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All posts tagged "computer"

  • This fanny-pack computer translates doggie body language

    A new device, trialed by North Carolina State University, hopes to enhance communication between us and our furry friends, which could find uses in a multitude of situations. The fanny pack loaded with a computer the size of a "deck of cards" sits on the dog's back and harnessed for added stability (should you throw that stick a little too far). It might sound ridiculous, but the backpack will allow humans and dogs to communicate more effectively, which could benefit ordinary potty training to search and rescue missions. Perhaps the most obvious application would be for us with guide dogs. "Dogs...

  • Fractal Design Node 304 review: the best ITX-supporting cases we’ve seen

    One area that has seen substantial growth over the past 18 months is the mini-ITX case market. The realisation that these mini-motherboards can be the basis for some pretty powerful PCs has started to dawn on people, not least the chassis manufacturers. Swedish case designer Fractal Design's Node 304 is aimed solely at the mini-ITX market, but boasts hard drive support that could have it being used as a file server or a large multi-disk NAS unit. It also has the serious advantage of supporting standard ATX power supplies and graphics cards, albeit with a few provisos in the dimension stakes,...

  • Myst the game becomes Myst: the book, a full-on ‘digital’ novel

    Remember Myst? If not, good for you. It's one of the most tiresome games ever made. An full-motion-video (FMV) crapfest released in the early 90s, Myst was and is an obscure as hell puzzle game. It featured a book in-game that would act as the guide and hub for all adventuring. And from digital to physical, that book is now Myst itself. Video time. Right. So it's a neat trick. Cut out a...