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All posts tagged "Halo 4"

  • The Future of Mass Effect: BioWare reveals all on N7 Day

    N7 Day takes place each year on 7 November. It is an annual event that celebrates one of gaming’s greatest franchises, the Mass Effect trilogy. Even though it fittingly takes place on 7 Nov, N7 actually refers to a military rank in the Mass Effect universe. It is a rank given to those marines who have graduated from the Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program and it is regarded as one of the most respected ranks in the in-game world. The “N” refers to the special forces of the Alliance Military (The Good Guys) and the 7 refers to the highest...

  • Halo 4 review: once more with feeling

    There’s nothing better than a fresh start. When a film reboots, it usually fails. When a game reboots, it retains its fan base and laps up a new creative team, eager to satisfy fans stuck with rehash after reboot. Halo almost fell into this trap with Halo 3, but picked up its socks with Halo: Reach, and has now blown my mind with Halo 4. It’s the best looking, sounding, most fun Halo there is and it’s the greatest shooter on Xbox, period. Halo 4 is a sort of swan song for the Xbox, as I cannot fathom another...

  • Enjoy the amazing, David Fincher-directed Halo 4 launch trailer

    Now that’s magic. Despite Halo 4 already being leaked out for the pirate world to enjoy, trailers like this still gets our blood pumping. It’s an epic trailer of note. Expertly directed by Fight Club and Se7en scribe David Fincher, the trailer shows the birth of Master Chief in a scant two minutes. Near the end, the Forerunners are shown and shit hits the fan in one epic, expensive-looking way. Halo 4...

  • Halo 4 leaks, pirates rejoice but should anyone really worry?

    In another triumph for piracy and internet “freedom”, Halo 4 has been leaked online – the jewel now not of Microsoft but of the peer-to-peer websites dotting the net. It’s not unusual for games, films and music to be leaked to the internet, but rarely is intellectual property (especially of the magnitude of Halo) available so far ahead of its boxed release. The news comes as Microsoft rolls forth an advertising campaign in the build-up to Halo’s November 6th release. In reality, anyone with a broadband internet connection and the know-how to crack their Xbox firmware can procure the...

  • Halo 4 multiplayer is more of the same, but you’ll play it anyway

    Right in the kisser It’s a hard truth. No matter how much you change the nature of Halo, it’ll always remain the same. We got hands-on with the Halo 4 and here’s what we think: It’s the exactly how you remember it No fooling, this is Halo: Reach with a hot level of cosmetic sheen. We played it on an enormous screen though, so chances are that we were blinded by the 80-inch hotness. But in our opinion, 343 Studios, the developers tied to Halo 4, aren’t taking any chances. Same graphics, same sounds, same old Halo. We played on a space-station...

  • Making of Halo 4 video proves that ‘Great design is evolutionary, not revolutionary’

    Behold, a fantastic behind the scenes look at Microsoft’s and 343’s upcoming shooter, Halo 4. There’s plenty to say about Halo 4. Following directly on from Halo 3, Halo 4 shifts the focus to an elder alien race called the Promethean’s. The video’s pretty detailed and lifts the lid on a bunch of folk you’re going to blow the shit out of. What we love though is how detailed the Halo lore is....

  • Halo 4 console bundle is legendary, official

    You want exclusive Halo 4 content. You need a transparent Xbox 360. You desire the limited edition wireless controller. For US$400, it can be yours. So let’s recap quickly. On 6 November, Halo 4 launches alongside the console bundle. It can be pre-ordered right now if you’re desperate enough. US$400 gets you the see-through, custom-designed console, two controllers “inspired by the game”, Halo 4, a super-fancy looking wired headset, an enormous 320GB hard...

  • Halo 4 tea-bags its way into your living room 6 November

    It’s Halo 4, and it’s coming 6 November 2012. Microsoft is calling this “the year’s most anticipated video game release” and for once, it’s hard to argue with the Big M’s marketing speak. Onto the game. First off, spoiler alert. For the 15 people (mostly likely PS3 fans) who don’t know the ending to Halo 3, Master Chief defeated the Flood and placed himself in a cryogenic state as his ship floated endlessly into...

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