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All posts tagged "free"

  • From today, all GTA Online players get $500k in digital moolah

    Have you played Grand Theft Auto Online and suffered through various bugs, disconnects and vanishing profiles? You're not alone and to say sorry for this, GTA developer Rockstar is dishing out US$500 000 in virtual currency to all GTA: Online players. According to Gamespot though, you'd need to have logged in for at least one session to qualify for the free half-a-mil. If the money's not in yet, stress not, Rockstar says, "We expect that it will take up to two full days for the Stimulus Package to be fully delivered to the entire player base from October 2013, so...

  • WhatsApp for iOS now free for first year of use

    WhatsApp, the messaging app we all know, love and continuously use is now free, sort of. Instead of the US$0.99 (R10) fee, there's now a yearly dollar subscription model in place that kicks in after the first free 12-months of use. As reported by Techcrunch earlier this year, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said that the app will shift to an annual payment model to bring it in line with "how it's distributed on Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone platforms." Smart move. The now free WhatsApp for iOS comes as version 2.0.1 launches on iTunes. New features include auto-backup of chats to iCloud and...

  • Dashclock Widget for Android review: change is good

    If you’ve spoken to me (or more likely I’d have spoken to you about Android 4.2) I’d have undoubtedly mentioned how ridiculous I found the lockscreen widgets to be. Little did I know that a couple of months down the line an Android developer, Roman Nurik, would release an app which would instantly changed the way I use my device. It’s called Dashclock Widget. Widget the world warrior Firstly, what is a widget? This is for the benefit of other OS users who may be unfamiliar with the mini apps which actually run on your homescreens. It’s like the calendar shortcut...

  • World of Warcraft free for 20 levels

    As online game developers struggle to find better business models, the shifting between paid-for and free games becomes ever faster. World of Warcraft developers Blizzard has announced that the first twenty levels of its popular multiplayer online role-playing game are free in a “Starter Edition”. This is a change from its previous ‘get ‘em hooked’ system, where new players could spend up to 14 days playing before having to decide whether to move to a paid-for account or not. This new Starter Edition gives occasional gamers, or those that need a bit more time to get into the popular fantasy...