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All posts tagged "McLaren"

  • The cancelled 3D Touch-toting Lumia McLaren gets full review

    Microsoft and Nokia's cancelled Lumia McLaren handset is perhaps one of the most disappointing stories in the history of the Windows Phone platform. You know, aside from the platform's lack of success in general. Cancelled just a few months before its late 2014 release, the McLaren offered an innovative 3D Touch feature that was unlike anything we've ever seen on a mobile device since. While Apple's take on 3D Touch required users to press down on the screen, leaks and video footage showed that the McLaren's take required users to hover their finger over the display instead. Now, Windows Central has managed...

  • Forget Xbox, Microsoft wants Kinect in our phones

    Touch, voice, type, and gestures. Those are some of the ways we can interact with our phones these days. According to several sources, Microsoft is working on a new flagship codenamed McLaren. Not only will this mysterious Windows Phone carry a massive camera like the Lumia 1020, it also has 3D Touch which would allow you to operate apps using motion gestures. While the 3D Touch features are still hidden in Microsoft's basement, leaked sources suggest that we can expect it to be similar to Leap Motion's technology and even Microsoft's Kinect. This would mean you'd be able to...

  • McLaren reveals the dangerously powerful P1 engine

    High horsepower outputs are all the rage these days; with hatchbacks boasting 300bhp and saloons 500bhp; hearing about supercars with astronomical power outputs is not new. But when you hear the power figure McLaren says its P1 will have, you can’t help but smile. McLaren isn't messing about with this car, it’s out for blood. Nine-hundred and three. That’s how many. And if you have to ask ‘what’, then you shouldn't know. Sure, there are cars with more power, like the all-conquering Bugatti Veyron, but there’s something about a McLaren with 903bhp that tickles my senses. It’s probably because of...