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Cassette To iPhone Converter is the worst/best gadget you’ll ever own

iphone cassette We found this, and needed a moment to reflect. A cassette to iPod convertor is either the greatest gadget on this green earth, or the most horrendous idea ever conceived. It looks simple enough. Pop the iPhone/iPod into the convertor, add a chrome or plastic cassette tape, open the app and start recording. Files are copied in MP3 format directly to the device, so the tapes can be safely tucked back in to that spider-covered box in the attic. It's ...

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Office 2013 pricing reveals pocket-friendly subscription packages

Office 2013 Office 2013 is nearly upon us, and as you already know the new version is exceptionally user friendly and beautiful. But how much will it cost? Microsoft recently released their pricing structure for the upcoming Office suite and now you’ll have even more options when it comes down to it. Standard stand alone packages will be the same as they were with Office 2010. You’ll get Home & Student for R799 (est. based on current pricing), Home and Business for R1599 ...


6 of the best games that no one played

1deadly premoniton It’s easy to get into a conversation with a gamer regarding Fifa, or Call of Duty, or Halo. If they’re male and under thirty, chances are they’ve played them all. Canny marketing and extensive advertising ensures these games are omnipresent, and the fact they’re released annually ensures they’re always relevant. But what of the myriad great games that never enter the general gaming consciousness? What of the games no one bothers to play? Alright, it’s a touch hyperbolic: these games do ...

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Vodacom nano-SIM update hints at South African iPhone 5 launch

The iPhone 5 uses the new nano-SIM. And South African mobile operator Vodacom has told its trading partners to "order new Nano SIM cards to be used in a soon to be announced new handset”. Put two and two together and that equates to SA readying itself for the iPhone 5, possibly. Nano-SIM pictured in the middle The price of the new nano-SIM will set users back around US $12 (R105). Can a standard micro-SIM be converted to a nano-SIM? Yes. Will ...

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Images of PS3 Super Slim unceremoniously leaked ahead of launch

PS3 SS 1 Sony's last ditch-attempt to wring money out of a desperate generation of gamers is supposed to hit it's mark next week at the Tokyo Game Show with the launch of the PS3 Super Slim. This Polish site snapped a promo shot of the probable PS3 Super Slim and happily, the promo newsletter mentions a release date of 28 September. Even more happily, there's pricing to go alongside the blurry images. There's going to be a possible 12GB for €199 and 500GB model for €299. Let's ...


Moto unleashes RAZR i, a 2GHz Intel powered Android 4.0 superphone

razrhd Hello RAZR M. Sorry, RAZR i "Say hello to the full-screen phone" says Motorola it launches the RAZR i, one of the worlds first Intel powered smartphones. Also, it looks exactly the same as the recently announced Moto RAZR M. But who cares if it's an exact clone of the RAZR M, let's see what the stats say. It's always about the stats There's a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED edge-to-edge screen but that's not the big fish here. The king of the hill ...


Fujifilm X-F1 review: Small, sleek and stylish

Fuji's X range of cameras has proven incredibly popular over the past couple of years. Now the company seems keen on expanding that popularity into the mass market of consumers, with a new range of cameras designed to appeal to a wider audience. Once again, high-end design makes an appearance for the Fuji X-F1. A light and durable aluminum body is covered with synthetic leather that imitates the feel of genuine leather. The lens is also a newly developed optic. The 4x ...

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iOS Dropbox app gets much needed social sharing features

Dropbox Honestly, we can't think of someone who was actually craving these features, nonetheless it's a great addition to decent app. Happily, Dropbox users can now share their content on social networking super-sites Twitter and Facebook. And if the need is strong enough, AirPrint is now also supported. Content can now be quickly posted with a tap and a smile. So far, the update only applies to Apple devices but Android support is "coming soon". What's Dropbox's game though? With cloud apps ...


LG Optimus G’s 13MP camera, quad core CPU kicks in doors, takes names

LG's Optimus G is here. Not as if we were waiting with baited breath for this little tramp, but it's here none the less. This very un-iPhone looking phone, more like a redone Galaxy Note, has a 4.7-inch screen, 1.5Ghz quad-core Snapdragon CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and a 2 100mAh battery. That's just for starters. Multi-tasking, no more LG's calling it cross-talking, and it allows complex tasks to be "completed simultaneously without having to compromise other tasks" according to the ...

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Apple’s new EarPods: up to the task?

Earbuds lead In its unending search for perfection, Apple has decided to completely redesign its iconic white earbuds. The new Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic are now the default earphones that ship with the new iPhone 5 and iPod touch, but you can also buy them separately. They're still white, and aesthetically they look slightly squashed, but that's because they've been redesigned to ensure the maximum amount of sound is pumped directly into your ear canal. The new EarPod design makes sense – ear holes ...


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