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All posts tagged "cars"

  • The NY Motor show reveals the geekiest cars yet

    Compared to the Geneva Auto Show with all its glitz, glamour and in-your-face cars, the New York Auto Show is much more of an eco show, featuring many 'planet-saving' cars. Like every motor show, though, there is going to be no shortage petrol-head paraphernalia. So if you're shopping for your next eco-ego-boost, or maybe just an ego-boost in general, see what's in store for the up-coming New York Auto Show. Range Rover Sport While you would expect most New Yorkers to take cabs all the time, in actual fact, the city is the number one buyer of the Range Rover Sport....

  • The hottest electric cars and technologies of 2013

    It's hard to believe that the electric car has been around for over a hundred years. If Nicola Tesla had his way (and I wish he did) then we would all be driving electric cars that were completely energetically sustainable. Alas, his dream was not realised and we all have paid the price. The electric car has seen better days, namely those of Tesla's time, but if it is ever going to become a viable alternative to the combustion engine (or possibly replace them) they are going to have to solve some very major problems. Car manufacturers have taken...