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All posts tagged "Christmas Gifts"

  • Gearburn’s 2014 Christmas gift guide to trendy gizmos and gadgets

    It's that time of year again. Unfortunately (or fortunately for those receiving gifts) the Holiday Season comes with its own set of headaches and charms. One of the latter is definitely not gift shopping. So, to help you out on your quest, we here at Gearburn have compiled a Christmas gift guide for you, yours and others. These products may not be for everyone, and some might not be available in your country but it's a great guide to take heed of what possible gifts are out there. We break the list down into a few categories as well, including gifts for the...

  • Gearburn’s guide to geeky Christmas gifts under $50

    Everyone loves Christmas, or at least the festive season if you don’t celebrate that particular holiday. Unfortunately it’s also the time of year when we end up being particularly broke. If you’re not one of the lucky few who receives an end of year bonus, then you need to allocate a large portion of your salary to buying gifts for your loved ones, along with the inevitable entertainment budget means that January for most of us is an unpleasant month. We’re here to help. You can still find great, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family for a reasonable expense,...

  • Samsung Mobile Beam projector: a little novelty, not much else

    The Samsung EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector is a nifty new device that compliments the Galaxy line of devices and is only compatible with devices that support MHL/HDMI . Displaying video and images at a resolution of 640x360 and with a brightness of 20 lumens will probably not get you ooh's and aah's, but imagine if you had to carry around the usual building brick sized projectors we're all used to. Some might say that it's a novelty item, and for the most part they would be correct. Yet as a pure accessory it could well just be the thing to...

  • Best gadgets of 2012

    Gadgets come and go. The really good ones are the ones you keep for a long time, fiddling with again and again. In today's world it's easy to buy a gadget as a present, but the really good ones are hard to find. Here is a list of the gadgets we know will be fantastic gifts, that will keep you busy for hours and make you the talk of the camping site... Audiomotion...