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All posts tagged "Elon Musk"

  • Hyperloop or Hyperloopy: is this the future of transport?

    Elon Musk. Never heard of him? You should have. The fact that Elon Musk grew up here in South Africa means that as per usual, we're going to claim some sort of affiliation with him. If he doesn't sound familiar then read carefully, because, if you hadn't heard of him in relation to Pay Pal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, very soon you’re going to see his name everywhere. The reason? A crazy-ambitious project called: Hyperloop. It’s a damn nutty project, I’m just going to put that out there. Shooting people, and possibly cars as well, through steel tubes in aluminium...

  • The Tesla war of words heats up in the California cold

    Tesla seems to like making a fuss if it doesn't like what people have to say about its cars. This is not the first time we have seen Tesla throwing its toys out of the cot because a review of one of its cars hasn't gone exactly as it wanted. Top Gear -- who the first case was against -- is known for ripping cars to shreds with its reviews. It's the way the game goes. Taking an angle of how electric cars don't last long on the road is good and well, but don't make up details that never...

  • Tesla S to launch late June

    I love cars, always have. But there's no getting around the fact the series of controlled explosions driving most of them is getting a bit long in the tooth. I mean you can stuff them as full of tech as you want, but it'd be stretching it a bit to call petrol cars 'gadgets'. The real innovation is happening in electric cars (no I'm not talking about things like the vile Gee-Wiz). Companies like Tesla are making electric cars that are simple to use, look good and (mostly) just work. Sounds a lot like Apple, doesn't it? If you...