Call of Duty, GTA and 9 more games that need an all-women reboot

Woman in games Games are manly, correct? What is a game if not a testosterone-fuelled adventure filled with grunting alpha males who piss bullets, swallow enemies whole and screw their way through interplanetary adventures? This stereotypical nonsense began in Eighties arcade games and carries on till today with the current crop of games (Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V, Titanfall) not even bothering to break rank. It's not like most games have excellent characterisation anyway, so a sex-change would give game developers room to ...


Sell high, buy low: The iPads great and that’s why there’s a sales slump

ipad sales iPad's are a casualty of their own success, and are now in a sticky sales predicament, as in sales are down, way down. When a company's most innovative product is selling 9% less -- only 13.3-million sales in Q1 2014 -- it's usually easy to pin the blame on a lacklustre product. But because the iPad is such an all-round solid tablet, customers aren't replacing them. Or as a Business Insider report puts it, "the iPad is losing sales because it ...

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MIT boffins create visual microphone with packet of chips

MIT visual microphone Here's an age old conundrum: If a tree falls in a forest, and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, if a video camera was recording the incident, then theoretically, yes. Thanks to an MIT, Microsoft and Adobe joint venture, a nifty processing algorithm has been developed that can extract audio from pixelated vibrations captured in the frames of video. As the accompanying YouTube snippet explains, researchers point a high-speed camera, positioned behind a pane of soundproof ...

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This production-ready robotic exoskeleton gives shipbuilders superhuman strength

Superhuman robotic exoskeletons are the stuff of legend. Tony Stark, the World Cup and even the U.S. Military have explored the possibilities that a post-humanist cage could grant its wearers. But comics are mere comics, the World Cup suit was used but once and the U.S. Military haven't exactly progressed much in their research. Enter South Korea, where Daewoo Shipbuilding is experimenting with a robotic exoskeleton that will propel its labourers into superhuman levels of productivity. Uncovered by New Scientist, the ...


13 incredible inventions that show off their makers’ insane intelligence

techporn Technology is undeniably beautiful. The way humans have shaped even the ugliest devices into eye-pleasing shapes amuses me to no end. And like many others, I enjoy watching staggeringly-cool technology videos again and again. I cherry-picked the best of the best, your eyes will thank me later. 1. inFORM: A 3D display that dynamically renders shapes in realtime. Watch out for the stupefying "math" demonstration. 2. World Lens: Point phone camera at sign, get instant translations, be amazed. 3. AirDog: Mix a GoPro ...

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This $30 Android smartphone will bridge the gap between smart and feature phone

amgoo spark Smartphones are getting more powerful (and some, even cheaper) with each passing day. While Apple and company are locked in a vicious technological scrap, cramming more features into even smaller frames, other manufacturers are slimming down excessively on their hardware. And the latest contender for cheapest smartphone in the world comes courtesy of Chinese manufacturer AMGOO, with a handset costing just US$30. Dubbed the "AM505 Spark", AMGOO's device is a "you get what you pay for" type of deal, but it ...

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Windows XP, 7 still reigns supreme as Windows 8 gets minor UI fixes with ‘Update 2′

win 8 As if Windows updates weren't hard enough to keep track of already, Microsoft is readying yet another vaguely-named bundle just in time for August's edition of Patch Tuesday. And akin to the previous upgrade, it will be dubbed Windows 8.1 Update 2, not Windows 8.2. Why the marketing department at Redmond decided to go with the "Update x" moniker is beyond understanding. Regardless, this update is being billed as a minor UI fixer alongside a few more backend stability and safety ...

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Here are all 123 games on the PlayStation Now Beta store: includes Sonic CD, Farming Simulator and Crazy Taxi

ps now beta Living in South Africa means that certain mouth-watering applications like Sony's PlayStation Now game-streaming service are simply unavailable. This doesn't stop us from hoping that one day, our frankly awful internet will eventually support PlayStation Now, which requires at a minimum, a 5Mbps internet line. Earlier this week, Sony's PlayStation Now entered beta for everyone in the US with a PS4. Many have likened it to Netflix or OnLive, as it's a streaming game and rental service. But unlike Netflix, PlayStation ...

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US inventor 3D-prints castle in his backyard

3d printed castle 3D printing will undoubtedly change the world in a big way. The technology allows for the easy creation of rather complex structures, so one could imagine its value in areas like construction. That sentence nicely leads to this revelation, that a construction guru in the U.S. has 3D printed a castle in his back garden from a bespoke cement printer. Printing cement is not a common practice, and comes with its own set of problems and advantages. Currently, only one other ...


The evolution of watch technology: from wind-up to smartwatch

watch Keeping time has always been a fascination of human beings, and even from ancient times, it’s involved an instrument of some kind. The earliest were the sundials of ancient Egyptian and Babylonian astronomy (3500 BC). Incredibly inaccurate and useless at night, they told time by measuring shadow lengths. The many limitations of the sundial motivated man to develop devices that could accurately measure time without the aid of the sun. Now we have access to incredibly advanced time-keeping systems that can travel ...


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