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GTA V makers say Lindsay Lohan sued them for ‘publicity purposes’, calls legal action ‘frivolous’

Sue me In what must be the most unsurprising yet satisfying news yet, Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar has finally commented on its impending character defamation case championed by ex-child star actress and current human train-wreck, Lindsay Lohan, reports the Associated Press. Rockstar says that Lohan only moved forward with legal action once she figured out that a certain NPC (Lacey Jonas) in Grand Theft Auto V resembled her in both appearance and actions. The court papers were made public earlier this ...


Nespresso Gran Maestria review: excellent coffee, at a price

IMG_3952 Now for something completely different. Nespresso's Gran Maestria is a rare treat. It's a coffee machine so incredibly well designed, it looks bespoke (but isn't) and makes coffee so quickly that... it doesn't make it slow. Turn it on, lift the lid, pop in a coffee capsule, press a button and hey presto. Instant, delicious coffee that tastes exactly the same, every time. Every single day, you can wake up to the same cup of coffee you love. And I can guarantee, ...

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Redesigned Xbox One “Slim” quite tiny and less shiny

Xbox One Slim lead The design of the Xbox One is rather sharp and oppressive but at least it's square, unlike the slanted PlayStation 4. As the consoles age, newer, slimmer versions will replace the older models -- yet for now, we're stuck with hard angled machines. Not so, says designer Retovona who's whipped up a concept shot of the new-look Xbox One "Slim". This is of course, a fan-made concept render and will never materialise from the Microsoft production line. Click for the Full ...


Special edition Transformers Optimus Prime, Megatron can morph into retro consoles

Trans lead Earlier this month, Radio Kaikan reported on two special edition Transformer toys on display at Akihabara's UDX Summer Festival Conference. Now, we don't usually cover toys here on the 'Burn, but these two are indeed special. On display is Autobot leader Optimus Prime who transforms into a PlayStation 1, while Decepticon boss Megatron morphs into a Sega Mega Drive. Megatron, Mega Drive. These nifty toys are being made to mark the 20th year of PlayStation and the 30th anniversary of Transformers, says International Business ...

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Pinlight Display technology acts like Star Wars holo-projectors

Pinlight Display VR Virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is all the rage, with major corporations researching their possible advantages and implementations. But no current apparatus can totally immerse the wearer into the virtual world, without taking a little out of the experience. A PhD student, Andrew Maimone, at the University of North Carolina is developing new technology, that will take on the likes of Google and Samsung in the VR race. Maimone notes that Samsung's Gear VR implementation of using a smartphone screen ...

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From Apple to Timex: the A to Z smartwatch guide

huawei talkband b1 Sick of smartwatches yet? Unfortunately, they're here for the foreseeable future to enslave the wrists of the countless masses. While the technology is debatably still a relatively new breed, there is no shortage of confusing and overwhelming options on the market. From the stylish round-faced traditionalist, to the square button-laden wrist wrecker -- there's essentially a smartwatch suited for everyone, for all styles and all needs. With Microsoft and Apple yet to launch their contenders however, there'll be even more options ...

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Petty DDos attack forces PSN servers to give up on life

PS-Plus Your PSN account was hacked earlier today, did you even realise? I woke up to the news that (again) my precious PSN account, of which I pay R59 per month was apparently subjected to a DDos attack. A "radical" group of hackers on twitter named Lizard Squad. A DDos attack, which is more of a minor nuisance than a true hack, is a large amount of requests sent into a server --the Sony PSN server in this case-- which overloads ...

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Windows 9 ‘Technical Preview’ may have click-to-upgrade system

windows 8 bsod There's no doubt about it -- the next iteration of Windows is forming behind closed doors at Redmond, after Windows 8's market share and sales slowly shrivels. While consumers eagerly anticipate what will likely be dubbed "Windows 9", there are some tasty details emerging regarding the Technical Preview coming to developers' systems before October. Prior to retail release, Windows 9 (codenamed "Threshold") will be put through thorough testing, both in developers' and users' spheres, as per all new operating systems. But ...


F-16 pilot plus GoPro equals crazy first-person video

2014 Greenland F16 Low Level Test GoPro by STI - YouTube Recently, Danish Air Force pilot John Kristensen used a GoPro camera to film his flight in a F-16 Fighting Falcon over Greenland. The video provides views of the entire arch of his flight from take-off to landing. In the video, we can see Kristensen jet past snow-covered plains, icebergs, glacier dotted expanses of ocean, and narrow inlets. We can also see Kristensen flying in formation alongside other pilots who are members of the Fighter Wing Skrydstrup. All of these images prove ...

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Diabetics hopeful laser device succeeds in testing blood sugar levels

princetondiabetieslaser-590x378 Researchers at Princeton University are developing a non-invasive device that uses mid-infrared light to test a diabetic’s blood sugar levels, a process researchers hope will someday replace the current method of pricking one’s finger to draw blood for testing. One of the most important tasks diabetics must perform multiple times throughout each day is testing their blood sugar levels, whose results are key to helping them assess the amount of food they can consume and the extent of insulin they need to ...


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