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  • Next-gen iPhone blessed with 3.95-inch display [Rumour]

    If we had a dollar for every iPhone screen rumour we've come across, we'd have US$7. The latest rumour, care of "independent sources" says that there are two iPhone 5's in testing, both with huge, 640 x 1136 screen sizes on a 3.95-inch display. Mercy be. Inside the locked tombs of Apple, securely-clad iPhones are being frantically tested, named iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2. The source is unsure which iPhone model will make it's way into the wild. It's more than likely Apple creates multiple iDevices for rigorous testing purposes. The screen is said to be the same 1.94 inches in width, but will of course...

  • 8-bit Radiohead albums are retro gold

    We rarely discuss music on the Gear, usually we're too busy with games, gadgets and illicit psychedelics. Today is special though. Two Radiohead albums, Kid A and OK Computer have been converted into 8-bit formats in their entirety. Both albums are amazingly accurate to the original versions, minus Thom Yorke's haunting vocals. We can imagine that Mario would listen to this song every time he finds out that the princess is in another castle. Nothing accelerates depression better than a decent Radiohead track. Savvy YouTube maestro QuintonSung converted these albums but good. Download the full album, or listen to...

  • gTar is a guitar for your iPhone, go figure

    "If you're ever picked up a guitar for the first time and tried to play a favourite song, you know how discouraging it can be. The gTar completely changes that." That's a promising quote from Drew Houston, the Dropbox CEO who muses about the gTar, an instrument that presents a monumental learning experience for any newcomer to the music scene. With an iPhone 4/4S and the gTar, users can learn and play the guitar. Simple as that. It began on Kickstarter, as most tech does these days. To play the instrument, users dock the iPhone into the gTar, load it up...

  • Diablo III — a hell of a good time [Review]

    Diablo 3 is a nuanced game, and even though engineering, art, and design complement each other perfectly, it’s still not a perfect game. Nonetheless, it’s a hell of a good time. ‘Same same, but different’ -- the popular Thai-English saying -- has never had more meaning than when comparing Diablo 3 (D3) with its predecessors. With Diablo’s core mechanics in place, Blizzard Entertainment has managed the tightrope act of appealing to new fans while still pleasing diehards. Hack, slash and loot to your heart’s content, but this time enjoy more polish, less frustration and zero punishment. All band together Despite a predictable...

  • Netsurfer Touch VS Vodafone Smart Tab [Video Review]

    Come with us on a tablet journey. Gearburn TV looks at the Vodafone Smart Tab and the Netsurfer Touch, two tablets at opposite ends of the hardware spectrum. The Netsurfer Touch is fast, cheap and Froyo-friendly. The Vodafone Smart tab is shiny, heavy and rocks Android 3.0. The thing is, both were made for emerging markets. Hell, the Netsurfer touch even bills itself as "the people's tablet". Which tablet comes out tops? Stuart Thomas and Steven Norris battle it out.

  • Win Starhawk for PS3

    Sony's Starhawk is a blast and Gearburn is giving it away! Entry details are below. How to enter: Tweet @gearburn what your fighter pilot name would be. The funniest entry (or the one that sounds like it should be in Top Gun) wins. Please include the hashtag #gearburngiveaway. Tweet OR Leave your answer in the comments below. The competition runs from 21 till 28 May 2012.

  • Tablet wars: the New iPad vs Asus Transformer Prime

    Comparing the new iPad and the ASUS Transformer Prime (TL201) is a bit like watching two mighty gladiators in full combat. Apple definitely gets the honours for taking tablets mainstream with the first iPad. When it came out, I worked on an HP TC1100, which is a smashing tablet which becomes a laptop computer with a keyboard and stylus, but back then no one was really interested. It's a fabulous machine which still works beautifully after six or seven years. Although the iPad is not really a conventional computer-and-keyboard combo, it's more beautiful, lighter and faster for daily chores. The new...

  • Tiny Android PC sells for US$74

    First we had the Rasberry PI, now there's the Smurf-sized, ultra-teeny Android PC and by our reckoning, it's no bigger than a USB drive. We're fairly chuffed at the specs of this 3.5-inch PC. It has an AllWinner A10 single-core 1.5GHz ARM CPU, half a gig of RAM, a (pretty weak) Mali 400 GPU and an HDMI port for sound and picture. There's also a USB 2.0 and a micro-USB port, as well as Wi-Fi. It seems pretty simple to run an OS on the device, as the microSD card slot supports Linux, and the overwhelmingly tasty Ice Cream Sandwich. You know what...

  • Brand-spanking new Crysis 3 screens massage hungry gamers’ eyes

    The gods of gaming have delivered unto us these mouth-watering images of Crysis 3, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2013. The concept sounds pretty awesome and be warned, for here are *spoiler alerts*. Crysis 2 ended with Prophet taking control on the nanosuit once more, climbing out of the alien motherbase and proclaiming that he is a bad-ass. Crysis 3 looks to be more of the same, but with a sneaky-sneaky addition to the series in the form of a hunting rifle. New York City remains as Prophets hunting ground and if Crysis 3 is even half as...

  • Targus Truss case for BlackBerry PlayBook [Review]

    This review can go one of two ways. Super short, punchy and insightful or long and rambling. I'm going for the former. Targus' Truss case is a beautifully realised accessory. It's jam-packed with oodles of luxury, stinks of class and turns the already gorgeous PlayBook into a tome of mighty power. Let me explain. The case is roughly US$40 depending on where you find it. If you find it laying in the road, it's free. If it's hanging in a fancy tech store, it's going to be US$40. But what a case it is. The (very) hard outer shell is pure...