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Presenting: ugly concept shots of the ‘iPhone 6′

iphone6-001 Thank you Mashable for sharing these insane-looking iPhone 6 concept screenshots and video. From the warped mind of Italian designer Federico Ciccarese comes this, the ugliest looking iPhone concept we've ever seen. Watch the video and then scroll down to see what we make of this. Ugliest iPhone ever?

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Meernotes II app review: Moleskine best tread carefully

meernotes In July 2011, I reviewed a beautiful note-taking app for iPhone called 'Molenotes'. If you read the review you'll remember that I fell in love with it for the way it was designed to look and feel just like the original Moleskine notebooks. I thought, and still think, that it was what the official Moleskine app should've been. It was a beautiful, intuitively designed piece of brilliance that brought the feel of an actual notebook to the iPhone. Since then, ...

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Kobo Arc review: a good value 7-inch tablet

Kobo arc It's a brand better known for producing budget alternatives to original E-Ink-based Kindleet al, but can the all-new Arc tablet take the fight higher to theKindle Fire HD and even the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini? If you've seen Kobo's previous tablets, it's likely you were in WHSmiths, which actively promotes and sells all Kobo tablets and eReader in its high street shops – including the Arc. The headline feature on this 7-inch, 1280x800 pixel tablet is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, though ...

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Two new and cheap HP ‘Sleekbooks’ outed at CES

non touch First, Ultrabooks. Now, Sleekbooks. Yes sir, from the floor of CES 2013 comes the (not so new) Sleekbook. For the uninitiated, Sleekbooks, announced last year May, are Ultrabooks in all but name, but have failed to meet the stringent and official requirements set by Intel. Two by two There are two new Sleekbooks. The aptly named Pavilion Sleekbook and the Pavilion Touchsmart Sleekbook. One is touch, the other isn't. You do the math. The non-touch is priced at US$499, with the predictably more expensive Touchsmart priced ...

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Nvidia takes on the big guys with its own gaming console

Nvidia, the Santa Clara, California based company is better known for its graphics processing units (GPUs) specifically GeForce. Not content with just filling up other gaming consoles and PC's, it now has its own gaming console. Think an Xbox controller with a pop-up screen. Sporting a Tegra 4 chipset inside, it has a 5-inch, 720p display with touch capabilities, three 3400mAh (!) rechargeable li-ion batteries capable of up to 10 hours of gaming, run on Android and have a multitude of ...

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Upgraded SuperSpeed USB 3.0 has mind-blowing 10GB data transfer rate

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iRadar uses social networking to warn of speed traps

One of the coolest, most devious gadgets to come from this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the Cobra iRadar. While traffic officers will be fuming about this device, users will be elated. No more bulky over-sized device in your windscreen that is like a magnet for the law, but a tucked away over-the-air futuristic gadget that will make life easier. And avoid speeding fines. This radar detector uses your smartphone as its primary display and control, pushing info to ...

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HAPIfork for a HAPIlife… the app fork that will change your life

While the yearly Consumer Electronics Show certainly delivers in the area of showing us how life will change and hopefully be better and easier. Sometimes gadgets that make you go "huh?" are introduced as well. Meet HAPIlabs' HAPIfork. It's a fork (yes a fork) that monitors your eating habits and gives you "precise" information about your eating schedule. It also has indicator lights to alert you when you are eating too fast and will monitor how long it took you ...

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iPod Touch review: candy-coated fun

iPod Touch 5th gen What almost looks like an iPhone 5, has the guts of an iPhone 4S, the camera of an iPhone 4 and the wrist strap you had on your old Nokia? The answer, my friends, is the latest iPod Touch. The fifth generation of Apple’s music player / gaming machine / baby iPhone has been resculpted and given a candy coloured coating and a batch of updates that really make deciding exactly what it is very difficult. It’s called an iPod, ...

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Huawei Ascend G330 review: a worthy successor

348214 Huawei had a big winner on its hands in the form of the Ascend G300, a phone launched back in the spring of 2012 exclusively through Vodafone in the UK. Arriving at just under £100 when bought alongside a PAYG SIM card, it offered a surprisingly well made phone with a decent 4" display. It quickly gained a huge following among those looking for decent Android performance on a budget, replacing the Orange San Francisco as the top choice for those looking for a great ...


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