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CuBox Pro: The square fit-in-your-pocket computer

Israeli start-up SolidRun has produced the CuBox, a square, cramped version of a “real" PC. An open-source mini computer, it has an 800-megahertz dual-issue ARM PJ4 processor that uses the ARMv7 chip design and codes in 32-bit. Using just three watts of power it can display full high-definition video at 1080p and would be perfect with its small size as a media center, thin client, XBMC console, network attached storage device, or anything else you want, according to the SolidRun ...

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Tech predictions for 2013: Apple’s ‘iTV’

Apple 'iTV' With 2012 done and dusted, our attention turns to the upcoming year and what innovation the major players will bring to the table. One of our tech predictions for 2013, may see Apple entering the television manufacturing market with a self-branded TV set. The idea of Apple producing a line of televisions shouldn't seem that foreign a notion, considering the Cupertino based company have all the necessary components to build one. Current Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the possibility ...

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LG Optimus L5 review: a mid-range smartphone

LG Optimus L5 The LG Optimus L5 is the second of three LG Optimus smartphones that increase in specs, flanked either side by the LG Optimus L3 and LG Optimus L7. With this middle phone weighing in at around £10 (around AU$15/US$16) per month, or £140/US$190 (around AU$213) SIM-free, does it give enough bang for your buck (or punch for your pound)? You'll note straight away that the LG Optimus L5, or E610, is light, at just 125g (4.4oz) and seemingly slim, with a smooth ...

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Ubuntu’s now a mobile OS and destined for Android phones come 2014

Mark Shuttleworth's legacy will extend to the mobile sphere as Ubuntu looks to release a "full PC" version for Android phones. Memeburn, our big brother has already reported on the story, so you can snag the full details there. But in short, Ubuntu for Android will be the complete OS experience, which will even "run well on entry-level smartphones" according to the site. What we're going to do right now though, is fill you lot in on the hardware side of life. ...

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Leap Motion motion control tech will come bundled with new Asus PCs

leap motion If you've been drooling over Leap Motion but haven't coughed up the cash to pre-order the device, don't worry -- soon, there will be another way for you to get your hands on the next-gen controller: when you buy your next PC. Leap, the startup behind the tiny Kinect-style controller that lets you control your computer by waving your fingers in front of the screen, announced a partnership with Asus which will see its controller bundled with new All-in-One PCs ...

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Nike+ SportWatch GPS unboxing [Video]

nike sportwatch GPS 1 Gearburn editor Steven Norris unboxes the Nike+ SportsWatch GPS, a multitasking fitness freak's dream with USB connectivity and probably more computing power than the capsule that propelled Yuri Gagarin into space. This watch is like having your own personal trainer slapped onto your wrist and keeps track of your location, pace, distance, laps, and calories burned and even reminds you to go take a run. Review your mapped runs, track your progress, view your splits, connect with other runners and ...

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iPad Mini review [video]

ipad mini review Apple’s made some missteps during its long tenure as a tech company, but the iPad is certainly not one of them. So now, with the release of the iPad Mini, people ask “Why bother?” Well Gearburn editor Steven Norris is here to tell you that this is one of the finest 7-inch tablets that money can buy. While it may not have a Retina Display, it’s weight, size and speed make it a must-buy. Watch the review to learn more.

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iPod Touch fifth-generation review [Video]

ipod review One of Apple’s more popular devices, namely the iPod Touch has leaped ahead with the release of the fifth-generation version. Lauren Granger, Gearburn’s ever-eagre tech reporter takes this media player in hand and tells us why we should consider purchasing it. It’s fairly inexpensive, is shaped well and has a great collection of apps. But does it fit in with our already crowded tech ecosystem? Let’s find out.

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Samsung Galaxy S III LTE [Unboxing]

S 3 LTE Did you ever thing the Samsung Galaxy S III could get even better? Well it has, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE. This phone is capable of incredible mobile speeds, but only in certain countries and certain areas to boot. But if you are in an LTE-capable area, then prepare yourself for a blazing fast mobile browsing and downloading experience. Steven Norris, Gearburn editor unboxes this mighty beast for your viewing pleasure.

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Unboxing of the Razor Ouroboros [Video]

razer oroborous With futuristic transformer looks and a suitcase straight from the X-Files, Gearburn Editor Steven Norris found the Razer Ouroboros a pleasure to unbox. Targeted directly at the gaming community, this gaming mouse looks the part, with adjustable palm, thumb and pinky rests and no fewer than 11 adjustable buttons. A mouse that has various customization and interchanging options, it glides over almost any surface and fits perfectly in the hand. It also has the coolest lights of any mouse yet.


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