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DIY’er invents machine gun that folds and fires paper airplanes

Paper gun An anonymous inventor who looks like Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski recently posted a YouTube video in which he demonstrates a self-made machine gun that folds and fires paper airplanes that would make any grade schooler froth with jealousy. Flaring his eyes behind wire rimmed glasses, this DIY’er shows off his impressive invention constructed of 3D printed materials and an assortment of parts collected from several specialty hardware stores. He also states quite proudly that he "use[d] a cordless screwdriver ...

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iPhone 6 launches in South Africa, Greenland, Romania and 36 other countries before October ends

iPhone 6s Big news: the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are coming to countries like South Africa, Israel, Kuwait and others before October ends. It's South Africa we're most interested in and, come 24 October, iPhone lovers can grab the new and bigger smartphone from various retailers. Apple's recently announced it, and here are the countries plus their respective launch dates: - Friday, October 17: China, India and Monaco - Thursday, October 23: Israel - Friday, October 24: Czech Republic, French West Indies, Greenland, Malta, ...

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Samsung’s 60Ghz WiFi ‘removes the gap between theoretical and actual’, has 4.6Gbps transmission speeds

WiFi WiFi speeds are a bone of contention in my home. They just never reach the speeds I expect of them, especially when I wander outside of the living-room WiFi zone range. Samsung wants to change that though, with its new 60Ghz WiFi technology, which should allow speeds of up to a theoretical 4.6Gbps, or 575MB per second according to the makers of mobile phones and washing machines. The current and possible maximum WiFi speeds are 866Mbps, or 108MB per second. These speeds ...


9 useless gadgets for the permanently lazy

toothpaste dispenser Modern society has made us infinitely lazy. Yes I said it. There’s nothing wrong with making our lives a little easier but some things should just never have been invented. For instance, how lazy can you get to not even be bothered to stir something in a pot? So how inane are the gadgets out there? More specifically, if you own one of the gadgets below then answer this question: has it really improved your life and do you feel more ...

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The next best Android tablet: Nexus 9 expected to arrive Q4 2014 says HTC (accidentally)

Nexus 9 Who's keen for another Nexus tablet? Well, the Nexus 9 is coming, if this report from Focus Taiwan can be trusted. One of HTC's presidents, Jack Tong, mentioned during a New York press event that the 8.9" Nexus 9 is "HTC's commitment" for reentering the luscious tablet game. HTC launched the first Nexus device (the One) back in 2010, with others following due to the tablets roaring success. The Nexus 9 though, is reportedly being launched 16 October and will arrive first ...

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Lenovo launches a load of new Yoga devices, builds accessories into its tablets

Yoga Pro 3 If there's any company capable of muscling in on Apple and Samsung's dominance of the tech space it's Lenovo. The Chinese company has, after all, just been named the world's number one PC company -- in terms of units shipped -- for the sixth consecutive quarter. And when its acquisition of Motorola goes through (something which it expects to happen by the end of the year), it'll be the third biggest player in the smartphone and tablet game. But can ...


Rage 2014: what to expect from Africa’s craziest gaming expo

Rage Coca Cola Dome It's that time of the year again when the E3 of Africa takes place. NAG's rAge is just a few days away, taking place at Johannesburg's Coca Cola Dome this weekend. It's the twelfth iteration of the expo that has quickly become southern Africa's biggest technology, gaming and gadget expo, and an event we always tend to look forward to. Naturally, Gearburn will be there to prowl the floor, reporting on the latest and greatest games, gadgets and trends from the world ...

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Hyrule Warriors review (Wii U): a hack and slash masterpiece

Hy 1 Hyrule Warriors, the latest release for Nintendo’s Wii U gaming console, proves that with just a little bit of faith its beloved franchises will be safe when placed in the right hands. Koei Tecmo has done a masterful job of fusing the design, story, and characters of the Zelda universe with the exciting gameplay of Dynasty Warriors. Without giving too much away, Hyrule Warriors features a typical Zelda story where the princess is kidnapped and Link is in charge of finding and rescuing ...

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HTC’s Desire Eye shoots 13MP selfies from front-facing snapper

HTC-Desire-Eye HTC's Desire Eye (a definite selfie-related pun is lurking somewhere in that moniker) is the company's latest handset, but unlike any other before it. Sporting a 13MP camera up front above the screen, it's sole purpose in life is to take cute pictures of new haircuts and cheeky pouts. Gone is the puny VGA resolution video calling cameras we've all grown accustomed to, and in is a sensor large enough to keep a moderately annoying Instagram user entertained for hours. It's seemingly ...

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This mind-controlled robotic arm can easily crack an egg using bone communication

robot-arm A Swedish amputee has became the first person to be fitted with a prosthetic arm that can be controlled with his mind. Awesome, right? In a report published by doctors Max Ortiz-Catalan, Bo Håkansson and Rickard Brånemark of Sahlgrenska University Hospital, they explain that they've "developed a percutaneous osseointegrated (bone-anchored) interface that allows for permanent and unlimited bidirectional communication with the human body." In other words, they have developed a method so that an artificial limb can communicate with the ...


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