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All posts tagged "2014"

  • Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 2014 conference: the liveblog

    “By gamers, for gamers,” says Microsoft of the Xbox One. E3 2014 is a big year for the second-best (in terms of sales) current generation console on the market, and Microsoft has much to prove so that it can eliminate the foul taste left in gamers’ mouths after the E3 2013 debacle. New IPs, sequels to beloved games and quirky indie games are all part of the lineup, so let’s dive right in. For those who don’t want to read, you can watch it all an hour after the press reveal on the Xbox One official site. Or, watch...

  • The hottest indie games of E3 2014 [video]

    Welcome to another episode of Gearburn’s weekly YouTube show, GearTV. Last week, we previewed a few of the blockbuster, AAA-titles of E3 2014. This week, we look those unknown gems called indie (independent) games. Break away from the norm and check out these quirky titles. GearTV is a weekly show that features gadget and game reviews, tips, how-to’s and anything useful that we think can help you improve your connected life. It’s a show we’ve designed for you, our readers, so if there are any specific requests you have — such as how do I set up my Android device properly,...

  • ‘Call of Duty’ 2014 screenshot reveals next-gen lips, nose and chin

    The screenshot above is the first image of the Xbox One, PS4 and PC version of Call of Duty, revealed at the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC) by Sledgehammer Studios, says IGN. This is an actual, in-game screenshot of a game that’s been designed for next-gen consoles and PC only. It was seen for mere seconds during Sledgehammer Studio’s video presentation but was luckily screengrabbed and posted on the GDC Vault — archived footage of previous years conferences — before it was lost forever to the winds of time. At last years GDC, Activision demoed its next-generation facial animation and...

  • 2014 D.I.C.E game awards gives Sony’s ‘The Last of Us’ most of its prizes

    The 2014 D.I.C.E awards just came to an end, with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us scooping best game of the year, among other plaudits. The D.I.C.E awards (Design. Innovate. Communicate. Entertain) is different to ceremonies such as VGX, chiefly because it’s aimed at adults, and not the Candy Crush Saga-hooked kids of today. So when a game receives a D.I.C.E award, it darn well deserved it. The full list of nominees and winners – in bold-  are listed below, care of VG24/7. Game of the Year •Assassin’s Creed: IV Black Flag •Bioshock Infinite •Grand Theft Auto V •The Last of Us •The Legend of...

  • 10 mind-blowing next-gen games of 2014

    2013 has provided us some seriously epic gaming titles. We were taken into a whole new BioShock world with Bioshock Infinite, we saw the reimagining of Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry, and were introduced to some splendid debut tiles such as Remember Me and The Last of Us. As time will have it 2013 must soon come to an end, but this means 2014 is coming, and with it the promise of ten incredible next-gen titles. Let’s take a look at what 2014 has in store for gamers.   Titanfall TitanFall looks like it might become one of the best games...

  • What’s 2014’s hottest gadget? Google Glass

    While there might be rumours stretching from Cupertino to Taipei and Tokyo about curved iPhones, iWatches and 12” iPhablets, some gadgets once fabled, are now wrapped around our geeky faces. Google Glass is coming and while there is no official date announced yet, we all know that Google is planning on releasing it in 2014. Why should we look forward to Glass? Google Glass will disrupt an industry that’s yet to prove itself. The wearable tech scene opens doors for exciting things — from next level gaming to health monitoring and helping hipsters find quirky coffee shop, it’s going to be one...

  • No ‘Destiny’ in 2013 says Activision

    Care of Joystiq.com and a sneaky Activision press release, we’ve learned that Bungie’s next “ten year project”, Destiny won’t launch in 2013. Boo. We all know the story. Destiny is a planned FPS/MMO hybrid, set in a “epic, sci-fi universe and introduces innovative persistent, online world filled with sweeping adventures”. The press release speaks of grand scope, visceral first-person gaming and a living, vibrant world. But most telling is the single sentence Activision sneaks in: Activision reiterated that although Bungie’s amazing new world was revealed today, Activision has not included the launch in its 2013 outlook and there should be no...

  • BMW’s new baby giant: enter the 3-Series Gran Turismo

    The motor industry likes to expand upon itself, always looking for new cracks and crevices to fit mixed up multi-genre cars into. What happened to the good old saloon? Or even the hatchback? Nowadays we get hatchback supercars, four-door coupes and 4×4 sports cars. It’s a mess, frankly. And to commemorate this mess, here is the new 3-Series Gran Turismo. A mix between, what? A 4×4, a saloon and a hatchback? Or is it a wagon? It’s hard to say, because it’s hard to say why exactly BMW felt the need to invent yet another niche for the motor world....

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