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‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’ meta-review: the hype machine finally pays out

SOM 1 Destiny's disappointing lack of innovation left many soured by the empty promise of next-generation gaming. Why did a game, so hyped and costly end up being a monotonous grind-fest with almost no semblance of story? While Destiny wasn't the game many had thought it would be (it was essentially a tarted-up MMO), Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is. The reviews are in and it turns out that Shadow of Mordor is one of the best, and possibly funnest game of 2014. Here's ...

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Could the massive Motorola Shamu be Google’s Nexus 6 phablet?

shamu moto nexus 6 A few weeks ago, the world thought that Google's Nexus line would be severed, but this was pointless panic considering we haven't seen a Nexus product for quite sometime. While HTC is allegedly building a tablet dubbed the Volantis, Motorola (report courtesy of 9to5Google) has outed a device dubbed the "Shamu". And yes, it is the size of a whale. We're not sure what to call this. It's larger than most phablets, but smaller than most tablets. It harbours a strange, ...


Future NASA astronauts will wear skintight spacesuits

skintightspacesuit-590x392 Let’s face it, although NASA’s new Z-2 spacesuit features plenty of awesome upgrades astronauts will no doubt appreciate, the Z-2 is definitely not winning any design awards. Fortunately, researchers at MIT are already working on a truly next generation spacesuit (the MIT BioSuit) that seeks to shed the traditional bulkiness of existing space suits in favor of suits that are skintight and can instantly conform to an astronaut’s body shape. The BioSuit will also make deep space exploration much more ...

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12TB massive vs 2TB portable: which is the more useful hard drive?

duo 3 Dilemma: I have two hard drives for review. The enormous 12-terabyte Western Digital MyBook Duo (US$650), and Seagate's ultra-slim 2-terabyte Backup Plus Slim (US$150). Both are USB 3.0, and boast transfer speeds that reach 240MB/s. But which one is more useful than the other? You'd think this was an easy decision to make, 'cause size matters. That's only half the story though. Come with me as we explore both drives and discover which one will make the most difference in ...

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From Nope Hunter to Noct: how Imgur helped fund one man’s survival horror game

Noct Noct, or Nope Hunter as Imgur playfully named it, is the dream project of Chris Eskins, freelance artist and indie game developer from Toronto, Canada. While Noct looks like a cool combination of Hotline Miami and Dead Space, it's the way the game was funded that's so interesting. Instead of keeping his project hidden, Eskins took to funny-picture sharing site Imgur to talk about his then unknown "multiplayer indie game". It all started here, months ago... I began sharing gameplay GIF's ...

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iPhone 6 bending issues caused by thinner, lighter frame

iphone 6 bendgate In a press release post-launch, Apple lauded the design of its new iPhone 6/Plus duo, noting how it "scrutinized every element and material. That’s how we arrived at a smooth, continuous form." Hilariously, this seems quite fallacious considering that there are now a good spread of iPhone models currently bending in the rear quarter pockets of its users' overly tight jeans. This isn't just a one-off report either. Vloggers and international sites from Marques Brownlee to CNN have tested this phenomenon, ...

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Is the Xbox One the best console for South Africa? Not quite

xbox one image The Xbox One is like an unnecessarily tardy friend, always missing the interesting part of the party. Now that it has finally arrived, it's too late, because the PS4 is already rapping and dancing to MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." And frankly, it's difficult to see how the Xbox One draw attention away from that. Ready for #XboxOne South Africa? It's available tomorrow in select retail stores across the country. — Microsoft SA (@MicrosoftSA) September 22, 2014 After South African gamers have ...

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Games that make you go ‘meh’: 11 average titles on Xbox One

Ryse South African Xbox One fans, your time is now. Today, the Xbox One launches in South Africa, a mere eleven months after the 22 November 2013 U.S. launch. Eleven months later. During that time, the Xbox One has seen a price drop, been beaten in sales by Sony's PlayStation 4, failed in Japan and released a whack of great, to really average games. In my opinion, Microsoft's Xbox One is a solid follow-up to the glorious Xbox 360. It has a sturdy ...

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LG Wine Smart reintroduces the smart flip-phone for the elderly

LG Wine Smart We're all for using old technology in novel ways, like when Apple rediscovered NFC or when the Xbox One allowed for HDMI pass-through -- two brilliant happenings. What we're not so keen on are companies that revive old technologies just because the newer technology is too much for older folk. Don't understand? Take LG's latest 2007-inspired handset for the elderly. We're not sure why it's presented in the archaic flip phone format, but the "Wine Smart" is primarily for those who ...


Kicking, kissing and screaming: 8 hilarious FIFA glitches

Fifa glitch Football and gaming controllers go together like a puppet and string. Hilariously, I have a group of friends who often watch football games with imaginary joysticks in their hands, trying to (quite literally) play their sinking team to success. More often than not, it does absolutely nothing. Roll onto 1993, with experience in creating games for crazed American Football and ice Hockey fans, Electronic Arts decided to cater for fans of the black and white mottled ball across the pond. Thus ...


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