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Unboxing of the iPhone 5 [Video]

iphone 5 unboxing After a long wait, Gearburn finally got the iPhone 5 for review. Steven Norris, Gearburn Editor, was left to unbox it, always a pleasure when receiving gadgets from Apple. The much faster, sleeker, bigger and better iPhone was always going to be on the list of products Gearburn would like to review. With a larger display, a faster processor and 4G capabilities many saw this as the iPhone Apple should have made a long time ago to compete with Samsung ...

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Unboxing of the iPad mini [Video]

unboxing ipad mini Michelle Atagana, Managing Editor, unboxes the long rumoured and awaited iPad mini. Probably one of the longest and most researched, and most rumoured, Apple products on our pages, the iPad mini created a truck load of debates about whether Apple will succeed with his device. It is its first device in a long while to enter an established market with the Kindle Fire and Nexus ruling the roost. Yet during the unboxing it certainly got us excited to try this ...

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Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note II [Video]

galaxy note II Steven Norris, Gearburn editor, unboxes the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It looks like our Galaxy SIII, just slightly larger and with the addition of the S pen. The first Galaxy Note was big, and the Note II is bigger. Screen size had been upped from 5.2 inches to 5.3 inches that utilises the Samsung Super AMOLED screen beautifully. To feed that power hungry screen is an enormous 3100mAh battery. A true beast with beauty thrown into the mix.


Apple TV [Unboxing]

Apple TV Ever-excitable Gearburn Editor Steven Norris unboxes one of the cooler products Apple’s recently released, namely the brand new Apple TV. This tiny little black cube of magic connects to a TV, and streams content from iTunes. It’s a neat idea, as Apple TV also streams Netflix, Youtube and the ESPN sports channels to name but a few content hubs. So obviously we rip it apart and see what you can expect to get if you purchase the Apple TV.


iPhone 5 review [video]

iphone 5 review One of the greatest pieces of tech ever invented, the iPhone 5 is reviewed to perfection by managing editor Michelle Atagana. With love, tenderness and care, she shows us exactly why Apple is the success it is today. The iPhone 5 is one of the fastest phones ever made, and has a screen to die for. So hold on, get stuck in and enjoy yet another incredible video review from Gearburn.com

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iMac 27” unboxing [video]

imac unboxing Fearless Gearburn editor Steven unboxes Apple’s frankly amazing iMac 27-inch all-in-one desktop. Without a doubt, this is one of the hottest Mac’s we’ve ever laid eyes on and Mr Norris unboxes it with the glee of a schoolchild unwrapping a gift on Christmas day. The specs’ are pretty crazy, the screen is insanely large, it’s all practically wireless, except for the power cable, and it’s yet another quality package from Apple. Watch the video below and drool in envy. ...

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Best Gadgets of 2012

iPhone 5 We gadget lovers can be a fickle bunch, as we drum our fingers for yearly updates of our favourite toys. Toys that we demand have incremental improvements and clearer displays. Above all else, they had better look good and smell new. But then again, we also love fresh ideas and bargain buys. The list below features the best tech toys of 2012, some are outlandish, some are budget-friendly, but all are deserving members of this list. Dell XPS 12 Do you want a ...

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The top 4 alternatives to the iPad

An iPad is great, but it shouldn't be the only tablet you’re looking at buying. 2012 has seen a few worthy competitors enter the tablet market, some are great value for money and others look just as sexy as the iPad. There is a huge market for low-cost Android tablets, they’re cheap, get the job done and can be easily shipped to any destination in the world. On the other hand, there are high-end tablets that are just outstanding. Tablets ...

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Why the Wii U is the best console of 2012

Wii U This past year has been pretty barren in terms of consoles hitting the market. Sony released yet another PS3 that went on a diet and the PS Vita has only succeeded in segmenting the company's handheld market share. Microsoft opted to shift its attention to redesigning the user interface and media services of Xbox, in an attempt to increase the cross-platform appeal of Windows 8. It therefore fell to Nintendo to give the public a well needed "junk-punch", and that's why ...

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Microsoft Surface review: prepare for disappointment

surface 01 a Two things instantly irk me with Microsoft's Surface, Windows RT version, the exceedingly sexy tablet/laptop/whatever. Firstly, the viewing angle when used as a laptop is shite. It’s angled too steeply, and my eyesight suffered accordingly. Secondly, the Touch keyboard is a waste, and I instantly swapped to the traditional Type keyboard for some reprieve. I’ve written the full review directly on the Surface, so excuse me if my bitterness overflows more than usual. Despite an initial negative reaction, Surface has some ...


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