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Sony launches sleek smartphone & tablet Z3 series: fat cameras, waterproof, beefy batteries

Xperia-Familia Just confirming rumours of old, Sony just launched a fresh duo of sleek smartphones -- the 5.2” flagship Xperia Z3 and the 4.6” Compact. Both phones scream premium with their aluminium frames and snazzy tempered glass panels. There's also the Z3 Tablet Compact which is a slim 8-incher. As presented in the press video (see below), the Z3 series focuses on a couple of key features: the devices are waterproof, have fat cameras, and strong battery life. Before we discuss the ...

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Intel, Opening Ceremony unveil $1000 smartband for supermodels

MICA intel smartband Guess who just crashed the wearable party? Intel, partnering with fashion company Open Ceremony, has finally unveiled the MICA fashion-first smartband that was announced back in January. The microchip maker was largely in charge of the electronics while Open Ceremony's design team took care of aesthetics. The result is something so snazzy that the companies needed a pair of supermodels to showcase it. And what's more -- it'll likely set buyers back a full US$1000 once its released. It seems just as ...

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Chinese vision: Baidu reveals Google Glass-killer to the public

baidu eye Google Glass has caused more than a bit of a stir in both the technological and social spheres recently. As if the social stigma wasn't enought, the device was found to cost nearly ten times its manufacturing cost, rendering it even less appealing. This is where Baidu and its "Eye" comes in. The Chinese search engine's answer to the smart wearable is anything unlike Glass. It has no screen, it has no stigma (not yet anyway) and it won't likely creep ...

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Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review: the other best $100 smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 1S - Product Image - 0009 The budget smartphone market is going really crazy in terms of competition. Every brand is trying to offer better specifications than their competitors at a lower price. Asus recently launched the complete range of dual-SIM Android smartphones -- Zenfone 4 A400CG, Zenfone 4 A450CG, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6. Motorola had previously launched Moto G and Moto E. After launching the Xiaomi Mi 3 in India, the brand which is being termed as "Apple of China", it then announced the ...

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Ahead of IFA launch, someones leaked the Nokia Lumia 830

WP lead Microsoft had planned to surprise the world with the Lumia 830 at its IFA Berlin launch tomorrow, but the internet had other ideas, Chinese tech site WPDang in particular. Thanks to its sleuthing, we've got images of the Lumia 830, along with specifications. The Lumia 830 is a middle-of-the-road smartphone, slotting in between the Lumia 1020 and 930 in terms of raw power. It has a 5" 1280x720 resolution display, 4G LTE, a 10MP PureView camera squashed into the rear, "better grip ...


ACHIRES the bipedal robot will somersault into your heart

ACHIRES I'm not completely sure if robots chasing humans on wheels is scarier than robots chasing humans on two legs, but the University of Tokyo just took one step closer to the latter. Its latest bipedal robot can reach speeds of 4.2km/h -- fast enough to chase a very unfit human being. As fate (or a slow news week) would have it, a robot clocked at the speed of melting butter is not anything special. Tokyo's little sprinter, dubbed ACHIRES, can only ...

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netsurferDUAL 8 review: local pride

IMG_4033 South African gadgets aren't great, or memorable. Can you name three, or even one smartphone/tablet developed in South Africa? No? Allow me to assist. The Netsurfer range of tablets are South African-developed and have been knocking about for years. They're low-cost, aimed at the mass-market and are ideal entry-level Android machines for those who're unfamiliar with technology because oddly enough, Netsurfer tablets come with thick, detailed instruction manuals that walk first-time users through every step of the Android setup. Yeah, most of ...

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PS4 update 2.0 brings dynamic themes to the mix, here’s it in action

ps4 themes PS4 update 2.0 was recently announced at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan/Asia Press Conference 2014, with the highlight being the addition of dynamic themes. This will be a familiar update for those who owned a PS3, as themes were an integral part of the system, for the fans at least. The themes will be based on games and characters from the Sony family, and as seen in the video below, the first public theme stars PlayStation mascots Kuro (the black cat) ...


Vanadium ‘CellCube’ batteries could power South Africa independent of Eskom

teaser-cellcube-fb-200-overview-data We've seen questionable substances used for energy storage in the past year, from hemp to used cigarette butts, but the latest breakthrough seems more traditional than others. Vanadium, a metallic element falling between titanium and chromium on the periodic table, can be used for shed-sized batteries that according to the creators, lasts forever. Vanadium is a nifty little element and is used in creating strengthened steel alloy (it was part of the Ford Model T, for example). Batteries containing the element are ...

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Android One incoming? Google India event penned for 15 September

google_invite_press Google has much to say about Android One at I/O earlier this year, but not much was said after, until now. The Mountain View-based company has sent invites to an event taking place in India 15 September, rumoured to be the launch of its Android One platform. Back in June, Karbonn and Spice were two phone manufacturers signed up to the programme, which will benefit both manufacturers -- keeping costs of smartphones down thanks to Google's shared resources -- and Google ...


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