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Acer offers ‘free’ Windows 8 update for select customers

Acer Win 8 Acer is set to offer customers 'refunds' on Windows 8 upgrades for laptop and desktop purchased between now and 31 January 2013. With the anticipated release of Windows 8 scheduled for next month, Acer has teamed up with Microsoft in a promotional offer on all its products. This promotion was originally intended to coincide with the release of its new Ultrabook in June this year and applies to all purchases up until 31 January 2013. Could this be the first ...


FIFA 13: keeping the faith alive

FIFA 13 What is it about the FIFA series that keeps its devoted fans coming back year after year?  Maybe it’s the addictive gameplay? Maybe it’s the satisfaction of accomplishing a world-class career? Maybe it’s the gamefication of the online experience? or just maybe, it’s all of the above and more. FIFA 13 launched during a whirlwind midnight opening 27 September. What ensued is something quite remarkable for a game relatively similar to its predecessors. Electronic Arts released sales figures indicating that the ...


Toshiba P850: a glasses-free 3D gaming machine

Feature 3D toshiba 3D is all the rage these days, or at least it’s trying to be. Hardly a week goes by that another 3D movie isn’t released, but with the hefty price of tickets, not to mention cinema confectionery, not all of us can afford to indulge on such regular basis. Which is where Toshiba’s almighty Satellite P850, boasting glasses-free 3D, comes in, or tries to. Big-boned The P850 (as I’ll be referring to it from here on out) is a chunky machine, but ...

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Win FIFA 13 for PS3 with Gearburn and EA Sports

Fifa 13 PS3 Competition is now closed. The winner is Thierry Deville. Well done, we'll be emailing you soon for your delivery address. The time is now. Win a copy of FIFA 13 for PS3. And we've made it simple as hell to snag the best-looking, most playable FIFA yet. Look what we got for you... It's winning time! Here's what you need to do. Tell us three new features of FIFA 13. We've written an article about it, so dive back in time for the answers. ...

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Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 review: budget handset, but that’s not a bad thing

SGM2 The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 showed up at MWC 2012 in February and slides in at the lower end of Samsung's range, but it's not the firm's bargain basement offering. Replacing the original Samsung Galaxy Mini, the Galaxy Mini 2 can be picked up for around £150 ($200) SIM-free and you can get it for free on contract starting at just £10.50 per month. As we've mentioned, the Galaxy Mini 2 isn't Samsung's entry level handset - that accolade goes to the Galaxy Y – which means ...


FIFA 13 launches in South Africa today, 1-million units pre-ordered worldwide in anticipation

fifa2013 In the US and most of the world, the FIFA 13 DVD is already spinning in soccer-hungry fans' consoles. FIFA 13 is guaranteed to sell boat-loads, so it comes as no surprise that it's been pre-ordered over one-million times. The demo alone was downloaded close to five-million times, this was spread over 123 countries. Fans will also be able to snatch up the Ultimate Edition, if they paid for it that is. Ultimate Edition delivers 24 FIFA Ultimate Team gold ...


South Africa lands Samsung Galaxy S III ‘tips and tricks’ app

20120614T020754 As if anyone needed any help with one of the world's most user-friendly phones. Samsung though, wants to help the poor, huddled masses in South Africa desperate to unlock the secrets of their especially humongous Android phone. The Users’ Digest App is available right bloody now on Google's Play store. It's a fairly robust tutorial app, diving into every function of the Galaxy S III. There's three distinct sections: A setup guide, how-to's and tutorial videos. This is not an exclusively ...


Dishonored preview: the most important game of 2012?

dishonored cover Dishonored might be terrible. It might be unplayable, riddled with glitches and crashes and it could be a financial flop. Or it could be brilliant, win game of the year and make millions for publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Arkane Studios. No matter what happens upon its release next month, Dishonored is the most important game to come out this year, if not the last few years. That’s an audacious statement, but I think it holds true given the current industry ...

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Dell Latitude 10 review: a professional Windows 8 tablet with removable battery

Dell_tablet_product-900-75 Even if you already use an iPad or Android tablet for work, chances are aWindows 8 tablet isn't the first things that pops into your head when you thinking about working on the go. This could be all set to change in October though, especially if Dell has its way. We've managed to get our hands on the Dell Latitude 10 tablet, and its fair to say that this already feels like a better thought-out offering than what we've seen on the market ...

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iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III drop test

iphone-5-SGS3-screens The stuff that dreams are made of? Apple and Samsung's latest smartphones, namely the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III are dropped to within an inch of their glass and silicon lives. First off, the S III and we're sad to say it doesn't go the distance. Dropped from a height of roughly a meter, the phone bounces slightly and cracks heavily. The testers are also unable to power on the S III after to the drop test. Get with ...


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