BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 keynote live blog

bbjam_americas Hot on the heels of RIM's successful BlackBerry Jam World Tour that covered 24 cities around the world, BlackBerry Jam Americas continues RIM's fervent developer courtship for its new BlackBerry 10 platform. We've had glimpses of where RIM is headed with BlackBerry 10 -- we've been impressed by what we saw -- and we're hoping to see more of what RIM has planned as RIM CEO Thorsten Heins kicks off the show with today's General Session. Gearburn is in San Jose, ...


Black Mesa: Half-Life reborn

blackmesacover Gabe Newell must be smiling. He is a man who has always placed community before commerce. Having made his millions at Microsoft he left to found Valve Software, a company that would make games without compromise. His Half-Life series prioritized quality over time constraints and financial concessions. The series protagonist, like Newell, truly was a free man. Indeed Newell is conceivably videogaming’s auteur -- a creative soul who has no patience for publishing houses that assume dogmatic rule. And he ...

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iPhone 5 review: is Apple in danger of delivering too little with its latest upgrade?

iPhone 5 techradar The excitement of the rumour mill, the titillation of every leaked photo led to higher than ever levels of expectation for the iPhone 5, and while the announcement was greeted with some derision at the lack of perceived headline improvements, the record sales tell an entirely different story. Given the underwhelming changes to the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 really needs to re-energise customers to prove Apple can repeat the game-changing trick it managed with the iPhone 4. So is the Apple iPhone 5 ...


Sony says ‘yes’ to range of external batteries aimed at mobile devices

Sony Flat Battery Need more juice in your life? If you're Sony, the answer's "Yes please." Sony's going to launch a range of external, mobile phone-thin batteries to complement its styling range of Xperia tablets and mobile phones in 7000, 3500 and 2000mAh flavours. Not bad, but where's its screen? As we said, there are three models. Thin and tall for the 7000mAh and 3500mAh battery, short and round for the 2000mAh model. All batteries will charge the Sony devices via USB. The heaviest ...

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Meet Kamermaker the ‘room-maker’, world’s first super-size 3D printer

kamermaker It does what it says on the tin. Architectburo DUS, a dutch design firm, and Utilimaker teamed up, turned a shipping container on its side and shoehorned 3D printing technology into the mix. The result is Kamermaker, "Kamer" meaning room in Dutch. With maximum printing dimensions of 2 meter square and 3.5 meters high, this beast could crap out your next coffee table. Nice mockup. Who are the empty faced people though? We know how standard 3D printers work, but the Kamermaker ...

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Nokia adds US$99 Asha 308, 309 to the mix

Nokia-Asha-308 Nokia's finished messing around. After a fairly exciting product launch of its flagship phones, the Lumia 820 and 920, Nokia's now gone and released two baby-smartphones. Let's welcome the Asha 308 and 309 to the party and see what these hardy devices offer outside of the new "fluid swipe" interface. The new Nokia Asha 308, but not like you can tell the difference. Humble hardware These phones are not meant for the usual suspects. These are smartphones for the rest of us. There's ...

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Blame this: all-in-one screens are the reason you don’t own an iPhone 5 yet

iPhone 5 screen The iPhone 5 has been sold over five-million times. By September 2013, Apple's iPhone 5 is expected to sell in the region of 170.7-million devices. It's no surprise then that the current shortage is driven not by desire, but by inherent hardware challenges. The iPhone 5's all-in-one screen, developed by LG, is so painstaking to make that it has caused delivery bottlenecks. Apple is of course trying its best to remedy this heinous travesty of justice. The eye of the storm ...


Nintendo Wii U region-locked from day one

Wii U region lock Saying "this console is region-free" to a Xbox/PS3/Wii U owner is like handing them the keys to a 4x4. They can play any game, be anyone, do anything. Well, not exactly, but the feeling of regret and hatred that swells up when that infamous error screen appears is second to none. Saying this, the Wii U is going to be region-locked so games in Japan, USA and Europe won't work on "foreign" machines. Nintendo is no stranger to region-locking, with its ...

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Tesla Motors unveils supercharger network

Tesla S If this works it could be the biggest revolution in motoring since someone looked at a horse and thought "I can do better than that". Electric car company Tesla has unveiled a network of superchargers that will allow people driving its Model S sedan to fill up with juice in minutes rather than hours. The company, owned by billionaire innovator Elon Musk, reckons that half an hour on one of the superchargers see a car's battery reach a half-full charge. ...

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Sony Xperia U: a tiny kaleidoscope with personality

sony xperia u Are you the type of person who walks down the street, head down, sliding your nondescript phone out of your pocket as you go, trying not to draw attention to yourself? Or perhaps you’re more into minimalism and despise anything even slightly flashy or attention seeking? Yeah, the Xperia U probably isn’t the phone for you. It glows seven different colours. Tiny LED lights in the base of the phone shine to reflect the main shades in the images in your ...


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