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All posts tagged "3d printing"

  • You can now 3D print a wooden Xbox One controller (if you really want to)

    How could Microsoft make the Xbox One even better? That's a question we all have answers for, but Imgur user BobsYurUncle has a very rustic solution. Sick and tired of the Xbox One controller's plastic facade, he decided to 3D print a wooden controller case, using a wood-based filament and a US$350 printer. And yes, you can actually 3D print objects using wood. For a gander through the process, including 25 images, have a look at the embed below. I 3D printed with wood for a new look on my XBONE controller Feature image: BobsYurUncle via Imgur

  • Injured turtle saved, given new jaw thanks to 3D printing technology

    In Turkey, a sea turtle struck by tragedy when a boat propeller hacked off a part of its jaw has a new claim to life thanks to a 3D printed beak courtesy of technology firm BTech Innovation and the veterinarians responsible for completing the procedure. With significant damage to its lower and upper jaws, a Turkish animal rescue team found the sea turtle floating in the ocean and nearly dead. The rescuers rushed the turtle to Dalyan Iztuzu Pamukkale University’s Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. There, the turtle was nursed back to health and its wounds healed. Given the extent of...

  • Carbon3D liquid resin 3D printer is seriously fast, and cool

    Joseph DeSimone recently led a TED Talk about a new 3D printing method that’s 25 to 100 times faster than traditional 3D printing alternatives. DeSimone explains that most 3D printing is really 2D printing that creates multiple 2D layers to produce a 3D effect, and suggests that a new liquid resin 3D printer could boost the technology in a number of ways. DeSimone and his Carbon3D Silicon Valley team were inspired by the liquid metal based T-1000 type of Terminator featured in Terminator 2. DeSimone and his team decided to use their expertise in chemistry to make the cinematic process a reality. DeSimone asserts...

  • Japanese bioprinting firms to manufacture ‘custom-made’ bone and tissue

    Scientists representing Tokyo University, Japanese medical research firm NEXT 21 K.K and Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) have joined forces to advance the development of 3D bioprinting technology that will allow doctors to create and manufacture “custom-made” cartilage, joints, skin and bone. 3D bioprinting is a relatively new technology, but once refined will usher in a new era when doctors can make bone, tissue, cartilage and even entire organs from scratch. The potential for this technology will inevitably lead to the replacement of worn-out body parts that will greatly increase the average person’s life expectancy. In fact, 2015 might be a...

  • 3D-printed leg brace gives Quack-Quack the duck second lease at life

    Not all technology promises to lead the world into a robot apocalype. While 3D printing will inevitably lead to the creation of destructive technologies (like warheads), it also has its golden advantages. Quack-Quack the duck is one such creature that's benefited from the wonders of 3D printing, according to 3D Print. After surviving a dog attack, the duck's left leg required intensive surgery. After the procedure, it was found that Quack-Quack would need a bespoke leg-support to help heal the bone structure and allow him some degree of mobility. The National Taiwan University Animal Hospital, a design firm dubbed Lung X...

  • US inventor 3D-prints castle in his backyard

    3D printing will undoubtedly change the world in a big way. The technology allows for the easy creation of rather complex structures, so one could imagine its value in areas like construction. That sentence nicely leads to this revelation, that a construction guru in the U.S. has 3D printed a castle in his back garden from a bespoke cement printer. Printing cement is not a common practice, and comes with its own set of problems and advantages. Currently, only one other company is known for diving head-first into the practice, until now. Andrey Rudenko, through his engineering expertise and love for...

  • Phase-changing material edges shapeshifting Terminators closer to reality

    Robots will soon be everywhere, and we all (just like Will Smith) will have to deal with it. But for now, the rigid, metallic materials used in robotic construction don't allow them the ubiquitous freedom they crave. But this may soon change. Researchers from MIT have now developed a new phase-changing material that could allow future robots to shift between soft and hard states. Developed by Anette Hosoi, along with Nadia Cheng, robotics company Boston Dynamics and DARPA, the new material is a low-cost breakthrough for the robotics industry. Just like an octopus or a mouse, or if you love movie references...

  • Prepare your face: this Kickstarter gadget lets you 3D print icing and Nutella

    Ever thought your icing gun was just not enough? Wished for more precise placings in your Nutella art? Well, you can now dream bigger -- thanks to a new extruder attachment, it'll be easier than ever to print paste-like substances. It's called the Discov3ry and it's a universal extruder that will fit with existing desktop 3D printers on the market (like the popular Makerbot) and allow them to print materials like silicon, icing, Nutella, wood filler, ceramics and polyurethane. It's currently raising funds over on Kickstarter, where it has already passed its 30 000 Canadian dollar goal by more than...

  • 8 3D printed foods that will change the future of cuisine

    Like it or not, 3D printed food will be at the forefront of future cuisine. The technology to print edible foodstuffs practically on demand is around the corner, but the real issue for companies will be ridding 3D printed food of its unnatural, synthetic taboo. Food supply is a global issue and as the population continues to balloon, alternative resources must be found. 3D-printing provides a potential solution to the problems of food and time wastage, by producing 3D-printed food that one can enjoy  immediately, without the added strain placed on the environment. As human existence moves closer to a fully-automated life,...

  • MOD-t: an affordable, stylish home 3D printer for under $300

    The US$249 New Matter MOD-t aims to bring 3D printing to the home, after its developers this week launched the machine on Indiegogo. The two-day old project, launched by a Pasadena, California upstart and co-developed with frog, has blown past its US$375 000 goal with more than four weeks left on the funding platform. "Breakthrough" technology featuring a "2-axis motion system that simultaneously moves and supports the build plate with very few components" allows a less expensive construction and in turn a much lower retail cost. This has allowed its developers to practically give away the machine to early backers for...