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Leak indicates Windows Phone 7.8 may not be end of the line for WP 7 users

WP Area-Windows Phone 7X screenshot In a leaked image courtesy of German site WP Area, WP 7 users may be offered a slight reprieve before biting the bullet and making the jump to Windows Phone 8. The leak, made possible by an anonymous source details the current road map of Windows Phone 7 OS. The most interesting feature details an update set to release after the current Windows Phone 7.8 OS ominously titled 7X. We guess that 7.9 was already taken. The German site also highlighted ...

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LG and Samsung team up to create gaming TVs

LG and Samsung have announced new smart TVs that integrate gaming into the sets, making consoles such as the Xbox and PS3 an optional extra. LG seems to be leading this gaming TV idea with the "Smart TV with Google TV" giving you access to the streaming game service OnLive. OnLive, an on-demand cloud gaming service, has more than 200 games with FIA World Rally Championship, Sleeping Dogs and Assassin's Creed Revelations being some of the more popular titles. That might ...

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Nintendo Wii U launches today

Wii U launch Nintendo's Wii U, an HD version of the monstrously popular Wii, launched today. With the launch of the Wii U, priced at either US$300 or US$350 for the Deluxe package, Nintendo officially enters the world of sparkly graphics with a console capable of 1080p HD. The Wii U launches alongside 22 games and a day one software update, that gives users access to not only its online capabilities, but to Nintendo TVii. The main draw of the Wii U outside of ...

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Belkin Bluetooth Receiver: crisp sound, poor wireless

Belkin lead image The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver is a wireless "little wonder" for your home stereo. What it promises to do, it does, albeit with a bit of a marketing flaw and one or two small disappointments. But we will get to that later... The marketing flaw is that this is specifically targeted at users who have older stereos at home and have not traversed to the digital world of consoles, USB ports and memory sticks. It will make the "uninformed" look cool, ...

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Meet SA’s most-played games and downloadable titles [Report]

dota 2 According to MWEB, a South African ISP, gaming has "quietly mushroomed" under gamers feet. Its first ever gaming report tells us what the top online games are, and which digital downloads both globally and internationally are making its mark on the South African gaming scene. And its games in the top spots below that have pushed the online gaming industry in South Africa to R1.29-billion. An African tale The first statistics come from digital download platform GamersGate, based in Scandinavia, with MWEB having a ...

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Toshiba Satellite P855-32G review: great performance for this 15-incher

laptop lead story The Toshiba P855-32G is an updated version of the Toshiba P850 home entertainment laptop released earlier this year, featuring more power for the masses. What this upgrade does is put the P855 on a competitive standing with current laptops, which are featuring powerful third-generation Ivy Bridge chips as standard. If you didn't know about the differences under the hood, you'd think the two Toshibas were identical and, well, that wouldn't be too far from the truth. Top laptops: 20 best laptops in the world The mid-range ...

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Nokia HERE review: a mapping app Apple would die for

nokiamaps Nokia HERE is reviewed on a Lumia 920. Much has been said lately about the importance of mapping technology in the wake of Apple's catastrophic failure with the iPhone 5 launch. As of late we've all taken for granted that our smartphones will not only have mapping software built-in, but that the mapping technology will also work and be comprehensive and…well…good. With its latest mapping technology, Here, Nokia has given users of the Nokia Lumia 920 a deep and comprehensive mapping solution the likes of which ...

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Amazon starts shipping 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch Amazon has begun delivery of online orders for its new Kindle Fire HD tablet a full week ahead of the original date. Amazons flagship tablet is now available in a 8.9-inch variant. It is believed early delivery to customers is Amazon's attempt to persuade other users to purchase this new product amid the frenzied release of Apple and Google's new tablet lineups, the fourth generation iPad, iPad mini, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. The new Kindle Fire HD ...

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With Windows 8 Embedded, Microsoft’s new OS could be in your fridge

Windows 8-In Car Microsoft recently unveiled plans to expand its new OS to areas outside the tech industry with its Windows 8 Embedded road map. This means that Windows 8 will make its way from our PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones into virtually every piece of tech that we interact with on a daily basis. This notion shouldn't be that surprising. Prior to the launch of Microsoft's Windows 8 OS, it setup various display points for users to interact with the new touch-centric interface. ...


We dissect the new GTA V trailer

gta v 1 Have you been hankering for a look at GTA V? Well the wait for a new trailer is finally over. Last night, Rockstar released a two-minute snippet of the game to celebrate the news GTA V would involve Michael, Trevor and Franklin. So what does the new trailer tell us? Besides introducing the playable characters themselves, it hints at glorious misadventure, explosions aplenty and the unabashed good humour we’ve come to love from the series. Below we explore its finer points in-depth. Michael ...


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