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All posts tagged "Mozilla Firefox"

  • Google Chrome 51 is now stable for all, ready to download

    If you haven't been keeping track of the latest browser update numbers, we can't blame you, because Google Chrome has just updated to version 51. With such a large number comes a slew of updates too, and a total of 42 security fixes, states the Google Chrome team on its blog. The release is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms, but what new features does it bring to your desktop? For one, version 51 brings support for the new Credential Management API, which is essentially the company's first step to revamping and eventually killing password inputs. Websites can interact...

  • Firefox will get Chrome extension support, multi-processing threads come December

    If you're a Mozilla Firefox fan you're in for quite a rude awakening when Mozilla practically overhauls the browser from the ground up come December. Mozilla has announced that it will be adopting a new extension API, which will allow Google Chrome and Opera extensions to run within the Firefox browser. Moreover, this also means that the old-style extensions we've come to know and love will fall by the wayside, unless they're recompiled. It's particularly sad news for those who can't afford to rewrite entire extensions. Other changes include Mozilla Firefox's move to a more Chrome-like multi-process makeup, which Mozilla's calling "Electrolysis."...

  • Firefox OS first impressions: no Android killer, yet

    Although Firefox OS 2.1 is the latest stable version, our review unit featured Firefox OS 2.0. It has been a while since we've seen a new mobile operating system out in the wild. Back in 2008, Android tepidly crept into view and back then, it wasn't predicted to become one of the greatest mobile OSes ever crafted. Look at it's mobile device market share today, and you'd wonder why technology analysts and journalists still have jobs. So when Mozilla announced Firefox OS and launched the initial version of it then-called "Boot to Gecko" back in 2013, the world didn't quite prick...

  • Mozilla to bring sponsored ‘Suggested Tiles’ to Firefox tab page

    We understand that non-profit internet companies like Mozilla need to accrue funds in as many ways as possible, but its new ploy might be a little too far a step for savvy and loyal Firefox fans. The company is this week debuting its Suggested Tiles feature in the upcoming version of Firefox Beta, which will allow advertisers to claim real estate on the browser's new tab pages. But unlike Directory Pages, Suggested Tiles looks at the browser's history, and cherry picks from those entries. In reality, if you happen to be a fan of LOLCats and browse Wikipedia pages centering on...

  • Mozilla’s Project Shumway looks to kill Adobe Flash Player for good

    If there's one thing more annoying than advertisements in a web browsing experience, its Adobe's awful Flash Player. The runtime is about as buggy as an entomologist's laboratory and as slow as a slug on a sticky treadmill, but more and more companies are trying to find ways of making Flash obsolete once and for all. The latest is Mozilla. The latest Nightly build of the company's Firefox web browser includes Project Shumway, a little bolt-on that allows the browser to run Flash-based content on web pages without the use of Flash, thus making the browser more secure and much, much...

  • Microsoft’s ‘Spartan’ browser may support Google Chrome extensions

    It's no secret that Microsoft's Internet Explorer was a massive flop this decade, taking a beating from the likes of Chrome and Firefox in the power user stakes. Realising this, Microsoft has been developing its next-gen browser behind closed doors to form part of its Windows 10 ecosystem. Codenamed "Spartan", piece of code will likely go a long way to rectifying IE's terrible street cred, and news has surfaced of Microsoft's cunning plan. Read more: 10 things you should know before Microsoft’s Windows 10 mobile event Neowin has today reported that Spartan and Google Chrome extensions may hold hands in the future,...

  • Firefox’s Geeksphone Peak+ now available for pre-order at $200

    Firefox's first Geeksphone aimed at commercial markets is known as the Peak+ and has recently been made available for pre-order. This is an important step to further tap into crucial emerging markets. We first got word of Firefox's hardware venture in the mobile industry in May as it joined forces with Foxconn. We noted how Mozilla, mostly known for its popular open source web browser Firefox, has started on developing budget smartphones running a mobile version of its OS. The Peak+ has a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU and 4GB of storage with a microSD expansion slot. It...