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Big guns, big personalities: ‘Halo: Nightfall’ trailer debuts at Comic-Con

halo nightfall characters Microsoft may have murdered Xbox Entertainment Studios earlier this week citing its massive restructuring plans, but this doesn't signal the end for the projects that were in their infancy. Halo: Nightfall for example, showed off its first trailer to attendees of Comic-Con 2014. The San Diego-based popular culture and comic convention is usually the scene of unveilings and hilarious stunts, but Halo: Nightfall is serious as hell. Set between the events of Halo 4 and the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians, Halo: Nightfall is ...

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Retro awesome: Tumblr artist give 300 iconic game, TV and film characters an 80s-style makeover

sprite lead Paul Robertson could be a genius. Over on his Tumblr page, Robertson has completed (we believe) a series of gaming, TV and film drawings called "Taito Style Sprites". Robertson has drawn 300 extremely well-known personalities in the style of Eighties arcade characters, with breathtaking results. "Bubble Bobble was the first game I ever played in the arcades and it pretty much decided what my career was going to be. So I thought I’d try out some Taito inspired characters. There’s 100 ...

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Wonky 720p ‘The Last Of Us Remastered’ gameplay footage surfaces

lastofusremastered gameplay With just five days until the North American launch, The Last of Us Remastered has been played and published on YouTube by an extremely lucky chap. YouTube vlogger PapiGFunk has uploaded a short snippet of what is allegedly a walkthrough running on Sony's flagship console. Of course, due to YouTube's well-documented hatred towards uncompressed media, the video is uploaded at a subpar 720p (hence the shoddy screenshot quality too) and doesn't quite demonstrate the visual gulf between the PS3 and it's ...

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OnePlus One review: two good to ignore

OnePlus One - Product Image 0016 OnePlus One are the words on every phone fanatic's lips. Made by a new company that was later revealed to be wholly owned by Oppo, the OnePlus One is the best performing Smartphone in the industry at a sub-$500 price point. It beats Google at its own game by offering a Nexus competitor that is faster, offers more storage, is more beautiful, has a better camera and costs far less, to top it off. Priced at US$299 for the 16GB version ...


PlayStation 4 system update 1.74 adds ‘stability’ and possibly nothing else

PS4 update 184mb: that is the bandwidth cost of PS4 system update 1.74 which is now live and kicking for PS4 owners. In a stunning display of brand failure, Sony lists 1.74 as this (practically meaningless) update: "System software stability during use of some features has been improved." Boring. A bland, plain and featureless update list is not what PS4 users requested. It's mandatory, so just get it out the way and get back to Destiny Beta. At the least, PS4 owners will now ...


Sony’s 6.4″ Xperia Z3X may have 22MP camera, 2.86Ghz CPU, Android L, 4GB RAM

xperia-z3x There are new renders and specification leaks floating around of what could be Sony's most exciting Xperia to date, featuring a 22MP camera no less. It's dubbed the "Z3X" and if indeed real, it's about to make current smartphones (and smartphone owners) cower in the corner and weep. Uncovered on Digi-Wo, the alleged phone features a Snapdragon 810 2.86GHz with 64-bit instruction sets, 4GB RAM and a massive 6.14" 2560x1152 display. The device will also feature a rather standard 16GB storage, ...

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A streamlined ‘Windows 9′ to become centralised OS for all Microsoft devices

microsoft surface keyboards Microsoft's forthcoming OS will be a one-size-fits-all solution, spanning across desktop, mobile and Xbox platforms, Satya Nadella confirmed. The move comes amid a spate of bad news for company employees and missed Q4 2014 earnings targets. This signals the death of Windows in mobile and desktop flavours, and marks a new unified OS for all devices, including the Xbox app system. Nadella explains: "We will streamline the next version of Windows from three Operating Systems into one, single converged Operating System for ...

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Apple patents behaviour tracking software for added iPhone security

i6 Last week, Apple submitted a new patent application, “Generating Notifications Based On User Behaviour,” that continuously monitors and authenticates an individual’s use of his or her smartphone. Apple’s system is designed to compile a history of personal data ranging from input gesture patterns, commonly traveled locations, and motion sensor readings that will be compared to real-time patterns of behaviour for user authenticity. Even data associated with an individual’s unique grammar, vocabulary, and keyboard orientation preferences can be tracked, analysed, and stored. ...

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Gadget geeks will love simplehuman’s smart approach to home accessories

touch-bar-diff-01-v2 Known for its understanding of tight nooks and crannies, simplehuman knows that good design goes beyond space saving and can make everyday living - especially in small spaces - a bit more enjoyable. Often featured on TV shows such as Marvel's Agents of Shield, Glee, Private Practice and The Big Bang Theory, looks continue to be a big part of the brand's appeal. Whether it's the whimsy of its shower caddy range (I particularly love the flexibility of the Tension Shower ...


These PlayStation 1 ‘demakes’ by NeoGAF artists will melt your mind

TLOUL Over on gaming forum NeoGAF, something wonderful is happening. A thread called "NeoGAF turns modern games into PSOne-era classics!" has kicked off and talented artists have turned the clock back on some of the most popular games of our modern era. It began on a The Last of Us: Remastered forum, where user plainr jokingly posted "TLOU PS1: 240p edition" along with the following pictures: What followed next was magical. NeoGAF forum users began creating their own "demakes" of Bioshock, DOTA 2, ...


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