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‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution’ PC review: anime fan service

NSUNSR 2014-09-18 14-08-23-78 The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki continues with Cyber Connect 2’s Nacruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, the latest installment of the Ultimate Ninja Series. It was released on 16 September, less than a year after its predecessor, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst (damn, these titles are long). So what has changed, if anything at all? Is this really a new game or just a slightly repackaged re-release? The answers a muddy "maybe". What's new? "This time we've completely revamped the battle ...

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Vertu Aster: the $9100 snake-skin Android smartphone for poor rich people

Vertu Aster 1 Although Apple will stake a claim in making gorgeous premium-level phones for its adoring customers, it can't hold a candle to British-based manufacturer Vertu. You know, the company that builds phones covered in snake skin? Speaking of which, the company's new Aster is its latest mid-range offering, setting buyers back a cool US$9100. Okay, so not that mid-range then, but the quality of design and internals is second to none. Built mostly from spaceship-grade hardened titanium and sporting a 117 carat Sapphire ...

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October’s free PS Plus games are incredible, include Spelunky, DriveClub and Batman: Arkham Asylum

PS plus While the price of PlayStation Plus has unfortunately doubled in sunny South Africa, the benefits of owning the service are still hugely beneficial for the fervent gamer. Take the free PlayStation Plus games for instance. Sony dishes out quality titles month-to-month, with October's lineup of games possibly the best yet. Here's what's on offer for each platform (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita). PS4: Dust: An Elysian Tail, Spelunky (cross-buy) and DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition. The PS4 gets three whopping titles. Dust is ...

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Windows 10 Technical Preview available to download today, here’s how to get it

Win 10 Tech Preview 1 It's the moment we've been waiting for since everyone realised how awful Windows 8 is. Windows 10, Microsoft's apology letter to its disgruntled desktop and enterprise users, goes live today. Well, the Technical Preview, at least. Users who sign up to the Windows Insider Program will have access to the operating system, through it's pre-natal stage all the way up to retail release, and the adventure starts today. But be warned, your path is marked with potentially crippling bugs and a ...

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It’s called Windows 10: Microsoft surprises everyone with unexpected name, improved UI

Windows 10 It has been a bumpy ride for Microsoft's Windows division since the release of Windows 8 two years ago, but its time of torment looks to be over. Finally. After a not-so-secretive lead up, the new Windows is here, but it's not what we were expecting. Unveiled today at a tiny San Francisco event, Microsoft's latest stab at this "operating system thing" was thankfully not made in the dark, because the world definitely couldn't deal with another poorly designed desktop OS. ...


PS4 exclusive ‘The Order: 1886′ already attracting hate: empty, boring, repetitive says internet

order 2 Those who have managed to get their hands on a preview copy of upcoming PS4 shooter The Order: 1886 haven't been kind to it.  The game, which only releases 20 February 2015, has gathered its fair share of negative reviews. Let's see what everyone's complaining about. International Business Times writer Ben Skipper calls The Order: 1886 "a soulless answer to Gears of War". Skipper bases his article around a quote from the games director, who dismissed The Order as just "a game." ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 buyers spot ‘gap’ in the market with design flaw fiasco

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gapgate Oh karma, you're a sly one aren't you? After Samsung poked fun at Apple's iPhone 6 Plus bendy bus, the company has suffered the wrath of social media in an alleged design flaw of its own -- there's a massive gap between the Galaxy Note 4's screen housing and outer body, leading some to coin the hashtag #gapgate. It's not exactly an innocuous gap either. Reports are surfacing that there's enough fresh air to fit two sheets of A4 paper, or ...


23.6″ AOC 72 Series Multi-touch Monitor review: more gimmicky then good

Monitor 1 I have a love/hate relationship with touchscreen monitors. I have a touchscreen, all-in-one computer at home that works incredibly well for my son, because it's easy for him to navigate, but I don’t think I've ever used the touchscreen capabilities myself. Well maybe once, but I prefer the feel of a mouse and keyboard as a general rule. The R5999 23.6" AOC 72 Series Multi-Touch Monitor on the other hand, connects to an ordinary computer or laptop, providing touchscreen functionality to ...


This is awesome: Lego DOOM set a dream come true

Doom As I child, I liked two things: DOOM and Lego. I'm guessing that Lego-brick artist Iain Heath (or Ochre Jelly) loved these two past-times as well, as he created this incredible DOOM-Lego diorama, showing at the October BrickCon in Seattle and then later (March 2015) at ComicCon. But we can preview it right now on YouTube. According to Neatorama, Heath's custom Lego DOOM setup took over 3 months to build, contains over 15 000 bricks, and is 1.8 x 0.9-meters. The ...

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Wii U system update adds folders, improved download management

Wii U lead Nintendo's Wii U is seeing a resurgence in popularity of late, no small thanks to the release of first-party mascot fighters Super Smash Bros. and Hyrule Fighters. Yet, the Wii U still suffered from a non-intuitive interface, the inability to organize game collections and irritatingly, no quick way to checkup on downloads. Today's Wii U system software update 5.2.0 U, hopefully fixes these niggling issues with a new download management icon, folders and a "new design layout" for the HOME ...


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