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All posts tagged "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate"

  • ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ review: a marvellous creation

    If you're new to the Monster Hunter franchise (like I am), jumping into a game as dense and time-consuming as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is quite an investment. For once, the game demands a fair amount of graft for rather feeble initial rewards, but there's one thing I should definitely mention from the offset: it's difficult to put down. Taking off from where the Monster Hunter series ended back in 2013, the Ultimate version adds a dense layer of 3D to the running, slaying, returning, running, slaying, returning methodology. That might sound a bit boring, but it genuinely isn't. You play...

  • New Nintendo 3DS XL review: pry it from my cold, dead hands

    There were many things that Nintendo got right with the debut 3DS and 3DS XL systems. They were easy to hold, lasted long on a charge and had a plethora of great titles to choose from, but they also had their flaws. One of them was ashamedly highlighted in their name. While the 3D system caused more migraines than good memories, there was also a lack of control nubs modern day console gamers are used to. So the Kyoto gaming giant went back to the drawing board furiously penciling in new, refreshed ideas for its New Nintendo 3DS XL and...

  • Is the Nintendo 3DS XL ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ the prettiest handheld ever? [Gallery]

    We've been very patient waiting for the new  Nintendo 3DS XL to bash down our office door, and finally the beautiful piece of Kyoto art has arrived in its bulky and considerably-heavier-than-expected box. Although a proper video unboxing is duly on its way, we understand that fans or those just pining to purchase Nintendo's latest large handheld want a few inspirational images. Nintendo has kindly gifted us a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Edition handheld, that features the game's logo on the backplates, covered in shimmering silver. The console itself is grey, but we prefer the darker finishes to the lighter -- colours...

  • New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL coming to South Africa 13 February

    It's been a wonderful week as far as device launches go in South Africa, and now yet another tech company has given its citizens more good news. Nintendo will bring its new 3DS and 3DS XL handhelds to South Africa on 13 February, keeping in tune with other world markets' release dates. The new duo have been something of a hit in their homeland, selling over 1.4-million units since their launch in October 2014. Both handhelds have been upgraded, and we'll see some pretty nifty features in the two. Firstly, the devices have been tweaked, adding Amiibo support (thanks to NFC support),...