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3D printed noPhone a modern-day pacifier for adults

nophone 2 What's the best phone available on the market right now? That's a debate that could rage on night and day between fans of rival factions. But nothing currently available can attest to the brilliance of the latest handset. Introducing the noPhone, a 3D printed brick shaped like a smartphone. There's no way the NSA could access your data, because there is no data to access. There's no way an angry partner could destroy it, flinging it headlong down a flight of stairs, ...

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Huawei Ascend P7 review: mid-range supremacy

p7 3 I'm obsessed with the singularity, a moment in time where the known universe suddenly vanishes as it coalescences into one star-filled mass of pure nothingness. It fascinates me because I like the idea of a galactic reset button. It's a simple way of clearing the mess. Simplicity is beauty itself and impresses when it's in the form of a phone. And I must say that Huawei's Ascend P7 is one of the simplest, most unpretentious phones of 2014. It's a pure ...

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Near bezel-less Sharp Aquos Crystal range coming to Sprint in August

sharp aquos Sharp is debuting two phones today, both heading for the Land of the Rising Sun, dubbed Aquos Crystal and the Crystal X, but one may find itself Stateside in the coming weeks. The latter is the flagship and arguably a mixture between a Huawei and an LG. Its ridiculously narrow bezels gives the phone an interesting "all-screen" appearance, but alongside the sleek exterior there's hardware to match. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 SoC gives the Crystal X 2.3GHz to play with, while 2GB RAM ...

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HP, Microsoft readying $199 Chromebook-culler with AMD internals

hp-stream-14 There are two distinct trends prevalent in mobile technology at the moment. The first is building ridiculously expensive, world-conquering machines that can restart planets. The second is creating affordable devices for the people. Google has done the latter with the Chromebook, but now Microsoft and HP are also getting in on the act. According to Mobile Geeks, HP is readying its US$199 Chromebook-killer, dubbed the "Stream." Hearing Microsoft and HP together again would almost certainly suggest that Intel is somewhere not ...

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7 extremely affordable Android smartphones for students

Motorola Moto G If you’re still using a regular old “dumb” phone, it might be time to move into the future with a device that’s more up to date. As a student, you’re probably on a limited budget though – so here’s a list of smartphones to be on the lookout for, which can give you a nice set of features at an attractive price. ZTE Blade 3 The Blade 3 certainly has its flaws, but at a price of less than $100, the device ...

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Fez 2 update: ‘shut the fuck up, you don’t deserve it’ says game’s creator

Fez 2 Phil Fish, the developer who created the single greatest platform game of 2012, the idyllic Fez, has finally re-emerged with with a Fez 2 update. If the headline brought you here, then you already know that it's bad news. After months of silence following Fish's public meltdown, the man himself talks about Fez 2 again, via twitter. seriously, shut the fuck up about FEZ 2. never going to happen. you don't deserve it. — PHIL FISH (@PHIL_FISH) August 17, 2014   @NickCarucci entitled gamer much? — ...

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Moto 360 unveiled by Best Buy weeks before release

moto-360-bestbuy3 After all the mystery of Motorola's latest not-so-revealing reveal last week, online shopping mogul Best Buy has published a listing of the Moto 360, complete with feature list and price, nearly two weeks before the smartwatch actually goes on sale. It seems that the specifications are consistent with previous rumours, as well as the US$249 price tag. The screen, coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 3, is a 1.5" 320x290 LCD, with a density of 205ppi. Motorola makes use of both stainless ...

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Canon PowerShot S200 review: cool camera with worthless WiFi transfer

Canon review lead With smartphones and their apps taking over so many tasks previously managed by other methods and equipment, the question to ask is if we still need point-and-shoot cameras? Do they still have a space to fill that smartphones can’t? Everyone carries their cellphone with them and it has become the source of information via social media. This is the age of casual reporting, and it's within the reach of anyone. Since my first camera cellphone, I've always only considered the best ...

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Ori and the Blind forest PC version revealed as Xbox One crashes during Gamescom

PC ori crash This is a cute little story, because it highlights how silly ol' uncle Microsoft can be. At the Xbox One stand at this years Gamescom, Microsoft accidentally revealed its secret weapon: the PC. During a demo of Ori and the Blind Forest on an Xbox One, the game crashed to a Windows 7 desktop (you can see so from the wallpaper). Ori and the Blind Forest is making its way to PC "this fall", so it's no secret to show it's Windows executable ...

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Motorola to reveal Moto 360, X+1, G2 at September 4 event

moto event sept 4 Most of the rumours crowding the internet for the past month have been gravitating around Apple and the iPhone 6. Finally, there's some relief for both Cupertino and those sick of hearing about glowing logos. Motorola is rumoured to be launching its eagerly awaited Moto 360 smartwatch, Moto X+1 and Moto G2 smartphones next month. In a new, official website dubbed newfrommoto, the company seemingly toys with the media with a paper fortune teller, which would make school children across the ...


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