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All posts tagged "Launch event"

  • Apple launches iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, 5K Retina Display iMac and new Mac Mini

    Apple kinda launched this event on us with little notice. Today marks the release of the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2. Their components may not even be that much of a surprise this time, as information regarding both the new Apple tablets have been seemingly leaked by the company itself. Here's an image, as obtained by 9to5mac. It can almost be certain that both will have the TouchID fingerprint recognition sensor, as well as Burst Shot mode. It's not a revolution, but we also expect much more from camp Apple. Also, we'll learn more about OS X Yosemite....

  • Apple’s iPhone 5S event live and cracking from Cupertino [Live blog]

    Apple's event is at 6PM: UK, 7PM: South Africa, 1AM: Hong Kong (it'll be 11 September then), and 1PM: California, where the event is being hosted. Hey Apple fans, the millions upon millions of you. Your favourite phone (the Sony Xperia Z?) is getting a lick of fresh paint. It's been widely rumoured that today, Apple will be launching the update to the iPhone 5, the 5S and a budget iPhone, known by many as the 5C. These names could be wrong, but we're thinking back to when an iDevice wasn't correctly predicted before launch and... nope. We're drawing a blank. Apple...

  • Samsung Unpacked reveals Note III, Note 10.1 and Galaxy Gear

    Live from IFA 2013 in Germany, the Samsung Unpacked event (which are very showy affairs) released details and launch dates for a suite of Star Trek-inspired devices. The Galaxy Note III, Galaxy Gear smartwatch All devices will be available from 25 September, and ready to be snatched up around October. Galaxy Note III The Note III is a slim, iPad Mini styled device that is unnaturally appealing, for a Samsung gizmo. It has warmth as well, a "warm texture-touch cover" sorts that out. S-Pen is now "enhanced", so is the multi-tasking which is something we rarely used with the last Note. The...

  • Nokia’s Lumia 1020: a great camera, but is that enough?

    In New York, Nokia’s just launched the Lumia 1020, a massive phone with a 4.5-inch display and a crazy 41-megapixel sensor. It could be Nokia’s most ambitious phone yet, but do you still really care about gimmicky features that you’ll only use every so often? Nokia’s making a play with some serious imaging hardware, but will this be a phone for the everyday user? We posted the specs and hardware earlier, so it’s up to Nokia to wow us with a few surprises at least. Here’s what the Nokia Lumia 1020 is all about: “200 years ago, photography was born,” began...

  • The Samsung Galaxy S IV launch event [live blog]

    Here it is, the Samsung Unpacked event for the Galaxy S IV. A short year ago, one of the world’s most popular phones, the S III, was released to critical acclaim and sterling sales. Tomorrow it’s the S IV’s turn, a phone with a reported 4.99-inch Super AMOLED screen, a 13GB camera, 2GB RAM and Android 4.2.2 JellyBean. Bloomberg reports that it will be a true 5-inch display with new eye tracking technology. The event happens in New York, and we’ll be writing about it in our live blog below from 19:00 EST / 23:00 GMT on March 14...

  • PS4 exposed: red-hot next-gen action

    Recap Sony did not show the PS4 console, demoed the new touch controller, an “always on” interface, a quick look at the new UI, a bunch of games, confirmed Diablo 3 for PS4 (wow) and slated a “Holiday 2013” release date. "The most personalized gaming experience available today... the most powerful platform ever,” said Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. These were his final words before he revealed the Playstation 4 (but not the console). The future of gaming First up, the leaks were correct as usual. The new Dualshock controller has a touchpad and is now smaller than the PS3 controller,...

  • Apple iPad Mini launch event live blog

    We wouldn't call this a long time coming, but we would call it "just another Apple launch". Hello and welcome to the iPad Mini launch event, live from California. Here's what to expect: a 7.85-inch iPad with among other things, a Lightning port. There's also the hope that it's going to come in at the same US$200 price as the Nexus 7 and other 7-inchers. There's reportedly going to be a slew of new software updates such as iBooks and iTunes 11 and the 13-inch Retina Display MacPro too. Apple's iPad Mini event starts at 10am PD and 7pm African time

  • HTC pops out Windows Phone 8X, 8S

    HTC's New York event is live. What devices does HTC plan to launch? A new tablet, an edge-to-edge Android device with laser beams? Find out as we live blog the HTC event, right now. A little history: HTC has been hammered as of late. Its stock is at an all-time low and its new range of phones have to compete with Apple, Samsung and Nokia for top spot. Let's see if the new devices can turn its fortunes around.

  • Amazon launches two new devices — Kindle Paperwhite, Fire HD

    Amazon, at its press event in Los Angeles, California, today launched the Kindle Paperwhite. Here's what you need to know: Kindle Paperwhite Amazon boss Jeff Bezos introduced the Kindle Paperwhite to the world. The new display will be monochromatic, with a decent resolution and a PPI of 212. It's going to be a touchscreen device. For super easy reading, there's going to be a light guide, which Amazon's gone ahead and patented. Eight weeks...

  • Sneaky leak reveals ‘new iPhone’ packaging

    We hate it when we're wrong. This site gone and posted an image of what may be the box of the "New iPhone". Not the iPhone 5, but "New iPhone". Goddamn it Apple, your naming conventions suck. Maybe, maybe not It's not going to be called "New iPhone" though. The image on the box only bolds the word "iPhone" so forget about iPhone 5-related malarky. The image seems fairly legit, but the chances that...