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All posts tagged "3d"

  • Quantum chip to bring 3D holographic projection to future smartphones

    With Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus attracting all the attention for its virtual reality headsets, Ostendo Technologies Inc. has been quietly working on developing technology that can project fully-rendered 3D images and holograms without the need for bulky goggles and special headgear. Technology Closely guarded with only minimal information released to the public over the past nine years since its inception, the technology responsible for the company’s vision of glasses free 3D and holographic projection is the Ostendo Quantum Photonic Imager (QPI) that “combines an image processor with a wafer containing radically miniaturized light-emitting diodes (LEDs).” Ostendo’s chipset technology will “control the brightness,...

  • Leap Motion now tracking individual finger bones for crazy 3D accuracy

    The gimmicky, if not cool Leap Motion tracker takes a giant leap forward as version 2 of its software releases into the public sphere. Over on the company’s official blog, Leap CEO Michael Buckwald announced the next generation of his motion tracking software, which now enters beta for developers. While Leap V1 tracked fingers, palms and wrist movement, V2 steps it up with individual bone and joint tracking within the fingers. The public beta is active, so an update to the software will see developers enjoying the new tools to play around with. For those who want to be...

  • Amazon’s glasses-free 3D smartphone pictured

    It would be hard to pick Amazon’s smartphone out of a lineup, it’s the most generic-looking device we’ve yet seen. But what the pictures below don’t show us is that Amazon’s smartphone uses not only FireOS, but a 3D interface as well. It all just seems a little hard to believe based on the pictures alone, that we’re looking at “the next big thing”. From eReaders to tablets to TV shows and now phones, Amazon’s evolution from service provider to smartphone maker has been slow, steady and successful. Care of BGR, we now have leaked images of Amazon’s upcoming...

  • ‘Peachy Printer’ is world’s ‘first’ $100 3D printer

    3D printing is “cool”. It’s the type of stuff we dreamed about ever since Star Wars and matter replicators were a thing. But, price has prohibited almost all of us from owning a slice of the future. Good news everyone! A Kickstarter project called “Peachy Printer” aims to sort us out with a R1000 (US$100) 3D printer which apparently even your grandma can use. It’s also from Canada. Will the Peachy Printer be annoyingly friendly, ey? No, just useful. Rinnovated Design reinvented how the 3D printer works, using completely new methods that don’t require the same expensive parts....

  • RIP 3D

    Is 3D dead? Should you be happy that new apparent replacement for HD is slowly being buried under four thousand pixel screens? The first time I went to a 3D movie it was, yes you guessed it, Avatar. It was grand. I can’t say it was great, but grand it certainly was. It looked like it was heralding the newest, greatest step in movie history since the introduction of colour. And then I walked out the theatre. It was weird, my head felt oddly sore. I couldn’t entirely focus my eyes and I wasn’t having nearly as much enjoyment from life...

  • Google’s Project Glass comes to life, sort of

    We’ve covered the Google Glasses (or Project Glass as Google so lovingly calls it) pretty extensively and as exciting as it is, it seems one DIY fan has managed to whip up a pair for himself. Crafty genius Will Powell sliced himself a pair of 80s style Google Glasses and the results are pretty spectacular. The tools: nothing more than Vuzix glasses, HD web cameras, Dragon Naturally Speaking for the vocal recognition bit and...

  • Review: Samsung PS51D550 is a great TV and 3D is rubbish

    Spend any time with Samsung’s latest plasma beast and you will be convinced of two things. First: plasma is far, far superior to LCD or LED in any way but for sheer nuclear brightness. Second: 3D TV is a crock best consigned to bleeding-edgers and those who’ve not yet spent any time with it. And maybe a third thing — when did the bloody TV become the home theatre hub? This is a TV to write home about — it’s great size seems imposing in a modest lounge at first, but once you go big it’s really hard to go...

  • Tablets, 3D in focus at future-shaping Taiwan IT show

    The question of how to get 3D technology into every living room and a tablet computer into every hand is set to dominate Asia’s largest IT fair which opens in Taiwan next week. Around 1,800 exhibitors from across the world will descend on Taipei for the Computex fair, which runs from Tuesday to Sunday, hoping to generate an estimated $23 billion of sales from 36,000 buyers, organisers say. Under the slogan “Shaping the future!” the fair will showcase a cascade of new products designed to stir the interest of tech-savvy consumers. 3D is expected to take centre stage, as the technology becomes...

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