Vanadium ‘CellCube’ batteries could power South Africa independent of Eskom

teaser-cellcube-fb-200-overview-data We've seen questionable substances used for energy storage in the past year, from hemp to used cigarette butts, but the latest breakthrough seems more traditional than others. Vanadium, a metallic element falling between titanium and chromium on the periodic table, can be used for shed-sized batteries that according to the creators, lasts forever. Vanadium is a nifty little element and is used in creating strengthened steel alloy (it was part of the Ford Model T, for example). Batteries containing the element are ...

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Android One incoming? Google India event penned for 15 September

google_invite_press Google has much to say about Android One at I/O earlier this year, but not much was said after, until now. The Mountain View-based company has sent invites to an event taking place in India 15 September, rumoured to be the launch of its Android One platform. Back in June, Karbonn and Spice were two phone manufacturers signed up to the programme, which will benefit both manufacturers -- keeping costs of smartphones down thanks to Google's shared resources -- and Google ...

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The Jabra Sport Wireless+: run away

Jabra Sport Wireless+ The greatest thing any piece of technology can hope for is to solve a problem, to make our lives just a little bit easier. It's a noble aim and one that has resulted in some of the greatest leaps forward in human history. Trouble is, even the best of intentions can't save a piece of technology trying to solve a problem that, at best, barely exists. It's a thought that's crossed my mind multiple times during my review period with the ...

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Star Citizen inspires monster gaming PC cockpit: 32GB RAM, four Radeon R9 290X GPU’s and one Buttkicker

Monster PC I'm aware that there are PC gamers who want to push their systems to the limits of what is truly possible. PC gamers demand a certain level of immersion and sitting on a couch with gamepad in hand can't cut it. How much is too much though, and what qualifies as a true beast of a gaming rig? Both questions are answered by "PC Master Race" Reddit user Halada, who's created the nuttiest PC rig I've yet seen. Halada made this ...

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Sony Xperia family grows by four, adds Z3 waterproof tablet to IFA 2014 lineup

Xperia-Z3-Leak_2-640x480 IFA is Germany's and probably Europe's biggest trade show, and it's just a week away, with launches and announcements coming from Samsung, LG, Motorola and ASUS (among others). Some of the most eagerly anticipated gaggle of devices will come from Sony. There are four mobile devices coming from the Japanese giant, including a waterproof tablet. Thanks to the wonderful world of leaked specifications and 9to5Google, the world gets a glimpse of the coming devices before IFA (which isn't that much of a wait ...

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Is GTA V for PC, PS4 and Xbox One still delayed? Rockstar replies “no”

GTA-V-lead Never, ever listen to the babbling masses on the internet unless a company backs up an online claim. Case in point, will GTA V for PC, Xbox One and PS4 miss its Fall (August to November) release date? Yes, said the internet. No, says Rockstar. On the official Rockstar support page, user Theonewhokills posed this question: GTA V developers Rockstar then surprisingly answered the user: There you have it, GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and PC is all still on track for 2014. ...

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Samsung’s all-metal Galaxy Alpha is 2014′s most pointless phone

samsung-galaxy-alpha-white-540x334 Can you list all the models available in the Samsung Galaxy family today? I just tried, but ran out of fingers. Perhaps it's fitting then that the Korean tech giant should add yet another device to its over-complicated and never-ending lineup, just before the iPhone 6's launch. And wouldn't you know it? The phone Samsung's aiming squarely at its American rival is flaunting a similar jacket and shades, like a less popular kid trying too hard. "With an entirely new appearance, the ...

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Obviously: Crytek devs confirm that consoles are weaker than high-end PCs

Ryse Yes this news seems obvious, but it's also telling. *Heavy sarcasm alert* Did you know that the Xbox One and PS4 are actually less powerful than a master-race PC? Unbelievably, it's true! Two of Crytek's lead engineers, Nicolas Schulz and Theodor Mader spoke up at SIGGRAPH, saying how higher-end PCs are considerably more powerful than current-generation consoles. During their talk, which was focused on the development of Xbox One fighter Ryse: Son of Rome (download the full presentation here), the duo let us know exactly ...

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The Apple’s out the basket: possible iWatch, iPhone announcement coming 9 September

AppleInvite It's official, Apple is planning something mega come 9 September, just 11 days away. Will it be the launch of Apple's ultra-secretive iWatch, or the first official sighting of the iPhone 6? Hilariously, the first official announcement of the season inspires even more speculation than any clarifying factoids. But we kinda know what the new iPhone will feature. Have a look at our iPhone 6 rumour round up for a summary. Either way, we'll likely get an announcement that it is in ...


4 stellar TV shows ‘inspired’ by even better games

A time More than ever before, TV and film look to the medium of the game for inspiration. Just look at that enormous pile of shit, Age of Transformers. It's made over $15-trillion-zillion and counting, and is essentially a third-person fighting game, starring Mark Wahlberg. I'm not here to discuss the truly awful films Hollywood's infecting us with (sans Guardians of the Galaxy), but instead to talk about Black Jesus. Confused? You should be. Earlier this year, I wrote about a few television shows ...


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