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All posts tagged "gaming mouse"

  • COUGAR 700M Black Edition review: best gaming mouse under R1000?

    I’m particularly glad to see COUGAR plying its trade this side of the Atlantic. Although the market is rather saturated with peripheral companies all outdoing each other on seemingly insignificant details, in the end, price and value will always win out on features. The more the merrier too — you can never quite suggest that competition in the industry is a bad thing. Available to the public since December, the COUGAR 700M gaming mouse is the latest product aimed at enthusiast gamers. And judging by this mouse’s exterior, it means business. Sitting below the R1000 (US$80) mark, its affordable, but it...

  • COUGAR’s PC gaming peripherals coming to South Africa in December

    COUGAR, the German-based PC peripheral outfit, has been prowling the gaming markets of Europe and the States for a good while now, but finally the company is coming to South Africa and not a moment too soon. After becoming something of an eSports specialist, the company plans to bring its range of peripherals and hardware to Africa’s southern tip, competing against the established likes of Razer and Logitech. One such peripheral arriving soon is the bonkers 700M gaming mouse. If you’re familar with the famous R.A.T. line of gaming mice from Cyborg, you’ll know exactly just how crazy we’re talking. The Optimus...

  • Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse review: weapon of choice

    Input is important. Without a keyboard and mouse (two extremely antiquated but necessary forms of input we’re still clinging onto), a computer is next to useless. Sure, there are gamepads, Kinect and a whack of other peripherals, but computer control is defined by the humble mouse and keyboard. These are also the two objects that are rarely upgraded by the user. Well, Logitech’s impressively named G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse is here to change that as it’s most definitely the best mouse for gaming or serious business shite. What I liked The G402 is above all, one of the most responsive...

  • Enter the lag-killer: Logitech’s G402 Hyperion Fury ‘world’s fastest mouse ever’

    The mouse is the computer gamer’s quintessential peripheral. More often than not, a slight lag in response could mean the difference between a record-shattering killstreak or a suicide mission. Enter Logitech’s answer to lag — the G402 Hyperion Fury — the world’s “fastest gaming mouse ever.” The mouse embodies Logitech’s peripheral’s distinct design language, looking more like a tiny Transformer than a cursor controller. It can track at over 12 metres per second, which for first-person shooter enthusiasts with Spiderman-like reactions, is a goldmine. Logitech lauds the device as a peripheral bar none: “Its light weight design, combined with the precision...

  • Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse review: made me ambidextrous

    There are a lot of cool things about Logitech’s G602 Gaming Mouse, like the 250 hour battery life, the lag-free wireless controls and the controls that instantly switch from a better gaming session to longer-lasting battery. What I liked the most though, was the fact that the mouse is so comfortable that it made me learn how to use my right hand to control it. I’m left-handed and until this mouse I’ve never been able to swap sides. Genetic factors and where our ancestors lived played a part in which hand we use, so using a right-hand only device is...

  • Razer Naga Hex review: great for gaming, not much else

    The Naga Hex, Razer’s latest addition to its line of high-end gaming mice, both impresses and frustrates out of the box. With a bit of customisation you can get what you want from the mouse, but for its price tag you’d expect it to be a more streamlined experience. The look and feel The Hex is the follow-up to the Naga, an epic mouse designed for MMOs fitted with a 12 button thumb-grid. It looked like you could make a phone call on the Naga if you wanted to. The Hex strips that grid down to six buttons, and places them...

  • The Razer Ouroboros: the variable multifaceted ambidextrous mouse

    Razer, has unveiled its latest creation, the Ouroboros, a fully-customisable elite gaming mouse adjustable for left handers, any hand size and any grip style. The Ourboros is specifically designed for precision gaming, offering 11 programmable buttons, 8200 DPI via combined laser and optical sensors and a clutch trigger to increase or reduce the DPI as you play. Boasting two interchangeable side panels, you can alter the mouse to suit your own hand grip, and interchange it for when you are of the left hand variety. It is powered by a single rechargeable AA battery that will give you about 12...

  • Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse is 50 shades of awesome

    Razer, maker of practically the best high-end gaming peripherals and soon, a kick-ass tablet has launched the Ouroboros, a US$130 pro-gaming mouse that is customisable to the nth degree. You don’t have to know how to pronounce the name of the mouse to love its sex-appeal. It’s “the most comfortable ambidextrous mouse” says Razer, but until we get our hands on it, it’s just a weird looking mouse on a webpage. Most pro-gamers have hedged their bets on Mad-Catz in the past, but now it’s Razer’s time to shine. Here’s why it costs as much as a cheap laptop. It has an adjustable back...

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