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  • 8 essential apps every budding technology journalist needs

    Apple likes a tag-line or two, doesn’t it? Remember that “There’s an app for that” quip that instantly turned into a meme? We’re all for that line. In fact, we believe that you should be equipped with an app for every potential situation one should find oneself. And you know what? There is an app for every situation out there — from being lost in a big African city to snapping that perfect picture of a yellow daisy. The possibilities are endless. As journalists, we also have a habit of equipping ourselves with a plethora of apps, just in case. So we’ve...

  • 7 iPhone photo apps every hipster should own

    iPhone photography apps are more prevalent than #selfies at a fashion show. So we’ve come up with a list of absolute gems to help you, an emerging smartphone photography aficionado, sort through the smorgasbord of mediocrity in the App Store currently. 1.     VSCO Cam This is by far our favourite camera app. Not only does it reign supreme in terms of photo snapping capabilities, the editing suite allows you to fine-tune images to professional standards. Coveted as the app for photographers, VSCO Cam allows you to manipulate both exposure and focus, along with a host of other post-production overlays. Last year, VSCO...

  • Beyond selfies: the ultimate guide to making your Instagram photos suck less

    Before January this year I had absolutely no interest in photography. I was happy owning (and shooting on) a Canon 5DMKII with no other intention but to use it for filming beautiful footage and telling stories using motion. But then at the end of December 2011 I downloaded an app called Instagram and it all changed… What started off as a simple experimentation on a little iPhone app quickly developed into an addiction of always looking for the next shot. I found myself appreciating the wonders of telling a story through a single frame. Not to mention how the...

  • 5 free apps that will make your daily commute a pleasure

    So I walk to and from work, most days. That means a lot of time to muck around while on foot, whether it’s taking snaps of the city, trying to video tape something weird and wonderful, or seeing something new and making a note to research it later. These are things that I do while commuting, basically, it’s all about sharing. What I see, what I hear and sometimes just letting everyone know what I smell. So which three apps are the must haves for commuting through your city? Those are the few apps that make my commutes to and...

  • Concept Instagram camera crosses over into our dimension

    Except it’s not called the “Instagram Camera”. It’s been named “Socialmatic” and it’s as attractive as a tech sandwich can get. Mmmm… tech sandwich. Antonio De Rosa is the inventor of Socialmatic, and we use ‘inventor’ very loosely as he scrounged the hardware stylings straight from the Instagram app icon. But look at the concept image of this beast. It’s very iPhone sexy. Let’s see what Socialmatic can offer. 16GB storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 4:3 touchscreen (makes sense, the camera will be a square). The magic comes in the two main lenses. The first one captures the primary image, while the second one...

  • Instagram for Android says ‘Download me now!’

    Android users can now join the ranks of old-school photography hipsters. Instagram for Android has just gone live and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. What is Instagram? It’s a 27-million user-strong social network of photo sharing but more importantly, it lets the user apply numerous vintage filters to smartphone photos. Instagram rocks a neat Timeline feature, letting the user view their friends photo activities. Users can share photos via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare, with Flickr “coming very soon”. For Android 2.2 (Froyo) users and above, grab Instagram now. Look forward to an in-depth app review...

  • Instagram for Android online signups now live

    Instagram for Android? Hooray! Visit the signup page now, young gadget-freak and become one of the “first in line” to receive news of its imminent arrival. The page itself is a bare-bones effort, but shines brightly with the heat of a 1 000 rainbows. Entering an email address delivers the message of “Thanks for signing up! We’ll be in touch soon!” Thanks for nothing then, Instagram. Thankfully, there is some information on why the...

  • Instagram for Android will be ‘better than iOS app’, coming really soon

    Instagram co-founder, Kevin Systrom, revealed at SXSW yesterday that the Android version of Instagram is coming very soon and “in some ways, it’s better than our iOS app.” It’s no secret that the world’s favourite photo social network is headed for Android, but we seem to be getting very close to an actual release. Systrom showed off Instagram for Android running on a Galaxy Nexus at SXSW yesterday, but didn’t give a full demo. During a Q&A session, Systrom promised the Android version would be incredibly fast, scale well on various screen sizes and that the team hopes “to have it...

  • Instagram: the retro-social photography app

    My first camera was a little Kodak Instamatic, with a fixed-focus lens and a revolving cube of flashbulbs on top, that my father bought me on the eve of a school trip to the Kruger Park. Even way back then I was an irritating early adopter, the only kid on the bus pointing and shooting out the window as we wound our way past the wonders of the wild. My pictures were fuzzy and blasted with glare — an elephant skull at Shingwedzi, a giraffe, a distant herd of impala — but in retrospect, they captured the light with a...

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