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Slimmer, more powerful USB Type-C connector swings both ways

usb apple Perhaps it was a bit swellheaded when the initial conglomoration dubbed its new interface standard the "Universal" Serial Bus, but now, it seems appropriate. USB is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, and finally the world is getting a new connector after what feels like an eternity. It will be part of the USB 3.x revision, and will allow users to plug the USB connector in both directions. Anyone who's tried to plug a USB connector into the reciprocating socket ...


14 of the most spectacular gaming tattoos you’ll find online today

game tattoo lead Those of us who are gamers know what it’s like to be a super fan of a certain game, and if you’re like me (occupying the space of both gamer and tattoo addict), you’ll have considered a gaming tattoo at some point in your life. For the record, I don’t have any gaming tattoos, mainly because I haven’t yet found a game that remains such a firm favourite that I would consider having it forever etched into my skin. There are however, ...

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This 20-second video perfectly explains Minecraft forever

minecraft20 Think you know Minecraft? Well, it's a three year old game so you probably do. Describing Minecraft to the uninitiated, now there's the challenge. How do you explain away a game that let's you ride chickens, explore all of Denmark and fish underwater? You don't. But most Minecraft players will agree that this video by Keshen8 is the most accurate summary of Minecraft yet. Plus, it's only 20-seconds long, so you can watch this then get right back to finding those every-elusive ...

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Considering DDR4 RAM? Rather stick to DDR3… for now

1GB DDR3 Memory Module For all those who just built a new PC, unfortunately for you, DDR4 RAM is just around the corner. While DDR3 will be with us for a decent amount of time yet, the latest standard is just a few weeks away from release and enthusiasts are getting excited. DDR3 -- the outgoing standard of DRAM -- operates at both a higher voltage (using more power and producing more heat) than DDR4, while attaining lower clock speeds in the process (negative), but ...

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3D-printed leg brace gives Quack-Quack the duck second lease at life

quack quack 3d print Not all technology promises to lead the world into a robot apocalype. While 3D printing will inevitably lead to the creation of destructive technologies (like warheads), it also has its golden advantages. Quack-Quack the duck is one such creature that's benefited from the wonders of 3D printing, according to 3D Print. After surviving a dog attack, the duck's left leg required intensive surgery. After the procedure, it was found that Quack-Quack would need a bespoke leg-support to help heal the bone ...


Ectogenesis ushers in ‘Gattaca’-like future with lab-grown wombs

Womb In her article “What Do Artificial Wombs Mean for Women?” feminist critic and writer Soraya Chemaly explores the impact of ectogenesis on the reproductive rights of women and how the realisation of such technology "has the power to alter, in unprecedented ways, the interests, rights and responsibilities of women, men and the state." Chemaly goes on to argue that while gay, lesbian, and infertile parents will benefit from ectogenesis, removing human wombs from the process of gestation will negatively redefine the socially constructed ...

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OnePlus One vs. Xiaomi Mi 3: the budget flagship battle

SONY DSC Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus are giving a hard time to well-known international brands like Samsung, LG and Sony by pushing out some really great smartphones at half the cost. We’ve managed to source two such smartphones: OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi 3 for a detailed performance comparison. Both the devices come with a groundbreaking price tag. Let’s see which one is capable of providing you with the best performance. Design, appearance and build quality The One is a really large and ...

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Meet the new 3310: $25 Nokia 130 plays music and video, lasts full month on single charge

Nokia-130-Dual-SIM-hero-1-jpg This is a strange move from Microsoft if there ever was one. After scrapping the Asha and X ranges from Nokia's fleet, the company has decided that it should remain in the low-cost phone market after all. Its latest offering? The cheapest-of-the-cheap Nokia 130, costing just US$25. Yes, it's a ridiculously low price and that usually means skimping on a few options, but for a feature phone, the 130 flaunts some smartphone-like potential. Yet buyers won't get a touchscreen, camera, or ...

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Leaked iPhone 6 packaging uglier than Chinese knock-offs

iphone 6 package leak Apart from screen-on leaks, there aren't more definitive images than a product in its retail packaging. TechRadar has reportedly pictured the device in its shop-ready shell, thanks to an "Apple beta tester" who's snapped these pics a month prior to the speculated launch. There's been a steady stream of rumours eminating from Apple's usually water-tight pre-release programmes. Either there's a breach inside its secret lair, or someone just wasted a weekend constructing a fake iPhone 6 box for laughs. Regardless of the ...


Sony’s PlayStation 5 plans could include blazing-fast 3D stacked RAM

PS5 Warning: the following article contains intense speculations which may or may not anger the fanboy/girl within you. It's a little early, give or take five years, to be predicting what RAM will be inside the PlayStation 5. But one site says it could be ultra-fast ReRAM, otherwise knowns as RRAM, resistive RAM or most interestingly, 3D stacked RAM. Insiderp speculates that Sony will team up with chip-makers Micron to add RRAM to the quite-obviously-will-be-made-one-day PlayStation 5. The PS4 uses 8GB GDDR5 as well as ...


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