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All posts tagged "browser"

  • Why Internet Explorer 10 is the best browser there is

    Yes it is. No, it isn’t! Is! Isn’t! Well, I suppose we could argue about this if we really wanted to. And without a look at the facts we would probably come to the conclusion that it’s all subjective really. It’s subjective like leather pants or ass-less chaps are subjective – there will always be somebody who’s into that. Now I’m not knocking anyone in particular – I think it’s safe to say we all enjoy comfort and ease. We generally don’t want something heavy or that slows us down. We don’t want something that exposes us all time....

  • Chrome for Android: the web weighs in

    Chrome, the popular browser from search giant Google, has been officially released for Android 4.0, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The web weighs in on this landmark mobile browser. Mashable Zoe Fox from Mashable states an interesting fact regarding Chrome for Android, that only 1% of the current Android market has access to the download. According to statistics, 99% of Android phones activated within the last two weeks don’t run Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)....

  • App of the week: Dolphin Browser

    This week I take a look at Dolphin, a highly intelligent smartphone web browser that Safari can learn a lot from. When it comes to browsers, I'm quite a weird guy. On the Macbook I use at work, I just can't decide which one I like more: Firefox is incredibly stable and supports tree-style tabbing (it'll change your life), but looks a bit too rigid. Chrome has the awesome "speed dial" screen when you launch and the aesthetically pleasing tabs with soft corners delight me (it's the little things that count), but it doesn’t perform so well under pressure. I...

  • Google notebooks challenge Microsoft

    Notebook computers powered by Google software are heading to market in a direct assault on the Windows operating system at the heart of Microsoft's technology empire. The California-based Internet colossus partnered with electronics makers Samsung and Acer on notebook computers essentially crafted as portals to online applications or services reached through Google's Chrome Web browser. "Whether it be Microsoft or other operating system vendors, the complexity of managing your computer is really torturing computer users out there," Google co-founder Sergey Brin said during a press briefing. "That is a flawed model," he said. "Chrome notebooks are a new model that doesn't put...