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PS4 sales hit 7-million thanks to ‘InFamous: Second Son’, outsells Xbox One 7:1

ISS As the PS4's smash hit InFamous: Second Son continues to dominate the charts, the sales of Sony's current-gen machine now tops 7-million units, says InsideRP. The news hasn't been confirmed by Sony yet, so take this information with a swig of tabasco. There's a bunch of unconfirmed sales figures below these words. According to the site, "monstrous" PS4 shipments and "very high consumer demand" have helped Sony's current-gen console sell 7-million units globally. All sales figures fall within the weeks of ...

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Dark Souls II review: fan service

DS 2 3 I read a lot of Dark Souls II reviews just after the game was released, but many of them seemed off the mark. This is a tough game, but not impossible. Yes, it's hard but that's to be expected from a title like this, the third game in the Souls series (it follows Demon Souls and Dark Souls). Dark Souls II is a teaching experiment in pain and perseverance. You either love it, or you learn to love it from ...

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FTL: Advanced Edition, iPad version get new ships, weapons, events and more

FTL iPad Edition FTL:Faster Than Light, the incredibly popular desktop space simulator is finally getting the mobile version it deserves, launching on iPad on April 3. The FTL iPad version marks the addition of a bunch of new content to whet the appetite of existing fans and, hopefully for developer Subset Games, appeal to newcomers of the game. New content for the highly addictive game means everything will get a boost from new weapons to drones and augments, from extra enemies to new systems to ...

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New report finds Android apps more stable than iOS, Galaxy S4 most reliable

Android 4.3 Are you looking for a stable experience on your smart devices? According to a new report by performance monitoring company Crittercism, Android is said to have less reported app crashes than iOS. To further rub some salt in the wounds of Apple fans, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to be the most stable device out there. Based on the research company's 1-billion active participants, the report notes that while Android apps crashed an average of 1.7% of the time ...

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Microsoft Office apps debut on iPad, become most popular on iTunes

Office Microsoft's Office 365 suite has finally made its way to the iPad. After years of rumours, the iPad suite currently consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the less popular OneNote. Interestingly, Office apps became the most downloaded in the first few hours after their on iTunes. The three apps, with the exception of the tad older OneNote app, were ranked most popular in less than twelve hours after they were launched competing with the likes of Apple's iWork. While Microsoft ...


11 of the worst video game movies you’ll ever see

Mario There have been a plethora of bad video games, but perhaps even worse, there have been a number of good video games that have been developed into terrible movies. While we all might praise the narrative of an amazing video game -- the well-rounded characters, the intricate plot -- this doesn’t necessarily mean that the dialogue translates well into movie form, or indeed that the plot can be successfully condensed into a two-hour sitting. While there have been a single handful of ...


April’s PlayStation Plus UK games could be ‘Hotline Miami’, ‘Sly Cooper’ and ‘PES 2014′

PS Plus According to UK-based online gaming store GamePointsNow, these are April's PS Plus games for the EU region: PS4: Mercenary Kings PS3: PES 2014, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Vita: Hotline Miami, Moto GP13 The PS4 gets Mercenary Kings, a deceptively cool title created by the same team who developed the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World fighter a few years ago. It's fantastic fun. the last-gen PS3 gains PES 2014 and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, the fourth Sly Cooper game and possibly the best in ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 hits South Korea today, defies April 11 ‘launch date’

S5 Samsung's Galaxy S5 was supposed to launch April 11 in South Korea. But some sneaky stores are already selling it from today, says Bloomberg and Samsung is "very puzzled" by this. It's called consumerism, guys. If people want it enough, they'll get it. April 11 is the global launch date of the S5, where it's set to hit India, South Korea, UK, the US and other regions. So what gives, why did the S5 launch today in South Korea? "SK Telecom strongly ...

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Nokia X review: plenty noise, zero x-factor

Nokia X Nokia has released some great smartphones in the past couple of years -- at least hardware wise. Devices like Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 taught everyone else how to make smartphones with image quality rivalling that of dedicated digital cameras. When there were rumours of Nokia testing some Android smartphones, heartbeats quickened. But after a couple of leaks, it was evident that Nokia would be releasing an entry-level hardware device with Android. After being officially revealed during MWC 2014, it has been ...

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Is this the future of VR? Facebook buys Oculus Rift for a cool $2bn

Rift Is this a pre-April Fool's joke? The Smurf-blue social media giant Facebook has announced that it will be buying tech startup Oculus VR, makers of Oculus Rift, for US$2-billion. More social games, more social everything We could see the virtual reality headset finally opening up to the world and not just the niche gaming community. We've seen the Rift being used for loads of things. Its potential stretches far beyond the realms of gaming but Oculus always relied on this strong community ...


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