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BlackBerry’s flagship maybe christened the ‘Z10′, comes in black and white

BB10 L-Series Leak - 6 With RIM's BlackBerry 10 event a little over a month away, we've been referring to the company's flagship full touch device as the "L-Series". According to a leaked image courtesy of Unwired View, that's no longer the case. The leaked image refers to the new BB10 smartphone as the "Z10". Not groundbreaking news we know, but it does roll off the tongue slightly better than "L-Series". It's also a streamlined shift from the pedantic alpha-numeric handset titles of the past. The far ...

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6 iPhone extensions to get before the world ends

mi suny-2 The world is not ending tomorrow. But for those who have prepared for the fake armageddon, here are six iPhone extensions you’d need if everything spins out of control. Solar Powered Battery Extension by Mi Suny [Image credit] So if the world is about to end and there are no more power outlets for your charger; this guy would probably be your best bet for power. The Mi Suny iPower4 battery extension is probably one that would be the most practical buy as ...

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Apple iMac review: thin is in

21_5_inch Apple iMac late 2012 e-580-90 The iMac is Apple's flagship desktop Mac. Since it was first introduced in 1998, this all-in-one computer has gone through eight significant redesigns, taking it from an egg-shaped, CRT-based machine in a polycarbonate casing to this third-generation thin aluminium-bodied computer. Since 2004, the iMac's processor, graphics, storage, memory and other electronics have been housed behind the screen, and this year's release is no exception. Where the 2012 iMac makes a radical departure from its predecessors is in its size. It retains the ...

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Potatoes used to test ‘WiFi consistency’ on Boeing airplanes

Boeing Wi-Fi flying high-Video Screenshot This is a fairly exciting combination of gadgets and human innovation. Aerospace corp Boeing has employed sacks of potatoes to replicate the effect of WiFi signals onboard live flights. Let us explain. Boeing, along with close to 10 000 kilograms of potatoes in sacks, is testing to see if WiFi signals remain stable and safe throughout a flight. Potatoes were used because these slick spuds apparently “replicate the way human passengers reflect and absorb electronic signals,” says Boeing. Most hilariously, the ...

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ZTE unveils its U887, a new 5-inch entry-level phablet

ZTE U887 ZTE is the latest manufacturer to enter the 5-inch phablet market with the U887. ZTE's newest phablet offering is designed to appeal to the lower-end user, as the company is set to release higher specced devices sometime down the line. The U887 seems aimed at testing the waters, before the company begins releasing a full-range phablet lineup. The ZTE U887 sports some modest specs, but it should be able to handle the needs of most smartphone users. Its 5-inch screen displays ...

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Samsung Display to demo 5.5-inch flexible screens at CES 2013

Samsung Flexible Display-1 According to CNET, Samsung Display, a spin-off from Samsung Electronics, is set to showcase a range of 5.5-inch flexible smartphone screens at CES 2013. The development of flexible screens is something that Gearburn has known about for some time, however this demo will be one of the rare occasions where the public would be able to experience these screens first-hand. The demo displays will offer 1280x720 HD resolution, at an impressive 276 PPI. Samsung Display have stated that these screens are ...

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15 gadgets to put under every geek’s Christmas tree

Firebox Bluetooth Gloves-1 What does every geek need for Christmas? No, not a boyfriend/girlfriend/inflatable love pillow. What they need are the most tricked-out gifts that tap directly into the geek vein. The list below is our pick of the most useful, desirable and plain kooky gadgets of 2012 that should be firmly squeezed into every nerd's Christmas stocking. TRAVEL 1. Pocketcell Rechargeable battery packs are getting more and more common but few are as slim, simple to use or quick to charge as Pocketcell. Sleek ...


Google Nexus 10 review: the budget tablet range gets a new big brother

nexus-10-product-image2 The Google Nexus 10 was only announced around a week ago but in many circles it had been anticipated since the announcement of the Nexus 7. After all, if Google was entering the tablet field directly then how could it resist the potentially very lucrative 10-inch market? And here we are, just a few short months after the Nexus 7's launch and Google is taking the fight to Apple, going head to head for tablet supremacy. It's not going to be an ...

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Nokia rumoured to release Windows RT styled tablet at WMC 2013

Nokia Lumia 'Coffee Tab' Concept It appears rumours surrounding a Nokia branded 10-inch tablet running Windows RT have re(surface)d. Rumours had initially started doing the rounds back in May 2012. The Finnish manufacturer has teamed up with Qualcomm and Compal Electronics, resulting in a 10-inch Windows RT tablet according to Digi Times, who cite Taiwanese supply chain sources. This tablet is said to be making its official debut at the World Mobile Congress, held 25-28 February 2013 in Spain. Nokia had some initial reservations in releasing a ...

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Huawei Ascend D2, flagship Android ‘phablet’ set for CES 2013 unveiling

Huawei Ascend D2 Huawei look set to enter the "phablet" fray, with the scheduled unveiling of the Android powered Ascend D2 at CES 2013. This is the second known device that the Chinese manufacturer will showcase, the other being the Ascend W1 which runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 OS. The news broke thanks to a message posted on the Senior VP of Huawei Technology's Sino Weibo page, who sated his concern over the D2's, yet to be disclosed, high price point. He attributed the ...


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