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All posts tagged "gaming laptop"

  • Super slim, crazy specced Aorus X7 gaming laptop announced [CES2014]

    Aorus has announced its first product at CES this year, and it's going all out. The high-end X7 gaming laptop not only hosts damn impressive insides, it's merely 0.9" (about 22mm) thin and weighs 2.8kg. The acclaimed ultimate gamer-oriented flagship of Aorus has a Full HD 17.3" display and an aggressive aluminium chassis which has been inspired by "futuristic concepts of vehicles." In all seriousness the Aorus X7 looks insanely mean but the designers actually describe it best: "The flowing sculpted lines scents the quality matte black with understated luxury without losing its original aggression. The metallic silver eagle badge and...

  • MSI GS70 is ‘world’s thinnest and lightest 17-inch gaming laptop’

    The race for the best console might as well be a crawl in the eyes of MSI, which has now gone and introduced what is possibly one of the world's best gaming laptops, the GS70, says PCgamer. MSI is calling it the "world’s thinnest and lightest 17-inch gaming laptop." We're calling it an absolute beast, based on specs alone. Is it thin? At 2.15cm, we'd say yes. And is it light? It's only 2.59Kg which is a slight for a laptop with the specs we're about to describe. The 17.3-inch display, which can output 4K content (when connected to a TV) has...

  • Razer cuts deeper with new 14″ Blade

    Razer just launched the Razer Blade and it's "impossibly thin and insanely powerful." This gaming laptop successfully pushes the boundaries of portability and performance. The gaming accessory and hardware company claims the Razer Blade to be the world's thinnest gaming laptop. This 14-inch laptop could easily match this bold claim as it's a staggering 0.66-inches (or 16.8mm) thin. The thin design is complimented by the famous Razer-green over an all-black base. The adjustable backlit Anti-Ghosting keyboard is custom-built for gaming and is Synapse 2.0 enabled. Synapse 2.0 enables you to configure and personalize Razer controls. The design isn't too overpowering and...

  • Enter the Dragon: MSI Dragon Edition 2 laptop is the ultimate gaming machine

    MSI is set to launch a new series of gaming laptops. The flagship is called the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 and, as the rumor mill has it, will support Intel's fourth-gen Haswell processor. As these notebooks are expected to launch right after Computex this June, Intel's new Haswell processor is reckoned to be their key selling point. Engadget has gone as far as saying the new GT70 is "the first Haswell gaming laptop." Of this, we can only speculate. The other specs are officially available though, giving the 17.3-inch GT70 Dragon the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX780M. The moola, will already make gamers think twice...

  • ASUS release first Windows 8 gaming laptop and the name’s a mouthful

    According to Asia One, ASUS is set to unveil its latest Windows 8 enabled gaming laptop, the G55VW-S1216H. Yes, quite the mouthful. This laptop is the first of its kind to feature the new Windows 8 OS. ASUS is looking to challenge the notion that Windows 8's touch-centric functionality is not fully optimised for a high paced gaming experience. This latest offering from ASUS is essentially a revamp of its Windows 7 version. That does not make it an inferior product however, ASUS has crammed plenty of tech into the G55VW-S1216H. It features an Intel Core i7...

  • Razer Blade review: a signature gaming laptop, redefined

    In both form and function, there's a lot to love about Razer's new 17-inch Razer Blade gaming laptop. It's attractive, thin, lightweight, and very, very fast. Far and away, however, the feature everyone notices first - and that you'll want to show off to your friends, family, and fellow/random tech nerds - is first-of-its-kind Switchblade touchpad interface. This unique new feature turns the Blade's touchpad into a fully-functioning second screen that allows you to check your email, watch YouTube videos, or - best of all - amplify your gaming experience. This final point is the most important of all because from...

  • Razer Blade brags top laptop gaming chops

    "PC gaming is not dead." So intones the Razer Blade, a gaming laptop due to hit the streets at the end of the year. The manufacturer pitches it as "the world's first true gaming laptop." Other gaming laptop makers may disagree, and at US$2800 it costs ten times as much as an Xbox or Playstation 3. Or five times the price of a capable gaming PC. What's the fuss? The Razer Blade is 3.1kgs of blisteringly-fast gaming power combined with a full-sized "gamer's" keyboard and an OLED touchpad to do gaming stuff with. The Razer weighs less than competing...