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All posts tagged "Microsoft Xbox"

  • 4 hacker-friendly gaming consoles you should get right now

    We've seen some great strides towards having proper PS3 emulation on PC, allowing gamers to put the console in the cupboard but still play their cherished titles. But what about the other way around? What about emulation and general homebrew on consoles? There have been a ton of consoles that feature homebrew apps, but these are arguably at the top of the pile when it comes to being bedroom-friendly (for bedroom coders, we mean). Microsoft Xbox The original Xbox was basically a PC in a fancy box, owing to its Intel Pentium chip and 8GB/10GB internal hard drive. So was there any...

  • Wii U takes a dive as dismal sales figures revealed for Q1 2013

    The Nintendo Wii U has recorded less than stellar sales for its first quarter of 2013. Actually, dismal is a better word. According to Gamasutra, a source at the NPD Group reveals sales figures for the Wii U was well under 100 000 units, and more likely in the region of only 45 000 to 59 000 units for January. There could be various reasons for this, but the lack of big game titles is one of the more prevailing factors. Apart from titles like Black Ops 2, Just Dance 4, New Super Mario Bros. U and maybe one or two...