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‘Woven’ is the Kinect-like t-shirt that will get you off your ass and moving

woven The crazy Dutch. From the land of Tulips and tall fair skinned stoners comes the latest invention. The television remote you can wear. Well it's actually more than that. Woven was developed by two Dutch students as a wearable gaming and social interactive garment. It's like a Kinect that you wear. Patrick Kersten and Christiaan Ribbens, from the Utrecht School of the Arts, has created a wearable undergarment with motion sensors, shake motors, three-color LED screen, speakers and a Bluetooth module ...

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Dell ditches Android smartphones in favour of Windows 8 tablets

Dell XPS 12-2 Computer giant Dell has decided to forgo its smartphone aspirations and instead shift its focus to the tablet market. While speaking at the Dell World conference in Texas, VP of Global Operations, Jeff Clarke, stated that the manufacturer will no longer be involved in smartphone production. Dell had a small range of smartphones running Google's Android OS, which included the Venue and Aero, but the company will now focus on its tablet lineup, powered by Windows 8. The shift is ...

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iPhone 5 available at South African iStores today from R8k

iStore - The Lines It's official, the iPhone 5 has landed in SA. South African iStores in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng are selling the iPhone 5 with prices starting at R8 299. The site warns consumers that stocks are in limited supply, so first come, first served. There's also a promotional offer involving 8ta and FNB where pre-approved contract and upgrade customers will be able to pick up their new smartphone. iStore has listed a full pricing rundown of the three iPhone ...

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iPad mini review: why Apple thinks you are an idiot

iPad mini 01 Behold the chamfered edgeI have quite a bit of Apple product fatigue. I’ve owned seven iPhones, three iPads and two mac minis in my time. They are quite pricey, and when the newest gadget comes out, the current one becomes pretty much worthless. When the iPad mini was announced, I felt that fatigue. I thought to myself – if I am going to complicate my life with yet another device, it better be good. And chances are, if it’s an ...

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Acer Aspire S7 review: the gold standard for ultrabooks

Acer-Aspire-S7-191_Win8WP-1024x850 One of the best new ultrabook models we've seen, the Acer Aspire S7, may be one of the products that could save Microsoft's latest operating system,Windows 8. While Windows 8 received mixed reviews the fact remains that the best way to experience the OS is with a machine that was designed to take advantage of everything the OS has to offer. Designed for Windows 8, the Acer Aspire S7 boasts a touchscreen and is sheathed in a super thin and sleek ...

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The Find 5, Oppo’s impressively specced flagship smartphone

Oppo Find 5-1 Chinese manufacturer Oppo has just unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Find 5, which as the name would suggest comes fitted with a 5-inch 1080p display encased within a 8.8 mm thin body. This is the exact same display that users will find on the HTC J Butterfly, an Android smartphone exclusive to Japan. The Find 5 also boasts a couple more high-end specs to keep users interested. The Find 5 is set to run Android 4.1.2 Jellybean supported by ...

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Fuhu’s $250 Nabi XD tablet for ‘Tweens’, but will they bite?

Fuhu Nabi XD Fuhu has announced its latest Android powered device, the Nabi XD, a 10.1-inch tablet designed for "Tweens". So what is this kid-friendly tablet packing? The Nabi XD runs Android 4.1 Jellybean, supported by an aforementioned 10.1-inch HD dual-orientation with five-point touch interface. It's powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 quad-core processor and said to offer up to 10 hours of battery life according to Fuhu. The Nabi XD's marketing pitch centres around its censorship settings, which restricts specific content that parents ...

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WP8 powered Samsung Ativ S finally makes 2012 release deadline

Samsung Ativ S It appears that Samsung's flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Ativ S is finally set to make its 2012 release deadline. We initially reported that the Ativ S' release had been delayed due to Samsung prioritising Galaxy S III production. That is no longer the case, as retailers in Canada and the UK have listed the Ativ S for release on 14 December at the US$599 mark. The Canadian details came courtesy of an internal document leak from Mobile Syrup, who also ...

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Sony Vaio Tap 20 review: fails to live up to the hype

sony-vaio-tap-20 In 2012, Ultrabooks have turned the affordable laptop market on its head, touchscreens have attached themselves to every available panel, and tablet-laptop hybrids have left us questioning whether laptops are really even a thing any more. In a market that previously consisted of about three unique designs, things really have changed. That's where the Sony Vaio Tap 20 comes in. Sony has been growing its own crop of game changers. The Sony Vaio Duo 11 puts its Vaio design ethos into one of the niftiest sliding ...

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Nokia Engineer highlights Windows 8 game flaws, devs should be worried

Windows Phone App Store Nokia's Principal Engineer for Windows Phone 8, Justin Angel has detailed some disconcerting flaws within Windows Store games. This is especially worrying news for game developers as the hack eliminates their major source of revenue. Angel's blog has step-by-step details on how others could potentially disable in-game purchasing, in-game advertising and in-app purchases. The root problem discovered by Angel lies with the apps being stored in the local HD. From there, users can open the game's code in a text editor and ...


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