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Western Digital’s helium-filled 10TB HD and ‘Cold Storage’ drive sneak into view

WD coldstorage drives There's a new technology war brewing, but it's not on the console or mobile phone front. Hilariously, just two weeks after Seagate announced its "world first" 8TB HDD and made such a massive fuss about it, Western Digital has announced a hermetically-sealed, helium-filled 10TB drive that puts Seagate's offering to shame. Western Digital subsidiary, HGST, is responsible for the breakthrough which uses "Shingled Magnetic Recording" technology to increase capacity. Here's Seagate's simplified definition of the tech: SMR achieves higher areal densities by ...

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We’re liveblogging Apple’s iPhone 6 and iWatch launch, just for you

Apple launch Here we go. After months of speculation (mostly from us), Apple is finally launching... stuff. And by stuff, we mean a new iPhone, hopefully an iWatch and perhaps even a new iPad or two. Apple's going to broadcast the entire event live on its official site, but for those without a decent connection or an OS X device to stream it from, we'll be live-blogging the event for you. That means pictures, insights and the biting sarcasm you've come to love, ...

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Apple’s next iPhone: before the launch, everything you need to know

ios 8 copying A few months ago, we all wondered what exactly the iPhone 6 would embody, what specifications it would boast, and what new groundbreaking ideas it would bring to life. So the questions floating around the internet for the past few months have been to the tune of this: What could Apple possibly do to improve the iPhone 5s? How could a brand that relied so much on the vision of Steve Jobs build another successful device without him? And, would the ...

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Is Destiny for you? Take our extremely scientific quiz to find out

Destiny new screen Today, on Destiny launch day, there's going to be much said of the most-hyped game of 2014. But how do you know if Destiny is for you? We've compiled this ultra-scientific report that will easily answer that question for you. Remember your answers, you'll need them later. Do you like Peter Dinklage? Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage voice-acts Ghost, an A.I. companion that will predictably follow us throughout the game, doling out advice and moving the story along. His dulcet tones ...

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CodeSpells combines JavaScript, Blockly to create ‘ultimate spellcrafting sandbox’

Codespells lead Being a geek and loving the fantasy life go hand-in-hand. That's why stories like those found in the Discworld series and games like The Witcher appeal to us. Quite simply, they put a spell on us. Now, imagine coding your own spells within a sandbox environment where anything could be possible. It's happening right now in a game called CodeSpells, a Kickstarter funded game that will allow gamers of any skill level to create spells from drag-and-drop code. Developers ThoughtSTEM are ...

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It’s never enough: Intel releases new 18-core, DDR4-ready Xeon E5 range

E5-2600_v3_package_shot3 Intel's promising some enormous performance gains from its new Xeon E5 CPUs. Launched at yesterday's Developers Forum, the company is claiming "27 new performance records" for the chips and probably another 27 for the price alone. The Xeon range is largely marketed as server or workstation-grade CPUs and is the flagpole atop of Intel's performance massif, so any refresh or newly released batch of Xeon make some much welcomed noise. In the case of the Core i7 and Core i5 refreshes ...


Dead in a flash: 5 of the most difficult Flash games you can play today

meat The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. But not everyone owns the means, such as a proper gaming PC or console, to experience the latest releases in gaming. Thankfully, almost every home has access to the great invention we know as internet, which in turn means that they have access to a form of gaming known as Flash-based web browser games. Even avid and experienced gamers find themselves playing these games. The more experienced ...

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Guitar Souls: or how one man beat Dark Souls with the Rock Band guitar

Guitar Souls - Ornstein and Smough - YouTube I remember Dark Souls. I remember the toughest game I ever played, and how it took over three years to finish (without going online for help, thank you very much). I also remember going through two controllers, as one was thrown out of my window in a fit of rage. What I don't remember though, is completing Dark Souls with a Rock Band guitar. For one Reddit user, it was nothing more than a slight challenge. According to Reddit user GMBAT, "Beating Dark ...

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Google Glass finally available on Play Store but remains overpriced

Google Glass Google Glass, the wearable everyone loves to hate, is now available to purchase via the Google Play Store. But it should be noted that the US$1500 gadget will only be available for those in the US and a few other countries. South Africans, you'll have to wait a little longer. Previously, Glass hopefuls had to apply for "Explorer" (or beta) status, and were then handed the glorious gadget but now it's available to all, Explorer, developer or not. Those hoping that ...

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iPhone 6 rumour round-up: two days until Apple reveals its secrets

Apple iPhone The iPhone 6, the phone everyone simultaneously hates and loves, is coming. But when will it launch, what will it look like and will you have the money to afford one? We've rounded up the more interesting iPhone 6 rumours floating in the sticky net of the interwebs, so keep coming back to this page as we update it when a rumour decides to pan out. All news at the top of the post is the latest development the iPhone ...


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