From geek to gorgeous: 15 fabulously fashionable gadgets

House Of Marley Stir It Up Headphones For once, let’s pretend appearance matters more than performance. If you are fashionable, shouldn’t it reflect in your gadgets? Here’s a list of 15 fashionable gadgets that will incite jealousy in friend and foe alike. Not only are these gadgets fashionable, they perform great too. 1. Motorola Moto X (2014) The Motorola Moto X, which was released last year, was already one of the best looking smartphones in the world thanks to its custom-nature, but Motorola has made it even better this ...

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Slow motion iPhone 6 drop test decimates Apple’s large and bendy phone

i6 drop We're fans of watching phones beings shattered in slow-motion, especially iPhones. Just watching all that money go up in a shower of glass and metal is undeniably satisfying, as long as it's not our iPhone. Thankfully, uBreakIFix seems to have money to burn and has conducted a cool little drop test experiment which proves just how delicate iPhone 6es are. From a drop-height of one-meter, the iPhone 6 is practically torn apart. The iPhone 4 and 5 (both tested in ...

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‘Assassin’s Kittens Unity’ is exactly what you think it is

Assassin's Kittens Unity Mr. TVCow made this insanely cute video below, substituting tiny kittens in the place of lethal assassins. Personally, I'm unmoved by such a desperate ploy to milk cuteness points from the internet, but the creators of this video have at least done their best to stick to the source material with a sort of fluffy reverence. The sound effects, miniature costumes and gameplay elements from the Assassin's Creed series have neatly transposed male killers for mewing fur-balls. Watch, and begin to ...

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Winning: Windows 9 may be free upgrade for Windows 8.x users

Windows-9-Preview-Build-9834-1410433937-0-0 Tomorrow could be big for Microsoft, as it launches Windows 9. With just under 24-hours until the company's biggest launch since Vista, Microsoft is trying to win back its fans in a major way, at least according to one loose-lipped official. How major? It seems that Redmond is about to play its "I'm so sorry, here's a cookie" card, by offering Windows 8.x users the chance to upgrade to its forthcoming OS free of charge. CEO and President of the company's ...

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Dead Rising 3 (PC) review: hyper-addictive zombie bashing muddied by console nonsense

deadrising3 2014-09-07 01-31-42-60 In recent times, the zombie phenomenon has skyrocketed and it has left our jaws dropped with the mountain of absolute crap that it has inspired. Thankfully, Dead Rising 3 has proudly brought back some honour to this mostly exhausted theme and reinstates our love for the air-headed flesh eaters. Get ready to lay waste to your zombie opponents with an arsenal of uniquely creative weapons and vehicles, continuing the traditional essence of the Dead Rising series. Story time  Welcome to the city ...


Swatting: the prank-call, evolved

Swatting The hunger for competition is a desire instilled in most people. Now, and at the forefront of the technological revolution, we have gaming. Competitive online gaming is the modern-day tech-geek’s version of competitive sports. And as in any competition, you will have a group of sore losers who will do anything to humiliate their opponents. This immoral thirst for disgrace has led to the revival of a phenomenon known as "swatting". What it is Swatting has its roots in the ever-so-popular art ...

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‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’ meta-review: the hype machine finally pays out

SOM 1 Destiny's disappointing lack of innovation left many soured by the empty promise of next-generation gaming. Why did a game, so hyped and costly end up being a monotonous grind-fest with almost no semblance of story? While Destiny wasn't the game many had thought it would be (it was essentially a tarted-up MMO), Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is. The reviews are in and it turns out that Shadow of Mordor is one of the best, and possibly funnest game of 2014. Here's ...

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Could the massive Motorola Shamu be Google’s Nexus 6 phablet?

shamu moto nexus 6 A few weeks ago, the world thought that Google's Nexus line would be severed, but this was pointless panic considering we haven't seen a Nexus product for quite sometime. While HTC is allegedly building a tablet dubbed the Volantis, Motorola (report courtesy of 9to5Google) has outed a device dubbed the "Shamu". And yes, it is the size of a whale. We're not sure what to call this. It's larger than most phablets, but smaller than most tablets. It harbours a strange, ...


Future NASA astronauts will wear skintight spacesuits

skintightspacesuit-590x392 Let’s face it, although NASA’s new Z-2 spacesuit features plenty of awesome upgrades astronauts will no doubt appreciate, the Z-2 is definitely not winning any design awards. Fortunately, researchers at MIT are already working on a truly next generation spacesuit (the MIT BioSuit) that seeks to shed the traditional bulkiness of existing space suits in favor of suits that are skintight and can instantly conform to an astronaut’s body shape. The BioSuit will also make deep space exploration much more ...

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12TB massive vs 2TB portable: which is the more useful hard drive?

duo 3 Dilemma: I have two hard drives for review. The enormous 12-terabyte Western Digital MyBook Duo (US$650), and Seagate's ultra-slim 2-terabyte Backup Plus Slim (US$150). Both are USB 3.0, and boast transfer speeds that reach 240MB/s. But which one is more useful than the other? You'd think this was an easy decision to make, 'cause size matters. That's only half the story though. Come with me as we explore both drives and discover which one will make the most difference in ...


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