We dissect the brand-new Bloodborne gameplay trailer

Bloodborne lead image2 There are at least 10 quality games coming out for the PS4 in 2014 and one incredible game releasing "early 2015." That game is From Software's PS4-exclusive Bloodborne, the first true successor to the Dark Souls series. I'm a Souls fan-boy, and to say that Bloodborne gets my hemoglobins flowing is no lie. The developers of the Souls series (Demon, Dark), namely From Software and SCE Japan Studio, as well as Hidetaka Miyazaki have combined forced to create what will surely ...


Eye see what you’re doing there: German scientists creates first portable retina scanner

DARPA It’s small enough to fit inside a purse, light enough to carry without inconvenience, and it could hold the key to your personal security. Developed by Uwe Schelinski, a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden, this device is able to identify people by scanning their retina, a light-sensitive layer at the back of your eyeball. While a retina scanner is nothing new, the innovation of a compact, portable scanner is groundbreaking. The device is 5" long ...

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One console to play them all: Super Famicom K1 emulates 30 classic systems

20140810210713-super_famicom_k1 There's something satisfying about legacy gaming systems, with their dust-covered cartridges and unique port interfaces. Regardless of how powerful consoles are today, the charm and allure of seasoned consoles cannot be ignored. Planning to encapsulate the powers of 30 retro machines into one, an Indiegogo entrepreneur is looking for funds for the aptly named Super Famicom K1 -- possibly the most powerful retro gaming system ever conceived. Requesting a humble US$5000 funding goal, the Famicom K1 will use Nvidia's Jetson TK1 development ...


OM/ONE levitating speaker is a football-shaped floating gimmick you’ll probably want

OMONE By now, the world is well familiar with those bright, glass-encased liquid speakers that perform a rather stunning light show whenever they are switched on. Additionally, there's the science experiment lab-coats love involving a non-Newtonian fluid placed on a speaker cone. But then there's this -- the OM/ONE -- touted as the world's first levitating speaker. Levitating, indeed. Like David Blaine or Aladdin's magical carpet. It's the stuff of legend and optical illusion, but the OM/ONE team has, through the wonders ...


Strontium Nitro Plus 64GB microSDXC review: the gold-plated standard

Strontium SD card 1 A storage card is a storage card, right? Well, not entirely. They're integral components in the mobile device ecosystem but are an often overlooked and underappreciated piece of kit. Although each microSD card looks, behaves and typically does the same thing -- which is, store things -- some are faster than others, some are prettier than others and some come with rather great little addons. The Strontium Nitro stakes its claim in the "some" category. To be honest, I wasn't completely familiar ...


MIT-made robo-wheelchair the ‘Terminator’ of autonomous transportation

Wheelie MIT’s voice-commandable, autonomous wheelchair is being tested at The Boston Home, “a specialized-care residence for adults with multiple sclerosis and other progressive neurological conditions.” In development since 2005, MIT’s Intelligent Wheelchair Project is focused on drastically improving the lives of people suffering from a variety of physical disabilities that otherwise severely limit their movement. Although wheelchair technology has come far over the past few decades, providing paraplegics the ability to move their chairs using either their breath or eyes to issue commands, MIT’s wheelchair ...

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha sports full metal jacket, lacklustre feature set

samsung-galaxy-alpha-white-540x334 Major Update: Although we reported on the fake Alpha back in July, Samsung has now released the official Alpha into the wild, and at first glimpse, it's a much prettier, slimmer and slightly smaller Galaxy S5. At around 2mm thinner than its larger brother, the Alpha sports a smaller battery (1860mAh versus 2800mAh), lowly USB 2.0 connectivity (not the 3.0 offered on the S5) and a subpar 1280x720 AMOLED screen, at 4.8". It's not the 1080p screen seen on the S5, ...

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Slimmer, more powerful USB Type-C connector swings both ways

usb apple Perhaps it was a bit swellheaded when the initial conglomoration dubbed its new interface standard the "Universal" Serial Bus, but now, it seems appropriate. USB is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, and finally the world is getting a new connector after what feels like an eternity. It will be part of the USB 3.x revision, and will allow users to plug the USB connector in both directions. Anyone who's tried to plug a USB connector into the reciprocating socket ...


14 of the most spectacular gaming tattoos you’ll find online today

game tattoo lead Those of us who are gamers know what it’s like to be a super fan of a certain game, and if you’re like me (occupying the space of both gamer and tattoo addict), you’ll have considered a gaming tattoo at some point in your life. For the record, I don’t have any gaming tattoos, mainly because I haven’t yet found a game that remains such a firm favourite that I would consider having it forever etched into my skin. There are however, ...

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This 20-second video perfectly explains Minecraft forever

minecraft20 Think you know Minecraft? Well, it's a three year old game so you probably do. Describing Minecraft to the uninitiated, now there's the challenge. How do you explain away a game that let's you ride chickens, explore all of Denmark and fish underwater? You don't. But most Minecraft players will agree that this video by Keshen8 is the most accurate summary of Minecraft yet. Plus, it's only 20-seconds long, so you can watch this then get right back to finding those every-elusive ...


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