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All posts tagged "media player"

  • The $150 Samsung Smart Media Player brings apps to ‘any TV’

    Don't have a Samsung Smart TV? Don't want a Samsung Smart TV but still desire the apps and live TV functions it provides? Then the R1 500 (US$150) Samsung Smart Media Player was practically made for you. Yes, you. We know that you have time for games, so why should you buy Samsung's media player? First off, if you'll need to be in a country that has cable. The Media player runs select cable content (which is free, mind you) and video streamed from apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Vudu. There's also the apps like TED talks, Facebook,...

  • Apple TV review: for those with money to burn

    I’m lucky enough to own a Samsung Smart TV. I bought it because I believe in converged devices: I want to watch TV and hop in and out of the web and my apps seamlessly. That is our TV experience of the future. Samsung got that right with its Android-based TV OS and is streaks ahead of the competition. Unfortunately Samsung got it right in concept only: the execution of that vision leaves much to be desired, meaning I never used the TV’s so-called Smart OS. It’s slow and clunky, and does silly things like perform automatic updates when you...

  • The media centre Dilbert’s company built: Toshiba Stor.E TV+

    Review: The Stor.E TV+ is an external drive slash media centre. It's clumsily named, clumsily built, and clumsily supported. So at least Toshiba is consistent there. It would make a great story device for a Dilbert special – the grubby fingerprints of corporate politics are all over it. The base engineering work is absolutely fine. It’s solidly built, well specced, with some nice features. What is not fine is the user interface, the attention to detail, and the user interface. Did we mention the user interface and lack of attention to detail? Yeah, it’s pretty bad. But first let’s look at what...