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All posts tagged "AT&T"

  • Grab a Galaxy Note III from AT&T for $299

    From 6 September, Samsung's Galaxy Note III can be pre-ordered from the US-based telecom AT&T for US$35 monthly or US$299 on a two-year contract. Pre-orders can be done here, and AT&T expects to start shipping said orders from 1 October. The Galaxy Note III is Samsung's latest and (it says) its greatest smartphone. At the IFA launch event held earlier this week, Samsung lifted the steaming lid of gadget deliciousness on three devices, the Note III, Note 10.1 2014 edition and the Galaxy Gear. Smartwatches, we really don't see the point to them. Back to the Note III. While we're yet...

  • NEC ends 8 year hiatus, launches tough as nails Terrain

    There are rugged phones like the Sony Xperia Z, and then there are rugged phones with a face only a mother could love, like the NEC Terrain, the company's first US phone in over eight years. The NEC Terrain will drop with a meaty thwack into calloused hands for US$99 on the US-based AT&T network. According to Engadget.com, the Terrain can handle being submersed for up to 30 minutes in a meter of water, that makes it IP67 certified last time we checked. IP68 is the sturdiest certification (can be submersed below a meter of water) but no phone is yet...

  • Cadillac ATC: all the smartphone you’ll ever need…in a car

    Although just a concept car at this stage, the Cadillac ATC is a prospective look into the future of mobile communication. But we have mobile computing already don't we? Yes, but we are talking about a "smartcar", not a smartphone or tablet. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the car is basically a smartphone on wheels. And if you think about it, it was always going to happen some or other time. Using the Cadillac ATS as a base model, the car is equipped with a 4G LTE connection from AT&T complete with the 4G AT&T logo on the...

  • Sprint to offer unlimited data for iPhone 4S

    Unlimited data for the iPhone 4S will be made possible thanks to US mobile carrier Sprint. When Sprint begins offering iPhone 4S packages, its uncapped data plan will be offered alongside it. Michelle Leff Mermelstein, spokesperson for Sprint said, “We will be offering the benefit of our unlimited plans that start at just US$69.99.” Users will be able to combine this with unlimited calling for US$99 per month. The only downside to this plan is a US$10 surcharge on both of these plans, adding up to US$79 for uncapped data and US$109 for unlimited calls. The other two major US mobile providers,...