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All posts tagged "laptop"

  • Intel’s fanless Core M CPU to power tablet hybrids of tomorrow

    While Apple's currently getting all the attention at WWDC, Intel has made a big announcement of its own, revealing that it will showcase its "world first" Broadwell range of 14nm CPUs at Computex. According to Intel, the CPU will be unveiled in a 12.5" reference hybrid machine that is just 7.2mm thick and weighs a mere 670g. It will be the company's "most energy efficient Core processor in the company's history." Dubbed the Core M series, the company's new range of processors, "purpose built for 2-in-1s," will allow manufacturers to produce even thinner hybrid machines with spades of processing power. This...

  • Samsung ATIV Book 8 review: a costly, underwhelming laptop

    I think Samsung is playing a joke on me. Its US$1269 notebook, the Samsung ATIV Book 8 feels like a half-baked idea: one part Ultrabook and one part netbook. This recipe creates a bitterly disappointingly weak laptop that barely lives up to the exceptionally generous specifications which seem to have no effect on the performance of the Book 8. Samsung made a rather expensive turkey that looks tender and crisp on the surface, but when sliced into, deflates like an old balloon. The Setup The Book 8 is a Windows 8 (I updated it to Windows 8.1) laptop running a...

  • iFlex concept phone bends and flexes its way into our hearts

    We've seen our fair share of innovative phone concepts in the past (and some have even made it into reality) but the iFlex from De Poorter Design could be the best yet. Not only does it offer up some sweet, bending action, but its concepts and ideas extend far beyond the scope of a mere smartphone. While most of De Poorter's concept work is firmly rooted in the eighties and nineties, the iFlex catapults us forward to a future where our phones not only flex -- which is nothing new to Samsung and LG -- but lock in position...

  • ASUS announces the ultra-portable, affordable 10.1″ X102BA laptop

    With IFA drawing to a close, ASUS has announced the X102BA which is an affordable 10.1-inch compact laptop that's said to be ultra-responsive as well as ultra-portable with its multitouch display. ASUS markets the X102BA as being geared for work and play and it is definitely aimed at students. Although how "affordable" it will be, we do not know. ASUS hasn't made any details clear on the X102BA's price or availability. But it will come out with the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 pre-installed. The X102BA will be available with 2GB/4GB DDR3 RAM and 320GB/500GB hard drive. Furthermore its powered...

  • SOL is a rugged, solar-powered, Ubuntu-running laptop

    Gadget makers like to say that their toys offer technologies that are "world firsts". In the case of SOL, this is undoubtedly the truth. SOL is not only a Linux laptop, but a solar-powered one to boot. The website even boasts that it "never needs to be plugged in. Brave words indeed. Lets see what makes SOL so special, despite the official website revealing close to nothing (a countdown timer teases us with another 15 hours before the specs will be revealed). It could also be US$300 (R3 000) if the rumours are correct. What we do know, based on...

  • HP reveals new Tegra 4 laptop/tablet hybrids: Windows 8 Split x2, SlateBook x2

    To our knowledge, there are no commercially available Tegra 4 lappietablets (laptop/tablet hybrid computers, our term) and certainly none from HP, until now. HP’s just revealed the Split x2 and the SlateBook x2, two lappietablets running Windows 8 and Android respectively. Let’s begin with the Split x2. HP’s Windows 8-running Split x2 The Split x2 is a Windows 8 device with a 13.3-inch HD screen, an i3 or i5 CPU, Beats Audio, an optional 500GB SSD (for some reason, HP won’t reveal the storage of the Split x2, but we’re guessing 64/128GB) and "eye-catching design with a soft-touch coating”. It’s a...

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 review: well-priced with amazing performance

    On the surface, Lenovo's Y500 gaming laptop looks like a standard black notebook computer. When we opened the system up, however, we were surprised by a comfortable, full-size backlit keyboard, a high-quality 15.6-inch screen, and above-average audio. Not bad, even if these are expected in a modern gaming laptop. Digging a little deeper into the Y500's specifications really raised our eyebrows. A Core i7 3630 processor? Not one, but two GeForce GT graphics parts? An SSD bootstrap drive? 16GB of system memory? For $1,250 (£825)? It's hard to believe, but it's true. And, more importantly, it's fast. Lenovo's load-out puts the Y500 in...

  • HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook arrives with a large screen and a small battery

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) has just stifled the rumours by releasing the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook, its first Chrome OS laptop. Is it big news? Yeah well sort of... it could be... it should be... if it were not for a joke of a battery. According to the Google Chrome Blog, the only real change from what is already available in the Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo Chromebooks, is the larger screen, sporting a LED-backlit 14-inch...

  • MSI GX60 review: pixel pumping is its priority

    Is there such thing as enough CPU power? MSI seems to think so with the release of the MSI GX60 gaming notebook. That's because, intriguingly, the MSI GX60 pairs one of AMD's A10 fusion CPUs with the AMD Radeon HD 7970M graphics chip. So that's a budget-orientated processor combined with the fastest GPU AMD currently offers. Bold move, MSI. For gaming, of course, graphics grunt has always been critical. Indeed, Intel has been winding back on CPU performance in recent years as it attempts to step up the performance of its graphics cores. But MSI really is pushing that notion og good-enough...

  • Dell XPS 12 Windows 8 review [video]

    It's a fantastic year for Microsoft. With the release of Windows 8, products such as the Dell XPS 12, a hybrid tablet and laptop. Join CNET as it explores the ins and outs of this interesting device that is sure to make an impact for laptop owners the world over. Thanks to CNETTV for the video