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All posts tagged "Budget iPhone"

  • China report leaks even more details of budget, plastic iPhone

    In a recent report, there are hints and referrals to the very mysterious (yet not-so-mysterious) lower-end plastic iPhone. This at least, is what All Things Digital is reporting. The report refers to the “scaled-back, less expensive version of the iPhone.” Yesterday, it emerged that Apple supplier Pegatron was allegedly violating international labour laws. Naturally, China Labour Watch investigated and made its report public. The plastic iPhone hasn't been made official by Apple yet. This didn't stop people from conducting their own premonitions about what's to come from the big red fruit. It's kind of like the chicken or the egg dilemma...

  • ‘iPhone 5C’ packaging reveals Apple’s mysterious new C-word

    A photo showing a bin of iPhone packaging has surfaced recently. As the labels suggest, the plastic casings are meant for the iPhone 5C-- a model name that was up until now, unknown to the general public. The photo was posted on Chinese website WeiPhone and has many suggesting this to be the retail packaging for the upcoming budget iPhone, the newly named iPhone 5C. After many leaks and rumours, we've kind of have a rough idea of what the budget iPhone may look like. Apparently it's going to have a plastic polycarbonate shell that looks very similar to the packaging that's...

  • First Leaked Images of the Budget iPhone

    It was all the way back in April when I showed you Tactites the first peek of the supposed budget iPhone 5. Now it’s July, and we’re so tactastically excited about what we have to show you next. These leaked images trump the iPhone 5 case images AND the iPad 5 mould images; we’ve saved these just for you loyal Tactites, so remember it was here where you glimpsed your first glimpse of what very well might be the first leaked images of the budget iPhone in full. Thebudget iPhone case shown over on Mac Rumours might have wet your whistle,...

  • iPhone 5S dabbles with LTE, cheaper iPhone grabs pastel coloured cases

    Would you like to know what’s happening with Apple’s heavily-rumoured and extra cheap iPhone and the upcoming iPhone 5S? News has recently emerged, via CNET, that Apple’s budget iPhone will come in several colours. This is all according to a poorly translated Chinese tech site that also drops a hint regarding the price of the cut-price iPhone. First, there’s this picture which recently emerged “on the side of China” if French site Nowhereelse is to be trusted. It managed to wrangle up this sneaky shot which shows off an iPhone 3GS-like plastic back in three colours: Nokia yellow, Powerpuff Girls...

  • Is this the new budget iPhone? [Rumour]

    The biggest oxymoron in tech world is "cheap iPhone". Or "budget iPhone". A set of words that just don't gel. Yet rumours persist. And if Patent Number 8 364 032, filed February last year by Apple and approved last month by the US Patent Office is anything to go by, then a budget iPhone is on the cards. The patent displays a rectangle with round corners which has become an Apple trademark,...