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Tesla Motors unveils supercharger network

Tesla S If this works it could be the biggest revolution in motoring since someone looked at a horse and thought "I can do better than that". Electric car company Tesla has unveiled a network of superchargers that will allow people driving its Model S sedan to fill up with juice in minutes rather than hours. The company, owned by billionaire innovator Elon Musk, reckons that half an hour on one of the superchargers see a car's battery reach a half-full charge. ...

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Sony Xperia U: a tiny kaleidoscope with personality

sony xperia u Are you the type of person who walks down the street, head down, sliding your nondescript phone out of your pocket as you go, trying not to draw attention to yourself? Or perhaps you’re more into minimalism and despise anything even slightly flashy or attention seeking? Yeah, the Xperia U probably isn’t the phone for you. It glows seven different colours. Tiny LED lights in the base of the phone shine to reflect the main shades in the images in your ...

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Motorola Razr i: ‘Intel inside’ promises to take you to the edge

Razri-HandsOn-02-580-90 The Motorola Razr i is the latest smartphone from the now Google-owned firm, and this mid-range handset promises edge-to-edge action in the palm of your hand. While things have been pretty quite on the Motorola front since the launch of the Razr last year – with just a smattering of mediocre handsets since - the Razr i is the most important European phone of the year for the company, so expect to see it filling TV ad space and adorning the side of ...

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iPhone 5 unboxing is the event you’ve been waiting for

iphone_5_2 There are 100s of videos now detailing the unboxing of the iPhone 5, but none really as upbeat as this fellah. The unboxing reveals no surprises, outside of the outstandingly sexy, piano-black box the iPhone 5 comes in. Inside is the standard Apple-approved, sim-ejecting paperclip which is damn handy for installing the new nano-sim. Then there's a colourful instruction booklet that outlines the basic functions of the iPhone 5, the legendary Apple stickers, and the beautiful new hardware: the Earpods ...


Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro is a must-have accessory for gamers

3DS XL circle pad The Verge is pretty spot-on when it comes to early tech reviews, so when it says that it's an "improvement over the original", you'd better sit up and take notice. Here's what we think. Now that's a beefy add-on We spent some time with the 3DS XL, an enormous version of Nintendo's 3DS and came away dying for a second thumbpad. Luckily, our prayers have been answered in the form of the Circle Pad Pro, an add-on that snaps to the back ...

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Logitech Stereo Headset H130: it gets the job done

H130 lead image This entry-level offering from Logitech is a headset whose simplistic design and minimalist features offer everything that one would expect for R200. Its back-of-the-neck wrap around design, sure to keep ones carefully styled “faux-hawk” in place, gives the H130 a distinctive look. Its most important feature however, is its noise-cancelling microphone, which rotates and twists for optimal positioning. The H130 is not designed to listen to music, the sound is decent, but definitely struggles when the volume gets turned up. In ...

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iOS 6 ready to rumble for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iOS6 That's right folks, Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 6 is ready and willing to inject itself into your iDevice. There are two ways of doing this. Either plug your iDevice in and click "update" in iTunes, or update iOS 6 over-the-air by going to settings, general, software update on the iDevice. The question is, will your iDevice support iOS 6? Let's have a look. iPod Touch Only the fourth-generation iPod Touch supports iOS 6. Panorama, the "new" landscape picture mode for ...

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iOS 6 now Jailbroken for A4 iDevices only

iOS-6 And Steve Jobs looked down from Apple-heaven saying, "this is good". We think that if Jobs was still around, he'd be happy with people such as Redsn0w who've now successfully managed to Jailbreak iOS 6 for A4 devices. That includes the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and older iPad. Why happy? Because jailbreaking an iDevice opens it up to endless customisation options. And we think that wherever Jobs is now, he'd be at peace with that. Enough rambling, onto the ...

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HTC Windows Phone 8X: hands on with the signature Windows Phone 8 handset

8x TechRadar got early access to the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, and while we admired it's sleek body, it wasn't running a finished version of the OS – we will be updating this review soon as we get hands on with the finished product at HTC's event in New York. The Windows Phone 8X by HTC, to give it its proper title, is a poorly named handset, but don't let this put you off what looks to be a promisingWindows Phone ...

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HTC Windows Phone 8S: We take a look at HTC’s the mid-range WP8 offering

8s TechRadar got early access to the Windows Phone 8S by HTC, and while we admired it's aesthetic merits, it wasn't running a finished version of the OS – we will be updating this review soon as we get hands on with the finished product at HTC's event in New York. The Windows Phone 8S by HTC, which is its proper title don't ya know, launched alongside the HTC 8X at a special HTC event in New York, where the Taiwanese firm unveiled its ...


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