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Rumours build for Windows Blue, Microsoft’s budget OS

Windows Having just released Windows 8 in October, a rumour that Microsoft will be rolling out a low-cost OS to users in mid 2013 is doing the rounds. This low-cost alternative is said to be part of Microsoft's plan to release an annually updated OS, in the hopes of competing against the likes of Apple and Google. This latest iteration of Windows is said to be a more standardised OS and set to contain an entirely new user interface. Could there be ...

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Toshiba planning 13 MP phone camera with noiseless low light shooting

toshiba tk437 sensor If you are more than well-informed about digital photography then you'll know that the cameras on most smartphones are actually pretty crap. Toshiba hopes to change that with a new 13MP back-illuminated sensor that will deliver much better results in low light. Using the well-known CMOS-based TK437 sensor, low light performance and colour noise reduction will improve, a problem that affects most phone cameras. The problem has always been size. When it comes to digital image sensors, "bigger is better" really ...

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WP8 powered Ativ S delayed as Samsung prioritise Galaxy S III

Samsung Ativ S Samsung were the first manufacturers to unveil a WP8 device with the Ativ S in August at IFA 2012, but it looks set to be the last to reach consumers. The Ativ S was one the many newly designed Windows Phone 8 smartphones shown off by Steve Ballmer at a WP8 event in October. According to Sam Mobile, the device has suffered another delay, now scheduled for a late December release. Week 52 to be more precise, just in time to ...

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Mighty Dwarf Speaker review: good vibrations

mighty dwarf Half the fun of this portable speaker is experimenting with it on various surfaces. Luckily it's a well-built and designed product to boot. On the surface The Mighty Dwarf proves one of mother nature's laws -- that even the smallest of creatures can pack a punch -- especially when it's super colourful. The Mighty Dwarf (MD) isn't made by mother nature though, but rather Audiomotion, a very human company focused on making products that play music using vibrations (rather than the traditional ...

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What comes after Halo? Bungie leaks and owns up to ‘Destiny’

Destiny From possibly the world's beefiest gaming site, IGN, come leaked images plus a story outline of ex-Halo creator Bungie's latest project, "Destiny". Here's the plot, care of Bungie: Our story begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with the ruins of man’s Golden Age. A massive, mysterious alien ship hangs overhead like a second Moon. No one knows where it came from or what it’s here for, but only that it’s ...

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Canon G15 review: a decent upgrade of an old friend

Canon_G1544-580-100 After quite a significant waiting period, the Canon G12 has finally been upgraded in the shape of the 12.1 million pixel Canon PowerShot G15, unveiled at Photokina 2012. At first glance, the Canon G15 looks pretty similar to the Powershot G12, but there are a few significant differences. The most notable of these is the stacked or overlapping dials on the top that enable both the mode dial and the exposure compensation dial to be squeezed on to the right side of the camera's ...

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WP 8 reboot bug being patched come December

Windows Phone 8 Early adoption is often fraught with peril, in this case for Windows Phone 8 users, it took the guise of devices randomly rebooting on multiple occasions. Disgruntled users took to the forums to voice their displeasure. When we first reported on this issue, Microsoft had done little to address the problem. The company has now stepped up to the plate and acknowledged the rebooting anomaly that many WP8 users experienced in the past few weeks, particularly HTC 8X and Nokia ...

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Apple’s new 21.5-inch iMac available for order from 30 November

Apple iMac-Front and Side View People will be able to order the new iMac from the Apple online store come 30 November, at least one of them anyway. This latest iteration of the iMac is available in two variants, measuring 21.5 and 27-inches respectively. The smaller of the two can be purchased by users at the end of November, with the larger scheduled for late December. We were pleasantly surprised to see the new iMac at an Apple event in late October, it didn't garner ...

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The WOW factor toy any child, or adult, would want

puzzlebox_orbit-helicopter a Puzzlebox Brainstorms, an open source software suite supporting school projects, has developed a brain-controlled toy helicopter. No, this is not an April Fools joke and you have read that correctly. This toy helicopter flies directly through the control of your brainwaves. As Puzzlebox chief technical officer Steve Castellotti said: "Power up the controller, slip on the headset, and start concentrating." The Orbit has already been tested in classrooms, and there are two types: one that can be controlled via mobile devices ...

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Ordered an Asus Taichi? Expect shipping delays until next year

ASUS Taichi When we first heard that ASUS were going to release a dual screen full HD touch enabled tablet-hybrid, our interest was definitely piqued. The Taichi 21 was originally scheduled for distribution in November following the release of Windows 8 in late October. We're now headed into December and still no word for frustrated consumers who have already shelled out more than US$1200 for the device. ASUS now say customers can expect delivery some time in December or later for the 11.6-inch ...


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