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All posts tagged "BMW"

  • BMW’s i3 charges from 0 to 80% in three hours flat

    BMW's new fully electric city car, the i3, which apparently charges from 0 to 80% in roughly three hours, isn't even on sale yet but has managed to pick up a number one spot as the best electric and hybrid car in the UK, said Motoring. This is BMW's first "i" range vehicle which charges from the i Wallbox via "select" BMW partners. The three-hour charge takes place care of DC Fast Charging which Nissan and Renault are also looking into, is oddly enough a technology Android phones also use. You won't be charging your BMW via microUSB though. For a...

  • Ferrari, BMW partner with Apple, Glypse for safer social driving

    As further personal technology is integrated into our lives, it comes as no shock that it is getting even more integrated into the cars we drive. We spend so much of our time in cars, why shouldn't we be able to connect to our normal social networks while crawling in traffic? Ferrari has teamed up with Apple to do this exact thing, while BMW and MINI have partnered with Glypse to provide a convenient way to stalk your friends. Ferrari and Apple It may not be a new partnership between Ferrari and Apple -- the two most powerful brands in the...

  • BMW’s new baby giant: enter the 3-Series Gran Turismo

    The motor industry likes to expand upon itself, always looking for new cracks and crevices to fit mixed up multi-genre cars into. What happened to the good old saloon? Or even the hatchback? Nowadays we get hatchback supercars, four-door coupes and 4x4 sports cars. It's a mess, frankly. And to commemorate this mess, here is the new 3-Series Gran Turismo. A mix between, what? A 4x4, a saloon and a hatchback? Or is it a wagon? It's hard to say, because it's hard to say why exactly BMW felt the need to invent yet another niche for the motor world....

  • Share a car with BMW’s DriveNow programme

    Attempting to produce a programme where people share cars, BMW has developed an electric 1 Series and a program in which people can book a car and drive it for the day, all for a nominal fee. If you are 21 and have a smartphone, you can book it via an app and a membership card. There will be 14 DriveNow stations all around San Francisco, acting as the initial city for the programme, and BMW wants to expand it to 100 stations after not long. Members only have to book a car online using the app and go...