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Want to record 4K video on iOS? That’ll be $1000 please

vizzywig4k 1 Are you sick of iPhone 6 stories yet? Good, because we aren't, especially if they remain as insane and mind-splitting as this. Apple's first 4K iOS app, Vizzywig 4K, will strip nearly US$1000 from wallets across the world and that's nearly US$300 more than an actual iPhone 6 and the price of around three iPhone 5s'. Then why does it cost an arm and a leg, and then some? Because it's quite a smart little app. At 53MB, it's not exactly a small ...

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iPhone 6 meta-review: brilliant design and performance but average battery life

camera The iPhone 6 is here, and the reviews... are good. We're yet to officially receive an iPhone 6, but many lucky gadget journalists in the U.S. have. These are their stories: The Verge's David Pierce gives the iPhone 6 a glowing review, saying that it has a fantastic camera, gorgeous display, excellent performance and battery life, and that the phone "doesn't feel like a gadget." He's less complimentary of the iPhone 6 Plus, saying that it's just "a bigger phone", or ...


On indie games and why I play them

Mon val lead I’m not an avid gamer. I once got addicted to Word Mole on my old Blackberry - it’s embarrassing, but I couldn't stop playing it. Now, and for the first time, my gaming interest has been fully seized and I’m left wanting more. This is how a new generation of game developers are making their mark in the saturated realm of mobile games, and creating games that are not only beautiful to look at, but intuitive to play. These indie game developers ...

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Gaming news roundup: printer Doom, PS4 Nike’s and Master Chief in Destiny

Custom PS4 PS4-styled Nike's with an HDMI port, a printer that runs Doom and Halo star Master Chief found in Destiny, these are the three most tolerable gaming stories of the day. The US$950 "JRDN 4 X PS4" are unofficially excellent From Dual Shockers comes the story of one man and his obsession for creating custom Nike's. That man is Jonny Barry from custom sneaker design site FreakerSneaks. His "brand loyalty" to Sony and Nike inspired this cool creation, which even comes with dual-HDMI ports. ...

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Bidorbuy first SA retailer to sell iPhone 6 for R16 499

i6 bidorbuy South Africans, you don't have to wait for an official iPhone 6 launch, because online retailer bidorbuy now sells the 16GB iPhone 6 for R16 499. There's nine left, so act quickly. Or wait until November when Apple will most likely, and officially, launch the iPhone 6. Bidorbuy boss Jaco Jonker excitedly tweeted the first sale. First iPhone 6 already sold on @bidorbuy_co_za albeit at a hefty premium. Some just got to have it now #iphone6 — Jaco Jonker (@JacoJonker) September 16, ...

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Microsoft to hold ‘Windows 9′ event 30 September

windows 9 invite We've seen the leaks, the shoddy screenshots and the German-techno desktop recordings, but now Microsoft has announced a "Windows event" that will likely see the unveiling of the company's latest operating system. Emails came buzzing out of Redmond yesterday, with a note a little less coy than Apple's terrible attempt. We're guaranteed to see the new version of Windows in action, at least according to the invite. For now, we don't know what it's going to be called. Anything from Windows 9, ...

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Powering ‘The Internet of Things’ using ant-sized radio chips

ant radio chip Researchers at Stanford have developed a radio the size of an ant that can transmit and receive radio signals the team hopes will someday wirelessly power and connect every object and device in the world. The device costs pennies to make and can even harness its own energy collected from incoming electromagnetic waves picked up by the chip’s tiny receiver. The three year project started in 2011 when Amin Arbabian, who is now an assistant professor of electrical engineering, was a PhD ...

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Shadowgate review: retro rebirth

SG lead There is a place nestled in the walls of Gatekeeper Mountain, a fortress riddled with arcane mysteries and myths. It is surrounded by the whispers of death and feeds on the fear of men. This place is the great Castle Shadowgate of the planet Tyragon. If you ever dare enter through its doors, be ready to be engulfed within a plethora of mind-bending puzzles that will leave you hopeless and in certain unforgiving times, in mocking pitch black darkness. The original ...

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Mojang sells itself to Microsoft for $2.5-billion, and here’s the reason why (besides money)

minecraft cute It's official. After what feels like weeks of speculation, both Mojang and its new owner Microsoft has admitted this: that Minecraft is now officially a Microsoft product. The move doesn't quite come as a surprise though. Since its launch in 2009, Minecraft has become one of the biggest PC games ever, amassing over 100-million sales and raking in close to half a million dollars daily. So why on Earth would anyone want to sell such a mega-success? According to Mojang's official site, the ...

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Arctic blue ‘Holiday Value Bundle’ 500GB Xbox 360 E costs $250, includes Call of Duty: Ghosts and Black Ops II

Xbox 1 There's a lot of life left in the ol' Xbox 360. Games like Skyrim, Devil May Cry, Mass Effect 2 and Destiny are some of the pinnacles of this last-generation console, so it makes sense that Microsoft would release some special bundles this holiday season. "These new bundles for holiday shoppers, new lower price points and new special edition blue console are sure to delight gamers young and old this holiday.” says an incredibly enthusiastic Microsoft press release. While the ...


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