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Samsung intros Galaxy Ace Style, a mid-range 4″ KitKat cutie

Galaxy Ace Style Samsung is the busiest gadget bee on earth, popping out phone after phone at a production-line rate. In this vein, let us introduce the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, a 4" KitKat smartphone with a 1.2Ghz CPU, available in Cream White and Dark Grey, and it's coming this April. The South Korean giant is calling it a "new streamlined, easy-to-use smartphone designed to support and power young social consumers. The Galaxy ACE Style features a fun, unique design with an enhanced camera ...

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6 easy steps for turning that old-school PC into an arcade emulator

Arcade machine To truly appreciate the gaming world of today, we need to experience the gaming world of yesterday. Titles of the past play an enormous role in the evolution of gaming and are honestly just as fun as anything we are playing today. PlayStation is currently working on an emulation system that will enable you to play PS1/2 games on the PS4. This alone shows you how much of a demand there still is to play old school titles. While PlayStation is ...

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DirectX 12: unlocking the full potential of Xbox One gaming

Xbox One new Will the Xbox One become the most powerful console? DirectX 12 is coming, and it promises to change the Xbox One from top to bottom. Those who feared that the console wars would be unbalanced can relax, because DirectX 12 games for Xbox One will perform twice as well says Neowin. It was revealed at Build, Microsoft's annual Windows developers conference, that Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox One games will run at double their speed with little effort required on the ...

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MetaWear will bring wearable tech to the masses

metaWear MetaWear is a tiny development board meant for people who want to create or hack their own wearable tech. The Kickstarter project raised its funding goal of US$8 000 within the first 24 hours and, with 25 days yet to go, is still going on strong -- currently at US$30 000. The open-source device is like a Raspberry Pi but super small. A lot smaller. It's about the size of a US quarter or 17mm x 26mm to be exact. "A Raspberry-PI doesn't ...


5 absolutely awful video game sequels

Duke We've all had the experience of playing a game, and knowing within the first five minutes that it is going to be a winner. That it’s going to change your life. That it's something you will forever look back on and think -- that game was amazing. So imagine your excitement when you see that a sequel is being made. The anticipation! You lie awake at night for hours imagining how it will look, what new characters there will be, thinking about ...

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PS4 more powerful than Xbox One, but does it matter?

PS4 large The console war, a mythical battle between the top tier current-gen machines, namely the Xbox One and PS4, is a one-sided skirmish Sony's already won, according to Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray, reports Worlds Factory. Gilray mentions how it's a physical impossibility for the Xbox One to beat the PS4's performance. Oddworld series creator Lorne Lanning, who was reportedly quoted out of context during an interview over on Xbox Achievements, is Gilray's reference: Actually that is NOT what he said. I spoke to Lorne afterwards and what he ...

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact review: high end Android goodness

SONY 3 Smartphones are getting bigger every passing year and everyone excepts Apple to hop on the mega screen smartphone bandwagon. If you keep on asking yourself for a device which is high-end yet fits in your hand, your options are pretty limited. Until the launch of the Xperia Z1 Compact, there was no real competition to the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S which come under ultra-premium compact smartphone category with high-end features. Unlike other "mini" versions of flagship smartphones such as Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC ...

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Amazon Fire TV is a Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV killer

Fire TV Chromecast kicked off the inexpensive TV streaming revolution, but it wasn't the definitive device. Sneaking in under the radar and packed with every feature we'll need and more, Amazon's Fire TV is one of the best streaming devices to emerge yet. From 4 April 2014, or tomorrow, Amazon's 1080p streaming box goes on sale for US$99. It's tiny (115mm x 115mm x 17.5mm), it has 8GB internal memory, a quad-core CPU and it streams music, video, uses intuitive voice control, looks ...


Meet Nokia’s new flagship (and budget) Lumias… and Windows 8.1

Nokia Lumia 930 Boom! There's a new Lumia in the world. Well, three actually. Nokia announced the new phones at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, unveiling not only a new flagship device (the Lumia 930), but two new budget options -- the dual-sim Lumia 630 and the 4G capable Lumia 635. It also offered a glimpse of the mystical Windows 8.1, which will run on all three of its new phones, and will also be available to any Lumia currently running Windows 8. So, ...

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InFamous Second Son review: one giant leap

ss 1 If you’ve played the previous inFamous games you’ll remember electric hero conduit Cole MacGrath. You’ll know that while the first game was amazing and innovative, the second one continued the story, but gameplay was same-same, ho-hum. Infamous: Second Son takes places seven years after inFamous 2. The Department of Unified Protection has been formed to hunt down and capture or destroy conduits by any means possible. Second Son (understandably if you’ve played the others), gives us an entirely new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, ...


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