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All posts tagged "metro"

  • Windows 8.1 Update 1 leak shows PC-friendly mouse and keyboard focus

    A leaked version of Microsoft's upcoming update for Windows 8.1 has been out in the wild since late January. Annoyingly referred to as Windows 8.1 Update 1, the leak suggests that Microsoft will focus on improving navigation as well as the startup experience to make it a more PC-friendly OS. There will be a new title bar for the Windows 8 tiles which will enable you to close, minimize, and snap apps side-by-side using your mouse. This means fewer keyboard shortcuts. When you right-click on a tile, the "Metro" app will present a contextual bar which will display more...

  • Flash now works on IE 10 as Microsoft softens software policies

    Microsoft wasn’t behind Flash when Windows 8 launched, and had blocked most flash sites on Internet Explorer (Metro version). Today however, Microsoft has overturned this verdict and will activate Flash for all sites, minus four percent of the sites that were tested and ran Flash on Windows 8 “poorly”. This activation comes in the form of an update for Internet Explorer 10, as highlighted in the official Microsoft blog. Arstechnica reports that all Flash sites were “whitelisted”. In other words, every Flash site was blocked from running on Windows 8 Metro and Windows RT versions of Internet Explorer. The change...

  • Windows 8: an awkward transition

    Windows 8 is fantastic, in my opinion. The Metro interface is by far the best change I’ve seen in an operating system. It feels current and really bridges the gap between desktop and mobile computing. What it’s really missing are the Metro versions of proprietary software packages. In my last article I noted how amazing using the Metro interface was and what a big change it is from desktop view. I even thought that it was better to just forget everything you knew about computers and embrace the new tiled layout. But I was wrong. Once I installed my external...

  • Windows 8 review: a definitive look at the final release of the new Windows

    Note: This review has been completely revised for the Windows 8 RTM release and we'll be updating it as we learn more about the Windows 8 apps and also about Windows RT for ARM devices. The final, Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8 is now available to developers, IT professionals and businesses with volume licences (or to intrepid testers who don't mind an evaluation version that expires after 90 days and can't be upgraded, downloaded from here). The rest of us will have to wait until later this month when Windows 8 upgrades, new Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT devices will...

  • Skype gets ‘Metrofied’ as fresh pics emerge of Windows 8 app

    Skype's hot. Windows 8 is smoking. Metro is on goddamn fire and together it's an heady inferno of pure VoiP sex. This site, has leaked these pictures of the Metro Skype app and predictably, it looks the business. The site even managed to get its sticky hands on the app, saying that it's "relatively solid for performance". It's finger friendly app and apparently the UI is "very fluid". Few loved, or even liked the...

  • Microsoft app store next Feb – as Android Market hits 10bn

    When you’re this far behind, all you can do is be relentlessly up-beat. Which Microsoft was last night in the barn-raiser to build dev interst in the app store for the cross-platform “Metro” apps for Windows 8 devices. The store will go live in February, and offers developers the ability to hit the countless multitudes of Windows desktop and tablet users out there (should they hopefully upgrade to Win8), and the hoped-for buyers of Windows Phones that have so far been warmly received in their Mango incarnation. At the same time, Google’s director of the Android Developer Ecosystem, Eric...