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All posts tagged "glass"

  • Gorilla Glass 5 to save your phone from high drops?

    Chances are good that you've owned a mobile device with Corning's Gorilla Glass on the front. For the past few years, the company has been manufacturing the protective glass used in scores of smartphones and tablets around the world. In fact, Corning says its glass has been used on over 4.5 billion devices, over 1800 product models and by 40 brands. Now, the company has released its new generation Gorilla Glass 5, offering improved resistance against drops, it claims. Corning cited a study which found that over 85% of smartphone owners dropped their device at least once a year, The study also claimed...

  • Supercar maker Bugatti creates $1000 glass toaster

    Not content with creating supercars, Bugatti has branched out into breakfast machines with the Noun, a toaster with heated glass walls capable of cooking not only bread, but everything from steak to chicken breasts. The Noun does all this utilising tech which until now, hasn't been used in traditional toasters. Also, it's US$1 000 reports Reviewed. Bugatti says that the secret's in the sauce, so to speak. Layers of semiconductor heating elements sandwiched within the glass controls the temperature and spreads the heat (up to 500-degrees) evenly. It not only looks like a toaster from a 1960s science-fiction film,...

  • Google Glass gains ‘5 little games’, filled with big ideas

    "Simpsons did it," is what we thought when this news shot past out noses. Google Glass now does gaming. Exceptionally simple gaming, but it has begun. The video below also makes it look kind of neat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9naxeHGIaRY Are you a developer? Do you have Google Glass? Then you definitely owe it to yourself to snag these four free games, right now. We've Clay Shooter, Balance, Matcher, Shape Splitter and Tennis. All the games are extraordinarily basic in concept and graphics, but seem playable and have a bouncy tune to match. We love our bouncy tunes. Google's Developer page explains: With tons of...

  • Google Glass undergoes surgery and shows it has guts

    Yes, the very rare and expensive Google Glass has been given a thorough shakedown. Star Simpson and Scott Torborg are both former students at MIT and have been overcome by their curiosity to dissect Google's popular head-computer. In the introduction of their post the teams states the following: "Growing up on a rich diet of dystopian tech fiction, we were filled with both intrigue and concern about Glass and decided to take...

  • Near-legendary glass smartphones coming ‘end of 2013’

    A glass smartphone could happen as soon as “the end of 2013” according to Michael Kan of Techhive. Sam Yu, a rep from Polytron Technologies, says “trust me” but won’t mention any specifics, such as the affiliated handset makers. The proposed glass smartphone uses practically invisible embedded wiring inside the patented glass, but not every part of the smartphone can be transparent. This is where Polytron plans to use standard plastics to cover up exposed bits. That’s the bone, here’s the meat. Pictured: The glass phone, and a glass USB memory stick It won’t look this arbitary The prototype phone (ol’...