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All posts tagged "audi"

  • Petrol be damned, here’s the gas-powered Audi A3

    With all the hype surrounding electric vehicles, it seems like other possible energy sources have been forgotten, namely natural gas. Audi hasn't forgotten, and has been hard at work developing a nice little A3 with gas-powered technology called the A3 Sportback g-tron. The cars will be built in collaboration with Audi’s new e-gas plant in Werlte, which produces carbon-neutral gas via renewable electricity. The North Sea will be host to wind farms responsible for providing electricity for the plant. So, yes, Audi will actually be producing a synthetic natural gas by a process called methanation, as the diagram below demonstrates....

  • Audi sheds light with Matrix LED headlamps

    Picture this: you're driving at night on a long and rather pleasant section of deserted road, and all of a sudden some character drives past thinking you have super vision and won't be blinded by their car's brights. Happens all the time, right? Audi has set about to put an end to this... although it has to get past America to do it. The LED headlight is practically Audi's trademark. Each of its cars have their own signature design, which shows up at night when the lights are on. If you're a car nerd, you can probably spot whatever vehicle...

  • Is autonomous car tech driving us around the bend?

    Are we ready for a future not too dissimilar to that portrayed in Minority Report? I’m not referring to bald people predicting murders before they occur, but rather to cars that don’t need us -- the drivers. Being a big fan of driving myself, this is a question that naturally presented itself when I read news of Audi’s new autonomous car system. It beats the bendz Audi itself prefers to call it a “piloted” system, reinforcing the idea that these cars should not necessarily be left entirely to their own devices, but that human guidance should still be present to supervise...