iPad Mini launch event happens 17 October

iPad-mini-2 Or it will, according to an Apple investor who is "close to the source". Firstly, the actual invites for the iPad Mini launch will sneak out 10 October. On the invite, it's said that the event will take place 17 October. The iPad Mini will then start shipping 2 November, which is a Friday. Did someone say Good Friday? Yes, we did. It's going to be a great Friday when we get this thing in our sticky hands. And you know ...

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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W690 review: a great pocket camera

Cybershot The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W690 was announced in February as part of a trio of stylish and slim compact cameras. Although it's not quite as slim as the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX100, the Sony W690 is no porker, cramming in a 10x optical zoom lens in its 21.7mm deep body. Not only that, it also has a 16 million pixel 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor. That lens starts at an equivalent focal length of 25mm and rises up to 250mm at the telephoto lens. Unlike some of Sony's other ...

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There’s an issue with the iPhone 5 camera and surprise, it’s your fault

iphone-5-camera-problem Cheeky but true. The iPhone 5 can't catch a break. First it messes up the mapping app, which Apple apologised for, then it adds a nutty purple halo effect to pictures. And you know what, it's because you're holding the camera wrong. When will you ever learn? But seriously, Apple really is putting the blame on us. According to Gizmodo and a billion other sites, this weird little fault rests squarely on the shoulders of the user. Here's a letter one ...

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HTC One X+ is a quad-core, 64GB, 1.7Ghz beast and it’s coming this month

HTC One X plus Hell yes. One of our favourite phones in the mother-loving world is getting an update. HTC's announced the One X+ and with a 1.7GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU, 64GB internal memory and the now standard 2100 mAh, as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S III. On to the less interesting stuff: It's getting the latest Android OS, which is 4.1, or Jelly Bean. There's Beats Audio, which is the Dr Dre created speaker system embedded into the gorgeous frame of ...

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Asus N76 review: monster sound from a high-end laptop

Asus N76 When we talk high performance laptops, Asus always comes to mind. And the new Asus N Series N76 laptop is a beast. Not only does it have spectacular performance and an awesome display, the sound that this monster produces can only be described as amazing. We all know that laptop design hasn't been really groundbreaking recently. Every laptop out there looks strikingly similar to the next with aluminum bodies and black bezel displays. And let's not forget those Chiclet keyboards. The ...


Sony PS3 review: It may be six years old, but the PS3 is still going strong

P1011735-580-90 Say hello to Sony's newest games console. Not ready to shepherd in the next generation with PS4 quite yet, the Japanese tech giant instead opts for a trimmed-down take on the PlayStation 3 - a 'super slim' model that makes even the last iteration of the console, the PS3 Slim, look a bit chunky. Sony is obviously a fan of Apple's 'The New iPad' naming convention, but we're going to go ahead and stick with 'PS3 super-slim.' After all, it's 20% lighter than the ...

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Razer Blade review: a signature gaming laptop, redefined

Razar Lead image In both form and function, there's a lot to love about Razer's new 17-inch Razer Blade gaming laptop. It's attractive, thin, lightweight, and very, very fast. Far and away, however, the feature everyone notices first - and that you'll want to show off to your friends, family, and fellow/random tech nerds - is first-of-its-kind Switchblade touchpad interface. This unique new feature turns the Blade's touchpad into a fully-functioning second screen that allows you to check your email, watch YouTube videos, or ...


Jetpack Joyride: it’s free, it’s addictive and it’s out for Android right now

JPJR2 Jetpack Joyride was sneakily released last night for Android devices. So now the Galaxy S III, Nexus 7, and whatever other Android device you may happen to own can relish in the mindless, endless corridors of Jetpack Joyride. Why's this a story? Because it used to be an iOS exclusive. Welcome to the Android party. Nutshell time. Jetpack Joyride is about a man and his jetpack collecting coins down a never-ending corridor. Coins equal upgrades, upgrades equals a longer run ...


HP ElitePad 900 is the business-oriontated Windows 8 tablet you’ve craved for

HP ElitePad 900 Windows 8 arrives in under a month. Microsoft's Surface, roughly the same time. Makes sense then to smash out the HP ElitePad 900. This is a business focused tablet with a 10.1-inch display and a machine-focused level of ruggedness. Premium Windows 8 tablet sexiness for the man on the move. Let's dig in. It's cold and I need a jacket The HP ElitePad Productivity Jacket is the crux of the Windows 8 tablet offering. It's the whole point really and delivers an ...

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Acer offers ‘free’ Windows 8 update for select customers

Acer Win 8 Acer is set to offer customers 'refunds' on Windows 8 upgrades for laptop and desktop purchased between now and 31 January 2013. With the anticipated release of Windows 8 scheduled for next month, Acer has teamed up with Microsoft in a promotional offer on all its products. This promotion was originally intended to coincide with the release of its new Ultrabook in June this year and applies to all purchases up until 31 January 2013. Could this be the first ...


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