of the price scale for Ultrabooks. Available online for around £650 (around AU$998/US$1,034), it beats the price of the likes of the Asus Zenbook UX31 by a couple of hundred pounds, and the likes of the Samsung Series 9 by enough to buy a whole second laptop. But Toshiba hasn't skimped on the laptop's specs, considering the low price. There's an Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB of RAM and a 14-inch screen, for example. The flip side ...


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