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Two Xbox One bundles available for South African pre-orders from today

Xbox One On the back of the E3 news that Microsoft will launch the Xbox One in South Africa on 23 September, the company has now confirmed that prospective buyers can today begin pre-ordering the console in one of two guises. Previously, there was news about that the Xbox One will be offered in two variants -- one with and without the Kinect. But the latest press release from Xbox Southh Africa confirms this, in addition to the bundled game line-up. Both packages will ...

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Updated: Samsung launches small yet suave Galaxy S5 Mini

GalaxyS5Mini Sammobile Update: Contrary to the previous, highly warped information gained, Samsung has today launched the Galaxy S5 Mini, stunning leakers across the realm. The phone looks exactly like it's big brother, albeit slightly smaller. The specifications stated previously in the article also remain true. Reasoning for the variant's launch has been explained, thanks to JK Shin, CEO and head of Samsung IT & Mobile. "We always strive to develop devices that appeal to a range of consumer tastes and styles. [...] The Galaxy ...


5 open world games we’re dying to play

zelda Have you noticed? Open world is all the rage these days. The increased number of open world games in development seems to have sky-rocketed, but making something open world doesn't automatically guarantee sales, nor does it mean that gamers will necessarily want to spend hours roaming around a world in an imitation of real-life. In fact, some gamers will refuse to buy a game simply because it is open world as they prefer a more linear, guided experience. For the sake ...


3 potentially groundbreaking advances we could see in tech this year [Sponsored]

toshiba smart tv 800 In collaboration with Toshiba Technology is advancing at a seemingly alarming rate and it can be tough to keep up with all the latest developments. It seems that what was up to date just a few months ago is no longer even close to being current. As such, looking forward beyond 2014 is incredibly exciting as far as technological advancements go. People are calling this the ‘age of technology’ and soon we could be living in the kind of ‘future’ we were ...

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Ai.Frame is a motion-controlled mini-robot that moonwalks its way into your heart

Ai.frame robots For those who remember the original Transformers or Go-Bots brand of toys, this Kickstarter project will perhaps conjure the fondest of memories. Shenzen-based project, Ai.Frame creates miniature humanoid robots, fully customisable and open-source, fit for tweaking. It's also the next big hit on Kickstarter. Started in 2012 by Chinese innovators Jiaqi Hu and Zebo Sun, Ai.Frame has blown past its initial funding goal in just two days with five weeks to go. The most affordable robot is available for backers at just ...

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Netgear’s Nighthawk X6 first 3.2Gbps Tri-Band router

netgear r8000 nighthawk Netgear, the maker of all things networking, has launched what it claims is the world's first Tri-Band WiFi router -- the US$299 "Nighthawk X6." With a name like that, it could easily be mistaken for an actual gaming console, or the eponymous aircraft made by Lockheed, rather than a router. It's apt as well, as the Nighthawk is powered by a 1GHz dual-core CPU, with three offload CPUs spreading additional load. While supporting the 802.11ac standard, the router houses five ethernet ports, ...

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13 geeks playing with Google Cardboard will blow your Monday blues away

BI lead Google Cardboard is the smartest virtual-reality innovation yet and for less than US$2, those with the Sword of Exact Zero and some hard-to-find lenses can craft a makeshift viewer that really works. Launched at last week's Google I/O event, Google Cardboard is a DIY virtual reality headset which only needs an Android device to work. It also makes those who use it really happy. Just have a gander at the pictures below, these people can't seem to get enough of it. ...

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5 games that were sadly absent from E3 2014

Half life 2 E3 2014 provided us with many insights and glimpses into the near future of gaming, striking the chords of our inner gamer. But some strings have been left unplucked and we are left in an uncomfortable silence without a melody to satisfy our curiosity. There was an absence of many anticipated titles, which we were hoping to see. Hopefully we will receive some closure on their state of affairs. Until then, we have put together a list of games we ...

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Titanfall and Battlefield: Hardline are YouTube’s first 60FPS videos

Titanfall60 If it wasn't mandatory before, it's recommended now because watching videos at 60 frames per second just become a whole lot easier. Earlier this week, YouTube made some important changes like adding in an audio library, a Create Studio app and a fan funding option (think of it like Kickstarter for videos) says its official blog. The most important change though are videos that playback at 60 and 48 frames per second. Yup, that's next-gen video right there, folks. Here's what ...

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ASUS is readying the Robin, its sub-$150 Android Wear smartwatch

Asus logo If a Techcrunch report is to be believed, we could see ASUS joining Samsung, LG and Motorola in the ever-growing smartwatch sector. The selling point for their device? It could very well be the most affordable smartwatch of the year. The wrist wear (codenamed "Robin" according to @evleaks) will undercut the competiton, retailing for between US$99 and US$149 post release. This would make it nearly US$100 cheaper than both the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch. Slated for a ...


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