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Games that make you go ‘meh’: 11 average titles on Xbox One

Ryse South African Xbox One fans, your time is now. Today, the Xbox One launches in South Africa, a mere eleven months after the 22 November 2013 U.S. launch. Eleven months later. During that time, the Xbox One has seen a price drop, been beaten in sales by Sony's PlayStation 4, failed in Japan and released a whack of great, to really average games. In my opinion, Microsoft's Xbox One is a solid follow-up to the glorious Xbox 360. It has a sturdy ...

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LG Wine Smart reintroduces the smart flip-phone for the elderly

LG Wine Smart We're all for using old technology in novel ways, like when Apple rediscovered NFC or when the Xbox One allowed for HDMI pass-through -- two brilliant happenings. What we're not so keen on are companies that revive old technologies just because the newer technology is too much for older folk. Don't understand? Take LG's latest 2007-inspired handset for the elderly. We're not sure why it's presented in the archaic flip phone format, but the "Wine Smart" is primarily for those who ...


Kicking, kissing and screaming: 8 hilarious FIFA glitches

Fifa glitch Football and gaming controllers go together like a puppet and string. Hilariously, I have a group of friends who often watch football games with imaginary joysticks in their hands, trying to (quite literally) play their sinking team to success. More often than not, it does absolutely nothing. Roll onto 1993, with experience in creating games for crazed American Football and ice Hockey fans, Electronic Arts decided to cater for fans of the black and white mottled ball across the pond. Thus ...

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Incredible Connection launching Xbox One midnight in South Africa

Xbox One The never-ending wait for the Xbox One ceases tonight, at least if Incredible Connection has anything to do about it. The South African technology retailer will launch the console at midnight, 23 September at 17 selected stores across the country, for one hour. In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, the retailer will award the first ten buyers of the "must have" Xbox One bundle at each store, a R1000 voucher each, as well as a 10% discount on any other ...

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Rockstar ‘slips up’, reveals first-person mode coming to GTA V

GTA5 Would Grand Theft Auto V work better, nay, play better as a first-person game? Traditionally, the modern Grand Theft Auto's have placed players in the thick of things, utilising a third-person mode. For the re-release, flying to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the coming months, Rockstar let slip that a first-person mode -- on-foot and in-car -- will be part of the new features. Rockstar (accidentally?) posted this information on its official support page, but quickly pulled it once ...

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Lead us not into temptation: diamond-encrusted iPhone 6 costs $2.7-million

iphone-6-diamond When the iPhone 6 launched about ten days ago, people's reactions were timid. It's a pretty phone, but it's rife with software issues. Although we like the HTC-cum-Samsung look of the handset, we feel that it deserves just a little more sparkle. And that's exactly what jewelry designer Alexander Amoso has given it. Initially, the US$2399 24-carat Gold iPhone 6  stole the limelight -- a phone so glitzy and glamorous it could release a pop album by itself and sell a ...

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Altech Node preview: all-in-one home and content control, at a price

Node keyboard Altech's Node is smart. Well, it's packed with a lot of smart ideas, but will this all-in-one home automation device, available 19 September in South Africa, manage to make a dent in a pretty fickle market? It all depends on expectations. Do you expect a home entertainment device to totally control your residence, from lights, to security cameras, even topping up your prepaid airtime? Then Node's for you. Do you expect to score the "Netflix" of South Africa, streaming the ...

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Savvy YouTuber recreates Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Sopranos with GTA V engine

BE lead There are two things the astute geek likes: HBO shows and Grand Theft Auto V. Of all the quality HBO programming on offer, Boardwalk Empire is possibly the channel's most superlative offering. What then would happen if we were to combine Boardwalk Empire with the mega-popular open-world adventure Grand Theft Auto V? This: The extremely talented YouTube artist 8-bit Bastard created a fairly accurate opening of Boardwalk Empire, recreated in the Grand Theft Auto V engine. But wait, there's more. Woke up ...

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Dropped an iPhone 6 Plus recently? It’s easy to mend, proves iFixit

iPhone 6 Plus teardown 2 iFixit, the site that just wants to watch the world burn, and repair it again, has found its latest smartphone victim -- the iPhone 6 Plus. The large-screen variant of the new Apple duo has gone under the knife, and subsequently revealed all of its internal secrets. Although none of us would dare disassemble a US$700 smartphone, the team at iFixit seem to enjoy tearing things apart. And as far as previous phone adventures go (like iFixit's attempt at destroying an Amazon ...

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7 ways to make a dumb home smarter

Nest The buzzword "smart home" fits nicely alongside terms like "The Internet of Things". But the smart home is tangible, it is something. Best of all, it's something well within the reach of us, the little people. First off, what is a smart home? Explaining  A smart home is home automation. Remote surveillance, WiFi-enabled stoves, automated porch lights, flush-aware toilet bowls, stuff like that. With an internet-enabled device connected to a smart home appliance, the possibilities are fairly endless. Think of a remote ...


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