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6 reasons why Alcatel is relevant again [CES]

alcatel one touch scribe X With CES 2013 starting today in Vegas, manufacturers have been pushing the envelope with new products since the new year. Funny enough, the major players have been rather quiet, probably because most chose the end of 2012, just before the silly season, to launch something new. But Nvidia, Visio and specifically Alcatel have been rolling out new products like hot, sticky candy. Alcatel have no fewer than six brand new smartphones and tablets it will display at CES 2013 and ...

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Intel promises touch-enabled US$599 Ultrabooks before 2014 [CES]

Here’s what Intel has promised the Ultrabook hungry public at CES today: US$599 Ultrabooks by the end of 2013 All Ultrabooks will support touch-based displays “All day battery life” (a promised 13-hours) will now be standard It all points to one answer, namely allowing the budget conscious user to get in on the Ultrabook action. The Next Web has an excellent statement in this regard, saying that "the line between the two devices will be blurred.” And indeed it will. Intel’s CES 2013 Ultrabook presentation ...

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Tactus’ Mighty morphing screen is the best idea to ever hit our smartphones [CES]

bumpy screen Here’s the best thing to come out of CES 2013 so far. A screen called the “Morphing tactile surface” from Tactus is the physical married with what was once a 2D experience. And it’s blown us away. Watch this vide, right now. We can’t believe it eitherThe science of it all Tactus is against “feedback” tech, such as the haptic vibration found in mostly every smartphone. Push a button, the phone vibrates. Tactus is having none of that. We’re going to try ...


Xperia Z hands on review: Sony does good

XperiaZ-HandsOn-04-580-90 The Sony Xperia Z is the phone that's set to propel the Japanese firm to the head of the phone charts - and if it went on specs alone, there's a good chance it would manage it. We're looking at yet another redesign from the Sony design studios - from the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to the Xperia Z, we've had four iterations of the smartphone aesthetic. From the 'human curvature' through to the more industrial Xperia S, back to the curves for the Xperia ...

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Firefox OS for mobile gathers speed [CES]

As mobile computing rolls into ever unknown and exciting futures, Firefox steps up and delivers a decent look at its upcoming mobile OS. Mozilla Firefox is not going to just sit by and watch, and as reported last year, Firefox's attempt at a mobile OS is turning into more than just another way to play on your smartphone. At CES 2013 it plans to show how the OS will change the way we see and use apps. The concept of apps ...

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Steam Box unveiled at CES 2013

steam valve piston 2 Steam, the gaming platform developed by Valve, has unveiled the "Steam Box" (not the official name but pretty cool), that would allow PC gaming on your TV, and is furthermore optimised for Steam’s HDTV-friendly Big Picture mode. Information is very scarce on the device, and the unveiling at CES reveals even less. According to Edge-Online, Xi3 said in a press release that the mini pc has been "designed specifically to support both Steam and its Big Picture mode for residential and ...

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Presenting: ugly concept shots of the ‘iPhone 6′

iphone6-001 Thank you Mashable for sharing these insane-looking iPhone 6 concept screenshots and video. From the warped mind of Italian designer Federico Ciccarese comes this, the ugliest looking iPhone concept we've ever seen. Watch the video and then scroll down to see what we make of this. Ugliest iPhone ever?

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Meernotes II app review: Moleskine best tread carefully

meernotes In July 2011, I reviewed a beautiful note-taking app for iPhone called 'Molenotes'. If you read the review you'll remember that I fell in love with it for the way it was designed to look and feel just like the original Moleskine notebooks. I thought, and still think, that it was what the official Moleskine app should've been. It was a beautiful, intuitively designed piece of brilliance that brought the feel of an actual notebook to the iPhone. Since then, ...

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Kobo Arc review: a good value 7-inch tablet

Kobo arc It's a brand better known for producing budget alternatives to original E-Ink-based Kindleet al, but can the all-new Arc tablet take the fight higher to theKindle Fire HD and even the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini? If you've seen Kobo's previous tablets, it's likely you were in WHSmiths, which actively promotes and sells all Kobo tablets and eReader in its high street shops – including the Arc. The headline feature on this 7-inch, 1280x800 pixel tablet is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, though ...

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Two new and cheap HP ‘Sleekbooks’ outed at CES

non touch First, Ultrabooks. Now, Sleekbooks. Yes sir, from the floor of CES 2013 comes the (not so new) Sleekbook. For the uninitiated, Sleekbooks, announced last year May, are Ultrabooks in all but name, but have failed to meet the stringent and official requirements set by Intel. Two by two There are two new Sleekbooks. The aptly named Pavilion Sleekbook and the Pavilion Touchsmart Sleekbook. One is touch, the other isn't. You do the math. The non-touch is priced at US$499, with the predictably more expensive Touchsmart priced ...


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