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  • Apple world domination — 30 new countries get new iPad by 12 May

    Yay, Apple. The new iPad is landing in 30 more countries. This brings the grand country total to 90. One issue though: Apple's potentially largest market, China has not yet seen the new iPad, possibly because of iPad trademark lawsuits, and possibly because of the endless paperwork required to plant a new product in the market. Regardless of the China syndrome, users in the countries below can snag a new iPad come next week. 11 May Argentina Aruba Bolivia Botswana Brazil Cambodia Chile Costa Rica Curacao Ecuador French Guiana Guadeloupe Jamaica Kenya Madagascar Malta Martinique Mauritius Morocco Peru Taiwan Tunisia Vietnam 12 May Bahrain Egypt Jordan Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

  • BlackBerry Curve 9320 — cheap but flashy

    BlackBerry today announced the release of the Curve 9320 and 9220, more of the same but with a dedicated BBM button. Take a gander: There are other features as well. OS 7.1 makes its debut on the BlackBerry Curve range. It hasn't been the most well-received OS, but it'll do in a pinch. RIM also throws in an FM radio (you know, for the kids) a "long lasting battery" even on 3G or 2G connections and a mobile hotspot feature. Whatever, do the 9320 and 9220 Curves bring anything truly unique to the party? What's this about Social Feed 2.0...

  • Nokia finally does something cool, releases City Lens for Lumia

    The beta of the Lumia-only City Lens app is live and bursting to be downloaded. Sure, there was a Symbian version but that OS is older than Bill Gates' pick-up lines. Let's concentrate on the now. Open the app, point it a city and "selected points of interest" appear. Kind of like an augmented reality app, but rubbed in that minimalist Nokia finish. So what's it all about then? The camera viewfinder becomes an information porthole. Scan the app across a city scene and information bubbles up. Tap the info to find information related to the landmark. Users can then...

  • Alcatel One Touch 990: Budget, but good [Review]

    I can’t recall that I’ve ever heard Alcatel smartphones being mentioned along mobile manufacturer heavyweights such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, RIM, Sony, Apple or even Huawei. I can vividly recall however, my first encounter with an Alcatel phone. I remember the frustration and subsequent catharsis I felt as I repeatedly bashed it against my car’s steering wheel shortly before throwing it out the window. That happened a few years ago. Since then, I’ve matured -- I’d like to think I’m less impetuous -- but have Alcatel’s consumer phones? When the One Touch 990 arrived at Gearburn HQ, no one...

  • Snag an Xbox for US$99 — the catch? It’s on a two year contract

    This is some beautiful forward thinking by the big-M. US customers can run down to a Microsoft store with coupon in hand, slap it down on the counter and say "Hey, you in the big boy pants! I want my US$99 Xbox 360!". Or you can quietly demand it. Either way will work. The coupon looks like this: So what are the details lady-boys? Microsoft has started selling an Xbox 360 with a puny 4GB hard drive, Kinect and two years worth of Xbox Live Gold, which customers will have to fork out at the fair price of US$15 per...

  • Olympus TG-1 is a 12-megapixel armour-coated beast of a camera

    Keen on a super-rugged camera? Olympus has the TG-1, a life-proof point-and-shoot with the body of King Leonidas and the brains of Mickey Rourke. All this for US$400. The little nipper is pictured above. Anyway, the TG-1 is the XZ-1, only with a super hardcore shell. Remember the XZ-1? Here it is: What this boils down to is a passable 12-megapixel sensor, 4x zoom, 1080p video recording and a f/2.0 lens. But of course, it's rugged. So that means waterproof to 12 metres, shock-proof and dust-proof. It even rocks GPS, which is accurate to 10 meters according to the press release...

  • Logitech Tablet Keyboard [Review]

    Was typing ever an issue on the iPad? For some, yeah it's a pain in the ass. The lack of tactile feedback leads to spelling errors, frustrations and eye rollings as you scream at the gods saying, "Why Apple, why?". So let's say that you fall into one of these camps. In this instance you need the Logitech Tablet Keyboard, an incredibly fancy piece of tech which connects via Bluetooth to an iPad, or an iPhone if you're mad enough. The US$70 keyboard makes typing much easier. It feels quite strange to not have a mouse alongside...

  • Wonky iPhone 5 concept shots hit the web

    We've held back on writing this for a very simple reason: we hate speculative nonsense. Despite this, some people are going to want to see what the iPhone 5 may look like. Well, here's what it may resemble. The buzzwords being thrown around (and which are mostly lusted after) are "thinner" and "longer". Well, with a 4-inch screen and a thinness of 7.4mm, these supposed mock-ups of the iPhone 5 certainly seem lust-worthy enough. What we don't believe, not even for one god-damned second is the new dock connector. First off, the image is horribly photoshopped. If you look closely...

  • Netsurfer Touch review [Video]

    The Netsurfer Touch. They call it the people's tablet, but is it the tablet that the people want, or need? Gearburn says "yes" so have a gander at our video to see what we think of this wallet-friendly, Android 2.3 tablet. It's a great tablet, and one of the first to come out of South Africa. There's plenty to love, but also a few niggling issues which really let down the overall package. Don't let that stop you from buying one though and making that brave jump into the world of tablets.

  • Win Star Wars: Kinect with Gearburn!

    Let's give away a copy of Star Wars: Kinect! Entry details are below. How to enter: Tweet @gearburn your favourite Star Wars quote. That's it! The most memorable one wins a copy of Star Wars: Kinect for Xbox 360. Please include the hashtag #gearburngiveaway. Tweet OR Leave your answer in the comments below. The competition has now closed.