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  • Action Launcher 1.5.7 review: ‘Shutters’ and more

    Action Launcher 1.5.7 (US$3.99) is here, and Developer Chris Lacy released a brand new feature called, Shutters. What this does is eliminate the need for a ton of homescreens, so you can get where you want to be faster and with fewer actions. In my previous review of Action Launcher, I told you about Lacy’s take on folders, Covers. This time I’m focussing on the coolest feature to hit an Android launcher for as long as I can remember, well, since Covers really. Shutters have totally changed the way I use my phone, again. At this rate of apps changing...

  • This is possibly the iPad 5’s rear shell

    Thanks to tactus.com, we’ve got another leaked iThing. This time, the rear shell of the iPad 5. The image isn’t as clear as the leaked picture of the budget iPhone, but it’ll do. Is this an open invitation for us to recant the iPad 5 rumors floating about? Hell to the yes. Thinner, lighter, faster It’s an apple product, so it’s a given that any upgraded device will have less heft, have a faster CPU (possibly the A7X) and drop a few millimeters in depth. According to some, the screen is going to me a monumental 9.7-inches. And some, like AppleInsider.com,...

  • Nokia Lumia 720 review: leader of the pack

    Being the middle child is always difficult, so in that respect the Nokia Lumia 720 has it tough as it nestles slap bang in the centre of the Finnish firm’sWindows Phone 8 range. Arriving on the scene alongside the budget-focussed Nokia Lumia 520 atMWC 2013, the Lumia 720 provides a happy middle point in a line up which also includes the Lumia 620, 820 and 920. The Nokia Lumia 720 is available for around £300 ($460/AU$445) SIM-free, while on contract you’ll be able to pick it up for free from £22 per month over two years. This pits the Lumia 720 against the likes of the HTC One SV, Samsung Galaxy...

  • Fundawear: a wireless experiment in modern foreplay

    Has you ever sat on your mobile phone while it’s ringing and thought, “I’m turned on. I want more of this”? Here’s your solution: Fundawear. It’s magical Wi-Fi underwear sponsored by Durex, made in Australia and lovingly designed to “transfer touch across vast distances.” Watch this video and ignore the shameful faces made by the Fundawear models. Durex is calling this “the future of foreplay” and if you head on over to its Facebook page, you can see more of the “Durexperiment” in action. There’s even a little competition that let’s users possibly win one of these questionable garments. Fundawear was...

  • iPhone 5 + VW Beetle = ‘iBeetle’: coming 2014

    Let’s welcome the iBeetle, a combination of two iconic brands that were simply meant to be. The latest VW Beetle will come with an integrated iPhone dock and “special Beetle app” that will reveal as much about the car as any other modern vehicle dashboard would, says PCmag.com. Volkswagen that the iBeetle has a “genuine integrative interface that’s been coordinated with Apple,” and is one of the first cars in the worlds to incorporate this. VW will rollout the iBeetle in 2014, with a convertible and coupe model being initially available. The iPhone dock will be front and present in...

  • 4 crazy eco-friendly chargers for your smartphone

    You’ve probably heard about some outrageously cool ways to charge your mobile phone before. The solar charger for when you go camping, for example. You could probably find at your local gadget shop. Nokia’s wireless charger meanwhile has, since the release of the Nokia Lumia series, made a big splash but the buzz quickly dissipated. Most of these innovations you’ll discover on Kickstarter which makes these crazy gadgets rather exclusive by nature. Others you’ll find in areas where the need for a reliable alternative to your traditional “plug-in-the-wall” charger is much greater than the novelty of a Kickstarter gadget.

  • Become a Ghostbuster with these 8 paranormal apps

    Ghost hunting is the next big phenomenon, to the point where it’s become even more popular than zombies. A lot of paranormal fans are definitely interested in creating their own ghost tracking teams, so if you have the fever and aren’t afraid of ghosts, who you gonna call? Don’t call anyone, just download these apps on your phone. Please note that the apps are a combination of iOS and Android. Ghosthunting Toolkit For US$3.99, you get a lot of busting for your buck with this app. You’ll feel ready to join the ranks of famous ghost hunters, from Dr. Peter Venkman...

  • Google Play get serious: Glass app reveals gaming goodness

    The Google Glass companion app, the software needed to run the dorky-looking but pretty cool wearable smartphone, has been broken down into separate files that reveal a Play Store secret: Google is going to include console-like features into yet-to-be-named gaming service. We’re talking online and turn-based multiplayer, in-game chat, leaderboards, achievements, lobbies and game invitations. These are all services commonly seen on PS3 and Xbox 360. With Android consoles such as Ouya launching very soon, Google’s plan to introduce a coherent gaming structure to its store is nothing short of genius. Read on! Androidpolice.com provides an outstanding breakdown of the Glass...

  • Nokia Lumia 520 review: low end but not low rent

    The Nokia Lumia 520 is Nokia’s fifth Windows Phone 8 handset. It’s a phone which slots into the very bottom end of the range, just below theNokia Lumia 620. And we do mean just below – the specs of the 520 and 620 are remarkably similar, meaning that Nokia’s main competition at the bottom end of the market is itself. Otherwise, its biggest rival is likely to be the recently launched Huawei Ascend W1 – a low-end handset that we’re rather fond of. Of course if you look beyond Windows Phone 8 then there’s also a whole host of Android competitors such as the Huawei Ascend...

  • The Twitter-powered cuckoo clock ‘#Flock’ is a real thing

    Twitter seems to be catching some limelight this week. Following the launch of its range of #Music apps yesterday, and to put the cherry on the cake, enter the Twitter cuckoo clock #Flock. This neat little contraption is a clock like no other, entirely Twitter driven, the clock chirps at replies, retweets or new followers gained. An initiative by the social network’s UK division, the clock was built in partnership with BERG, which is a London design consultancy that specialises in odd, quirky and novelty like objects. #Flock is the first product to make use of BERG’s new Cloud Dev...

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