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Mystery North American PS Vita shortage revealed: blame consumer demand

ps vita Sony's wunderkind console, the PS Vita, has been surprisingly absent from U.S. store shelves, reports almost every gaming publication ever. Polygon though, delivers a fuzzy answer thanks to a reply from a Sony representative. The lack of physical PS Vita's in the U.S.  -- there's also only limited stock available online -- happened because the machine is such a damn hot property all off a sudden. "We're seeing healthy consumer demand for PS Vita globally, particularly in markets like Japan. The ...

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Powerful $45 HummingBoard mini-PC becomes latest Raspberry Pi-eater

SolidRun HummingBoard-i2eX The Raspberry Pi has sat atop the single-board computing throne for a long while now, without so much as a challenger in sight. But an Israeli-led company, SolidRun, is now taking orders for it's Pi-eater -- the HummingBoard. Sparked into creation by Kossay Omary and Rabeeh Khoury in 2010, SolidRun has previous experience in building home media devices, most notably the CuBox series. The HummingBoard takes this philosophy and strips it ever so lightly. Although the single-board, scalable computer is slightly wider ...

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Tetris-playing T-shirt brings games and garments together

tetris tshirt Tetris has been around since the mid-eighties, but has never been played quite like this before. Marc Kerger, a techie hailing from the tiny state of Luxembourg has created the wearable-to-end-all-wearables -- a Tetris-playing T-shirt. Paying homage to the game's 30th anniversary, Kerger placed 128 LEDs onto a 3D-printed custom housing, some soft material to pose as buttons and a set of Adafruit Matrix controllers to govern all the lights. These components are then mated to an Arduino Uno microcontroller and ...

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Alcatel One Touch Idol Alpha hands on review: light up my life

alpha New, exciting and brimming with promise. Yeah, it’s another Android smartphone, but the Alcatel Idol One Touch Alpha (let’s call it the Alpha for brevity) is a beautiful phone. We managed to get our hands on it and have created a sort-of, kind-of review. It’s also the first phone I’ve ever used that comes in two flavours of champagne colouring, namely gold and rose (although South Africa only gets the rose-coloured variant Q4 2014). The one I used had the ...

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Kickstarter’s $299 SYNEK craft beer dispenser brings brews to the home

SYNEK There are two things that have not been seen overtly holding hands before -- beer and technology -- until now. This simple Kickstarter will likely quench more thirst and bring more smiles than anything before it. SYNEK is the beer dispensing system that hopes to change how and where the world drinks craft beer. This isn't a new concept, but it does improve upon the fundamentals. Beverages can be bought into the home via bottles, but the contents often turn stale ...


VAIO launches first post-Sony laptops dubbed the Fit and the Pro

VAIO Fit Sony, since selling its VAIO laptop brand in February, has undergone a transformation of some sorts, becoming something of a ultra mobile device company. But VAIO has also rose again as a separate corporation owned by Japan Industrial Partners, debuting its first duo of post-Sony devices called the Pro and the Fit. Although the VAIO website is only helpful for those who are fluent in Japanese, the laptops' specifications are nevertheless highly respectable. The Fit (pictured below) is perhaps more of a ...


Red-E PowerBank review: smartphone charging on the go

SAMSUNG CSC While smartphones and other mobile devices have been growing in speed and utility in the past decade, their overtaxed batteries often struggle to keep up. Even though new platforms like Android L and iOS 8 aim to manage battery life more effectively, there's only so long a single charge can last on a battery. Thankfully, there are external power packs to save us from that dreaded "low power" warning. The Red-E is the latest contender in a saturated external power ...

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Quantum chip to bring 3D holographic projection to future smartphones

3drep With Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus attracting all the attention for its virtual reality headsets, Ostendo Technologies Inc. has been quietly working on developing technology that can project fully-rendered 3D images and holograms without the need for bulky goggles and special headgear. Technology Closely guarded with only minimal information released to the public over the past nine years since its inception, the technology responsible for the company’s vision of glasses free 3D and holographic projection is the Ostendo Quantum Photonic Imager (QPI) that ...

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Two Xbox One bundles available for South African pre-orders from today

Xbox One On the back of the E3 news that Microsoft will launch the Xbox One in South Africa on 23 September, the company has now confirmed that prospective buyers can today begin pre-ordering the console in one of two guises. Previously, there was news about that the Xbox One will be offered in two variants -- one with and without the Kinect. But the latest press release from Xbox Southh Africa confirms this, in addition to the bundled game line-up. Both packages will ...

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Updated: Samsung launches small yet suave Galaxy S5 Mini

GalaxyS5Mini Sammobile Update: Contrary to the previous, highly warped information gained, Samsung has today launched the Galaxy S5 Mini, stunning leakers across the realm. The phone looks exactly like it's big brother, albeit slightly smaller. The specifications stated previously in the article also remain true. Reasoning for the variant's launch has been explained, thanks to JK Shin, CEO and head of Samsung IT & Mobile. "We always strive to develop devices that appeal to a range of consumer tastes and styles. [...] The Galaxy ...


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