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Ubuntu shows its beautiful OS for smartphones [CES]

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical Ltd and the Ubuntu OS, demonstrated the new mobile OS at CES this week. Ubuntu is a free, open source OS for PC's, and soon “commercially available” for our smartphones. In the accompanied videos below, the OS was introduced by Shuttleworth and an Ubuntu representative. Ubuntu Mobile is demoed on the delicious Samsung Galaxy Nexus. According to Shuttleworth, the smartphone version of Ubuntu is built on the existing desktop OS, which means the two will ...

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The best of CES 2013 so far

Samsung UN85S9 85-inch 4K television CES 2013 has proven itself again, mostly with futuristic and interesting products being introduced, and as always the totally weird and wonderful makes its appearance as well. Gearburn reported on the HAPIfork, and it promises to change your life much in the way a new and improved family washing powder would. That seems to be a recurring theme at shows like this. Gadgets and products that will make Nirvana of your life because it's new and improved and technologically advanced to ...

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Hate your iPhone? Turn it into a BlackBerry with Spike mini keyboard [CES]

spike keyboard What can basically be described as an intermediary between your fingers and the touchscreen on an iPhone, the Spike TypeSmart keyboard is a tactile add-on that is incorporated in a case, and swivels out over the iPhone's keypad. Resembling the keypad of a BlackBerry, it then let's you type normally as you would on a... well, on a BlackBerry. Typing takes some getting used to, according to a CNET report, and the developers states the device was invented to offer "the ...

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Cut-price iPhone planned for 2013 [rumour]

iPhone 5 01 aa Sources. You just gotta love the mysterious entities that thrive off the good nature of tech journalists. The latest rumour from Apple supply chain sources is that a low-cost iPhone is planned for the latter half of 2013. Low cost and Apple in the same sentence? We thought the apocalypse was supposed to happen last year? Please be cheaper Here’s the skinny: sources say that they’ve seen the low-cost iPhone and it’s going to have a five-inch screen and a new exterior. ...

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Oculus Rift: a DIY project that became so much more

Virtual reality gaming (VR), the type we would see in sci-fi movies of old, never really hit consumer lever. Whether it was too pricey, or just never was incorporated correctly into games is up for discussion, but the fact is it's like electric cars. They are out there. But you never see them on the street. At CES 2013 the Oculus Rift, developed by VR aficionado Palmer Luckey, raised a few eyebrows and promises for the future. What started out almost ...

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LG to roll out super high-def mobile displays [CES]

LG Display is the world's largest LCD panel maker, producing not just televisions but also displays for various mobile manufacturers like Apple. At CES 2013 it showed some of the new displays in its line, with a 12.9-inch display that holds a resolution of 2560 x 1700, a 7-inch crammed with 1920 x 1200 pixels, and a 5.5-inch model with full HD that delivers at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Using Advanced High Performance IPS, a technology used in most of Apple's ...

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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro hands on review

surface 01 a Microsoft isn't ready to talk about the exact launch date for the Surface Windows 8 Pro, as the Windows 8 version of Surface is going to be called, but we have had a chance to use the Surface Pro and to try out the new pen. Microsoft also wouldn't let us take any images of the new device during our preview here at CES 2013 and it isn't giving any additional details about price, battery life or the internal components beyond what we ...

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Ford launches developer programme to bring more apps to Sync [CES]

Ford is taking its car tech quite seriously and the Detroit-based motoring giant wants you to have more fun in your vehicle. At CES, the company announced its new initiative, a developer programme for its in-car system Sync. This programme will allow developers to build apps for its Sync enable cars, currently the car-maker has added apps like Pandora and Google maps but it wants to expand the scope of the system, which was launched in 2007. "The Ford Developer Program ...

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LG BX327 projector review: the TV killer

LG projector Plug your Xbox 360 or PC into a projector and you’re treated to a spectacle no television can rival. As the projector roars to life, funneling hot air through its innumerable vents, your lounge wall is transformed into a visual playground, home to a picture both bigger and more mesmerising than you could ever have imagined. For sheer size and spectacle, no television can contend against a machine that projects an image upwards of 200 inches. But projectors have never been ...

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A 1TB flash drive from Kingston? Yours for US$3 500 [CES]

The 4K TV seems to have dominated a CES that is very much run-of-the-mill. Outside of Nvidia’s astonishing Project Shield and the frankly mind-blowing morphing touchscreen for Tactus, there’s very little to be excited about. Would a 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive from Kingston change our miserly outlook? Perhaps. Then again, the US$3 500 price tag makes our teeth ache.


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