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  • Google Project Ara Spiral 2 will pilot in Puerto Rico this year

    Ah, the modular phone… Once ran by under the guidance of Motorola before the company got bought out by Google, the Lego-like smartphone project certainly knows how to turn some heads. And after being conceptualised and designed, it’s finally been unveiled in physical form. Inspired by the Phoneblok which is a concept first spearheaded by enthusiast Dave Hakkens two years ago, Hakkens ran a rather successful Thunderclap campaign online in 2013, raising awareness for the production of a mobile device with detachable hardware specifications. As crazy as this idea sounded, fast forward two years to the present and we see Google...

  • Google’s Project Ara outs new Nvidia Tegra K1, Marvell quad-core modules

    Google’s latest venture into the Mariana Trench of the technology world is its Project Ara, it’s rather ingenious modular smartphone concept. Although it’s no Google Glass (a failure), it certainly needs a bit of a marketing kick to entice the masses to stop and take notice. The latest news outed by the company might just be the kick it needs. The latest modules supported by the smartphone comes courtesy of chip manufacturers Nvidia and Marvell: the Tegra K1 CPU and the 64-bit Marvell quad-core PXA1928 CPU. In other words, loads of horsepower. Outed on a Google+ post over the weekend written by...

  • Intel, Google will join forces to craft next version of Google Glass

    According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Google might dump Texas Instruments in favour of Intel horsepower in the next iteration of Google Glass. Currently, the American chip manufacturer provides the thrust behind Google Glass, but the internet giant may turn its back on America in search of Taiwanese silicon, suggest people familiar with the matter. Intel does have considerable experience in producing lightweight, energy efficient CPUs, but primarily for larger devices. The move should come as no surprise though, especially since Intel has been vying for a larger mobile device market share. Of course, that hasn’t gone particularly swimmingly of...

  • Acer C720P Chromebook review: a hero of practicality

    Besides my trusty toaster, the Acer C720P Chromebook has been one of the most practical things I’ve used to date. To be fair, it’s also the very first Chromebook I’ve come across. Either way, it’s managed to convince me that internet-based devices are the way of the future. What a lasting impression it’s made. While the design doesn’t really resemble anything of a Macbook Air or a Lenovo Thinkpad, that stops being much of a problem when you start to enjoy its practicality and ease of use. Then again, the low-cost Chrome OS notebook isn’t meant to be a graphic-intensive,...

  • Motorola’s Nexus 6 steals the show as Google launches Nexus 9, Nexus Player

    After what has been ages since Android L was revealed and a few leaks of the device in the wild, Google has today unveiled its Nexus 6 — a flagship smartphone that could very well decapitate the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 in one fell swoop. Launched alongside Android 5.0 L — which will be called Lollipop by its confectionery loving creators — the pocket-stretcher seems to flaunt the best set of specifications on the market right now. From the outset, it rocks a 5.96″ 1440×2560 screen, giving the Nexus 6 an insanely high pixel density (493ppi,...

  • The next best Android tablet: Nexus 9 expected to arrive Q4 2014 says HTC (accidentally)

    Who’s keen for another Nexus tablet? Well, the Nexus 9 is coming, if this report from Focus Taiwan can be trusted. One of HTC’s presidents, Jack Tong, mentioned during a New York press event that the 8.9″ Nexus 9 is “HTC’s commitment” for reentering the luscious tablet game. HTC launched the first Nexus device (the One) back in 2010, with others following due to the tablets roaring success. The Nexus 9 though, is reportedly being launched 16 October and will arrive first in Taiwan sometime in Q4. A rather prominent Android developer also tweeted the launch date, adding further credence to...

  • Chinese vision: Baidu reveals Google Glass-killer to the public

    Google Glass has caused more than a bit of a stir in both the technological and social spheres recently. As if the social stigma wasn’t enought, the device was found to cost nearly ten times its manufacturing cost, rendering it even less appealing. This is where Baidu and its “Eye” comes in. The Chinese search engine’s answer to the smart wearable is anything unlike Glass. It has no screen, it has no stigma (not yet anyway) and it won’t likely creep everyone out while you shop for groceries. And shopping, it seems is where the Eye will likely excel. The head-worn...

  • Android One incoming? Google India event penned for 15 September

    Google has much to say about Android One at I/O earlier this year, but not much was said after, until now. The Mountain View-based company has sent invites to an event taking place in India 15 September, rumoured to be the launch of its Android One platform. Back in June, Karbonn and Spice were two phone manufacturers signed up to the programme, which will benefit both manufacturers — keeping costs of smartphones down thanks to Google’s shared resources — and Google itself — the company seeks control of the enormous untapped budget smartphone market. We have seen a plethora of mobiles...

  • Chromecast screen mirroring now enabled for high-end Android gizmos

    Finally, after much ado, Google has given a select group of Android devices the ability to mirror screens across to Chromecast, an ability that had been touted at this year’s Google I/O. This new feature, announced on the Chrome blog, allows specific Android-based phones and tablets to share its screen to Google’s Chromecast dongle, granting users the power to watch videos, share pictures or view additional device content on a larger screen. Content will also appear larger but “exactly as you see it on your mobile device”, so that potentially includes anything from a 42-inch game of Angry Birds to...

  • 13 geeks playing with Google Cardboard will blow your Monday blues away

    Google Cardboard is the smartest virtual-reality innovation yet and for less than US$2, those with the Sword of Exact Zero and some hard-to-find lenses can craft a makeshift viewer that really works. Launched at last week’s Google I/O event, Google Cardboard is a DIY virtual reality headset which only needs an Android device to work. It also makes those who use it really happy. Just have a gander at the pictures below, these people can’t seem to get enough of it. Lead image via Business Insider

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