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All posts tagged "mini"

  • Windows RT’s failure equals Surface Mini no-show

    When Microsoft launched its ultra-thin, ultra-expensive Surface Pro 3 during a presentation in New York earlier this week, the internet was left wondering where the rumoured Surface Mini was. While a few of us hoped for a Nexus 7 or iPad Mini-version of the Surface, it was simply not meant to be. The reason could be down to a few factors, but blame can chiefly be placed on the shoulders of Windows RT and its failure to grab the publics interest. According to a Bloomberg report, ex-boss CEO Stephan Elop and current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella didn't want to release a...

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Dx (mini) leaked, maybe on purpose

    The days of carefully planned rollouts and discrete releases are over. The internet has not only changed the way products are consumed, but reshaped the way new devices find their way onto the market. Yesterday, a reputable technology leaker, @evleaks, tweeted a screenshot of what appears to be the next line of phones in the Samsung Galaxy S5 series. The novel mobile, apparently dubbed the Dx, is a more compact version of its older brother, and presumably more affordable as well. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini? pic.twitter.com/tErdv1EdRA — @evleaks (@evleaks) May 7, 2014 The only significant change we can spot on the...

  • HTC One Mini and Max coming real soon

    The HTC One was the best non-iPhone of late 2012, and now there are two new sizes to look forward to. First up is the HTC One Mini, a little 4.3-inch nipper with a 1.4Ghz CPU. The HTC One Max takes size a little bit more seriously though with a six-inch display. The fulls (known) specs for both phones follow below, care of Mobilegeeks: HTC One Mini Specs 4.3-inch 720p LCD display Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Dualcore@1.4Ghz 1GB of RAM 16GB Internal Memory HTC One Max Specs 6-inch 1080p Super LCD display 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon 800@2.3Ghz 2GB of RAM 32/64GB Internal Memory 3200mAh Battery There's even a sneaky snap of the HTC...

  • Galaxy S4 Mini official: LTE, 1.7Ghz CPU and 4.3” display

    Samsung’s done it again and has announced the Galaxy S4 Mini, a variant of its supremely popular S4 that’s well on it’s way to 15-million units sold. As for the Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung packed it with all the features you need to compete with your grown up Galaxy S4-owning friends. Earlier today in London, Samsung’s mobile division VP Simon Stanford took the stage to announce the baby S4. "Demand for the Galaxy S4 has been phenomenal since it launched in April and we hope to build on this success with the Galaxy S4 Mini. This new handset is the...

  • 7-inch ‘Surface Mini’ planned for 2013

    According to a tip sent in to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is now in the process of creating 7-inch Surface tablets. The sources say that Microsoft had no ambition to release a smaller Surface, but faced with diminutive tablets such as Google's Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad Mini, the Redmond-based giant had no choice. PC and laptop sales are rapidly declining. It’s a numbers game and one that Microsoft is desperate to bolster. Analyst firm IDC said that 50% of all tablets shipped in fourth-quarter 2012 were smaller than 8-inches. It’s a telling sign. Users want lighter, thinner. They...

  • iPad mini review: why Apple thinks you are an idiot

    Behold the chamfered edgeI have quite a bit of Apple product fatigue. I’ve owned seven iPhones, three iPads and two mac minis in my time. They are quite pricey, and when the newest gadget comes out, the current one becomes pretty much worthless. When the iPad mini was announced, I felt that fatigue. I thought to myself – if I am going to complicate my life with yet another device, it better be good. And chances are, if it’s an Apple gadget, it will be good. I tried to work out where an iPad mini would fit in my life....

  • Apple Mac mini review: a step forward, but not a giant one

    The Apple Mac mini has long been the cheapest way to own a Mac. Since its introduction in January 2005, the small form factor desktop Mac has offered a low-cost alternative to the all-in-one iMac or the high-end Mac Pro. Although it's sold without a keyboard, mouse or screen, everything else you need is in the box. It's internet-ready, through Ethernet or wireless N, and comes with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and all its bundled apps pre-installed. The 2012 generation Mac mini is based on an aluminium unibody design. It's available in two models. The cheaper one has a 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor...

  • Wii Mini revealed ‘accidentally’ on Best Buy website

    God, no. What is this? Update: Best Buy has just confirmed it. The Wii Mini is US$99 and is the ugly stepsister of consoles. "Big Fun, for a Mini Price" says Nintendo. We say, "old system, ugly shape". But for under US$100 it's a decent starter console with a great selection of first-party titles. There's a manual release top loading system, last seen on the PS2 Slim. The Wii Mini comes with one red MotionPlus Nunchuck controller, the sensor bar and not even a single goddamn game. Disgustingly, this will be an internet free console and Gamecube titles will not be...

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini hands on: is smaller always more beautiful?

    Samsung has decided that it can milk more from the success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and has punted out a lower-power little brother. Coming in without the quad-core power, the higher-spec battery or the huge screen with the impressive HD resolution, the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is still a decent phone in its own right, with 1GB of RAM, a microSD card slot and the exact same styling as its predecessor, albeit in a much smaller form factor. However, coupled with a £300 price tag, you can see that the lack of high end features is going to hurt a device...

  • Apple iPad Mini launch event live blog

    We wouldn't call this a long time coming, but we would call it "just another Apple launch". Hello and welcome to the iPad Mini launch event, live from California. Here's what to expect: a 7.85-inch iPad with among other things, a Lightning port. There's also the hope that it's going to come in at the same US$200 price as the Nexus 7 and other 7-inchers. There's reportedly going to be a slew of new software updates such as iBooks and iTunes 11 and the 13-inch Retina Display MacPro too. Apple's iPad Mini event starts at 10am PD and 7pm African time