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All posts tagged "iPhone accessories"

  • The iPhone case that will cost you a minimum of $11 610

    Yes dear reader, that's correct. An iPhone casing made from solid gold that will cost you US$11 610. Or if you have just a little more spare change lying around, get the platinum case for US$14 325 to add even more of a bling factor to your attire. The casings are made by Brikk, a Los Angeles company specialising in handmade luxury products. You need to be a "Brikk" anyway to fall for this. Luxury (or stupidity) is the keyword here. For that price, you would expect to get a load of features built into the casing, but sadly the...

  • Hate your iPhone? Turn it into a BlackBerry with Spike mini keyboard [CES]

    What can basically be described as an intermediary between your fingers and the touchscreen on an iPhone, the Spike TypeSmart keyboard is a tactile add-on that is incorporated in a case, and swivels out over the iPhone's keypad. Resembling the keypad of a BlackBerry, it then let's you type normally as you would on a... well, on a BlackBerry. Typing takes some getting used to, according to a CNET report, and the developers states the device was invented to offer "the easiest, fastest, and most error-free way to type on your iPhone." Looking at the keyboard, it is interesting to...