MicroView shrinks Arduino into pin-sized OLED display

MicroView Arduinos are amazing. The concept of a programmable micro-computer would have been an alien concept prior to its invention. Today, Arduino pushes the envelope further with MicroView, a PC no bigger then your fingernail, sporting a 64x48 OLED display. Why? Because developing for the Arduino is much easier when we can see what we're doing. The makers of the MicroView, Geek Ammo (from where else but San Francisco), have shrunk an Arduino PC to the size of a chip -- yet ...

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Tap the Coin review: simple pleasures

TTC lead Let's just quickly get this out the way: if you hate Flappy Bird and the millions of clones just like it, you'll despise Tap the Coin, a Flappy Bird homage. What you won't hate is that for a game that took an hour to dream up and week to make, it holds up incredibly well. Tap the Coin was made by Thoopid, developers of SnailBoy, possibly the best-looking game to come out of Cape Town, South Africa. They've sacrificed graphics for ...

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‘Dark Souls II’ help: questions, answered

DS 2 lead Dark Souls II is a beautiful game. It's already proven itself to be a slicker, more accessible sequel, but one that's no less difficult than its predecessor. The help below should set you off on the right path and please note that this article is filled with spoilers. Please add another question in the comments below, as the game is enormous and our guide simply scrapes the bottom of a rather large barrel. I'm running out of Eustus flasks, life ...

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PS4 update adds rich video editing, USB sharing, HDMI capturing

PS4 large There's a bunch of new updates coming to the PS4 today, as detailed by Sony. None of them will improve the gameplay experience, but will bolster video editing and sharing options. And sharing is caring. PS4 owners who broadcast and share their content via Twitch have been left in the lurch until today's update. One of the firmware changes will include the option to turn HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) off -- this means that PS4 videos can now be outputted ...


Win ‘Dark Souls II’ for Xbox 360 [Closed]

The dragons are coming Update: Together with his great story, Alister Ho is our winner of this competition! He just won a hard copy of Dark Souls II for Xbox 360. Dark Souls II has recently been released with much acclaim... and a lot of dread. The action role-playing title is well-known for its spectacular open-world explorations, unique monsters and insane difficulty, and we're giving it away. Set in the land of Drangleic, your mission is to battle the Undead to ultimately find a cure for ...

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Instant messaging shootout part II: Mxit, SnapChat, KiK and more

Skype Continuing our last instalment in which we pitted BBM, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat against each other in a duel to the death, let’s instigate competition between the "best of the rest" instant messaging apps out there: the up-and-comers, the been-here-for-a-whiles, and the old kids on the block still trying to act hip and fresh. As we stated last time, despite the verdict presented here, ultimately a winner will be crowned based on the amount of subscribers it can attract. However, ...

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The ‘future of gaming’ is here: Morpheus, Sony’s VR headset revealed at GDC

Morpheus Sony's virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, is real and for a lot of people it's going to be an exciting new way to play games and digest content. For others it's a gimmicky gadget they'll never experience. Whatever you think of it, it's Sony's take on the future of gaming and everyone's invited -- at least all PlayStation 4 gamers are. Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE Worldwide Studios kicked off the event at the 2014 Game Developers Conference. "At SCE we ...

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SimCity finally playable offline from today for PC and Mac

SimCity offline After a few promises and false starts, SimCity players can from today, finally enjoy a game of city-building offline. An update to SimCity allows for offline play, without the need for a persistent online connection. Or as EA puts it "unplug, build, and destroy their cities from anywhere in the world". Next time you log into SimCity, the update will be automatically applied for all PC and Mac players. Here's what will happen: after logging into SimCity, the game offers ...

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‘It’s time’ as Google launches Android Wear, Moto 360 and LG G Watch revealed

Moto-360-Cafe "It's time," says Motorola cheekily. The company's first smartwatch, the Moto 360, has been announced and is one of the first wearables, together with LG's G Watch to run Google's new Android Wearable operating system. What can we expect from these devices? Given its name, the Moto 360's touch display is circular -- a welcome form factor sticking to the traditional familiarity of most of the world's wristwatches. There are two versions: one with a leather strap and another made of ...

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Oppo Find 7 has qHD display, takes insane 50MP shots

Find 7 Phones are taking a turn for the insane. Just look at Oppo's new Find 7, which was launched today in Beijing. It's one of the first smartphones to have both a qHD, 2560x1440 pixel display (that's 538PPI), plus a 50MP camera. The tech inside this enormous and, to be frank, obscenely fast phone is a Snapdragon 801 SoC running a 2.5Ghz CPU with 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and expansion space via the SD card. That's a whole lotta phone. It's the ...


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