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Apple stalling third-party production of Lightning accessories

Apple Lightning Connector (1) Apple has put in new restrictions that require third-party manufacturers to go through a certification process before Lightning accessories can go into production. With the market on Apple-based accessories almost rivaling that of the creators themselves, this new development looks to hamper and ultimately limit the options available to consumers. When the iPhone was released, the first bone of contention was its newly designed connection port. The immediate effect for consumers was that all prior iPhone related accessories had to ...

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Linux Ubuntu 12.10 review: finally growing up

Ubuntu-2012-09-27-21-34-17 A beautiful beginning After reviewing the last version of Ubuntu 12 a few months ago I wasn’t too impressed with the OS in general. Ubuntu kept loyal to its obscure following by not dipping its toes into the real reason Windows and OSX are popular. And I’m happy to say that it has finally broken out of that mold with Linux Ubuntu 12.10. I would like to remind you that this is still a beta and I’m reviewing the work that ...

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HTC One X+ review: It’s back, and it’s a bit different

HTC_One_X+_review_05-580-100 Bored of your One X? Fed up of the small storage and slow processor? Well, HTC has got a treat for you. The One X+ is a step change from the original, but like the Sensation to XE transition, this is more incremental than complete overhaul. The main change visually is the new matte finish, which, well, seems to make the black a little bit darker. On top of that are new red accents adorning the softkeys on the front and around the camera ...

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iPad Mini is in production, Retina Display not part of Apple’s new tablet

images What is this, a screen for ants?! The Wall Street Journal has sources claiming that Apple's upcoming iPad Mini is intended to compete within the low-end tablet market, specs-wise. Apple is now set to throw its hat in the ring with a 7.85 inch, non-Retina Display model which will be hitting stores early November, if the article by WSJ is to be believed. According to the humble sources, LG  and Taiwan’s AU Optronics have been hard at work on the iPad ...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini rumored for 11 October release

Galaxy-S3-mini-Invitation Samsung is possibly set to unveil the Galaxy S3 Mini in the coming weeks. Rumor mills have been working overtime following a leaked image of an invite to the German press. Spreken ze Deutsch? For those of you not fluent in German, the invite basically translates to "That's how big small can be". This has led many to believe that it refers to the S3 Mini which would be a welcome addition to the Samsung range. The rumored specs on the S3 ...

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 is live, ready to update

blackberry-playbook-os-2-0-update Got the Wi-Fi only BlackBerry PlayBook? Then download PlayBook OS 2.1 right bloody now. Here are the new features we can look forward to: Secure all data on the tablet; the enterprise-grade encryption can now be extended to secure personal data stored on the device Text via SMS using the new version of BlackBerry Bridge (version 2.1) customers can send a text from their PlayBook through their BlackBerry smartphone; the new version of Bridge is available on BlackBerry App World. Use the Messages, ...

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Get ready for the Microsoft Windows Phone

ht_windows_preview_thg_120620_wg Too good to be true, or is Nokia not cutting it with the Windows 8 software installed on its Finnish handsets? First, the story is a rumour, but it's one of those "Apple-style" rumours which usually turn out to be true. Point of fact, this site almost outright confirms it. It cites an anonymous source, as one will, that is "known to them". There's no reason that Microsoft should not release a Windows Phone of its own making. But there's ...

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PlayStation Mobile launches today, spreads the gaming love over Vita and Android devices

playstation-mobile-logo Is anyone really still buying the PS Vita? Sony has an ace up its sleeve though namely the PlayStation Mobile store, which is aimed squarely at cross-platform Android loving. "Select" Android smartphones, tablets and the PS Vita can now download twenty free and paid for titles. Only PlayStation certified devices mind you. Here's the list of supported gizmos. For Vita users, they'll need to navigate to the Playstation Mobile tab on the PS Store. Supported android owners can do the same. ...

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Lockitron, the smartphone-controlled deadlock is paranoia’s best friend.

NewImage5 The Lockitron is a keyless deadbolt that works in tandem with your smartphone, offering nerds everywhere futuristic security to protect their fortress' of solitude. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, it can be programmed so that the user can either simply walk up to the door or wave their smartphone over it. No Ali Baba type riddles needed. It also boasts the ability to lock your desired door from anywhere in the world. One of the drawbacks however is that ...

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Top 10 factors to consider when choosing a gaming PC

Custom-Gaming-PC2 A good high performance gaming PC can be a big investment. It’s not like the console market where everyone gets the exact same build to run the same games the same way. Choosing the right gaming system for your needs requires more thought. The nice thing is that you actually have a lot of control over your experience and your end product. Before you make any final decisions on your next custom gaming PC though, there are a lot of ...


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