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PS4 update firmware 1.7 “coming soon” so “hold tight” says Sony

PS4 large Sony's PS4 firmware, version 1.7 was promised almost a full month ago and fans have been eagerly awaiting the OS update. Earlier this year, we reported that the PS4's getting a rich video editor, HDMI content capturing and USB video sharing. These features, aimed at making the life of video bloggers and media lovers a little bit better, are still nowhere to be found. So where are they? According to Chris Owen, Sony's English community manager for PlayStation Europe, it ...

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Android ‘Moonshine’ icons are flat, iOS7-like

Apple to Android Tired of the look of Android 4.4 (KitKat)? Jealous of your iOS 7 friends? Firstly, jealousy gets you nowhere. Secondly, there are rumours and screenshots that point towards a flat new makeover for Android, internally codenamed "Moonshine" says Android Police. Android Police cites "sources familiar with [Android] design" who've sneakily submitted a screenshot of a new-look Android launcher screen. The new icons go crazy with drop shadows, but remove the almost cartoonish (yet colourful) look of the old icons. These proposed icons ...


Dart, a wonderfully tiny adaptor for (almost) any laptop

Dart Lead The days of convenient charging might finally be here. No more lugging around bulky, heavy laptop chargers to our respective jobs/classes/cafes. The Dart has come to save us. Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, FINsix's Dart promises to revolutionise how we perceive power adapters. The Dart is a significantly smaller, lighter, and more elegant laptop charger. Even better is its potential to power all of your electronics. Think about it! Having just one charger. But how did they make the Dart so incredibly small? By ...

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Garmin Vivofit review: a step in the right direction

Garmin Vivofit "What's that?" It's a question anyone using any piece of wearable tech becomes used to pretty quickly. That makes sense, given how young the market is. Right now, the most likely answer is a fitness tracker. It also makes sense that people ask, given that the current crop of fitness trackers tend to look like props from the set of a futuristic Sci-fi movie. After a couple of weeks with the Garmin Vivofit though, I reckon things are taking a ...

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‘H1Z1′ hidden image uncovered by morse code on official teaser site

h1z1 lead Sony's mystery open-world game, H1Z1 for PS4 and PC is slowly unravelling itself to us through of all things, morse code.  Its official teaser site, which paints the scene with a full moon hanging over an eerie, mountainous setting, is delicately animated save for some clouds and a single blinking light in the left hand corner. Go look. That flashing light was morse code, and one Reddit user took it upon themselves to translate it for us. It revealed a URL ...

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Galaxy S5 Active and Zoom incoming [rumour]

SAMSUNG CSC If you wanted a Galaxy S5 but were desiring a variant rougher, tougher and more durable than diamond, then wait no more. According to the mostly reliable EVleaks, a Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Zoom are both planned for production, just as it was with the Galaxy S4 (there was both a Zoom and Active model). EVleaks has tweeted an image displaying the upcoming APK list (Android App Package) of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 already features an ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 hands on review: feature-rich with a brilliant display

GALAXY S5_White Before I even touched the Galaxy S5, which was lassoed to a glowing table at a fancy Samsung launch event, I came in with diminished expectations. I wasn't a fan of the Galaxy S4, yet I loved the S3 and S2. Samsung has embraced plastic and eschewed the full metal look, which the HTC One so beautifully rocks. It's also almost identical to the S4 in terms of hardware and design (have a gander for yourself). So do I love, ...

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The Last of Us Remastered coming to PS4 at 1080p, bundles Left Behind DLC

the last of us remastered We can't say that we're surprised, just excited. Naughty Dog has officially confirmed that its smash survival-horror hit, The Last of Us, will be coming to PS4 in a Remastered package sporting a mouth-watering 1080p resolution. The higher resolution in The Last of Us Remastered means that everything from character models to lighting, textures and effects will be improved -- the proof? Watch the Announce Trailer below which showcases a few seconds from the game in 1080 glory (minor spoilers). It's ...

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This tiny mobile robot printer drives around sheets of paper to print stuff

mini-mobile- Everything's gone mobile, right? So why not printers too. That's the logic behind this new Kickstarter project, the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer by Zuta Labs. It's a tiny portable wireless printer that you place on your desk, sit back and watch as it drives across a piece of paper, leaving behind neat typography, designs or whatever you'd like to print. Projects like these usually require some serious out-of-the-box thinking. "Print machines now-a-days are essentially a printhead running left and right on ...

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5 reasons why Sony’s Xperia Z2 will beat Samsung’s Galaxy S5

z2 accessories At Mobile World Congress 2014, almost every smartphone brand showcased what it had been busy with during the past 12 months. Samsung showcased the Galaxy S5, Sony demoed the Xperia Z2 and LG displayed the G Pro 2. These are powerhouses devices, but we think the real battle would be between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2. So if you're planning to buy the Xperia Z2 or the Galaxy S5, here's five reasons why Sony's device will beat Samsung's latest ...


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