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All posts tagged "Facebook phone"

  • Facebook launches ‘FB Home’ app, HTC First tags along

    The Facebook Phone event is over, and left smoking in the ruins is this, the HTC First. The social network's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, took the stage, spoke a lot but finally got to the meat of it. Facebook Home is the cleanest Android experience we’ve ever seen. Home looks competent, simple but above all, functional. “We want to bring the experience of having a home, of having everything you need right around you… to your phone.” said Zuckerberg. The phone turns on. You see this: But with your details, not this random man From here, you’ll be able to see all your...

  • HTC First image leaked, is latest ‘Facebook Phone’

    Here it is, the smartphone vessel for Facebook Home (Android with deep Facebook integration). Ugly, isn't it?The leak, care of the usually spot-on Evleaks was tweeted twelve hours ago. HTC first, 2013 twitter.com/evleaks/status…— @evleaks (@evleaks) April 2, 2013 So we have the name, HTC First. We even have specs of the new “deeply integrated” Facebook phone. The specifications are extremely generic, this phone is nothing to tweet about. But it’s the functionality Facebook Home will deliver which is most important. We’ll explain after the specifications. There’s a gig of RAM, a 5-megapixel camera, a Qualcomm (they sure do get around) S4 cpu, and a...

  • No Facebook phone, but its app’s going to be preloaded into emerging market Android devices

    Sad news? No, best news ever. Previous “Facebook” phones were utter crap. So it’s great news that instead of forcing another aborted effort into the tech world, Facebook will instead work hand in hand with Chinese chipmaker Spreadtrum and hardwire its Facebook app into and endless amount of cheapie Android phones, according to Gigaom.com. Rejoice! Here’s the skinny: Spreadtrum says that millions of Android phones will now be “Facebook ready” as it will pre-install...

  • Motorola releases EX225: its first Facebook phone

    Not much is known about it, but we do know it's called the Motorola EX225 and marks the mobile giant’s latest foray into social gadgets. Motorola is seemingly forgetting the mistakes it made with the Motoblur and instead going head to head with mobile phones such as the HTC ChaCha and the recently launched Vodafone Blu 555 by also adding a dedicated Facebook button. The phone will be socially connected, with Facebook features deeply integrated into the handset. The Facebook button is a customisable input which allows for one-touch status updates, instant link posting and so on. Other features...