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All posts tagged "mouse"

  • Cooler Master Pulse-R, Reaper, Ceres-300 review: ready for battle

    Additional reporting by Jacques Coetzee and Ronan Steyn. Right now we're speaking to you, the core gamer, the one who demands the best headsets and controllers. Gaming is serious business, and a good mouse, plus a quality headset that immerses you in the action, is a must-have. We've got three sturdy, cost-friendly gizmos from Cooler Master, which is pretty much the nirvana of PC modding. They are The Reaper gaming mouse and two impressive headsets, the Pulse-R and Ceres-300, which were reviewed by Gearburn's trio of gaming geeks - Steven, Ronan and Jacques. What's groovy about all three products, part of the CM...

  • Corsair Vengeance M65 mouse review: super-sensitive

    Corsair's range of peripherals just gets bigger and bigger, and it's now adding a new raft of updates to its Vengeance line of gaming goodies. We're big fans of the Vengeance range, from its excellent headsets and mech-switch keyboards to its rock solid gaming mice, and now the boards and rodents are getting a five added to their names. Starting with the Vengeance M65, you'd be forgiven for wondering what the fuss was about - Corsair has done nothing to change the design. It's shaped exactly like the original Vengeance M60, so it's built around a sturdy metal base, with adjustable weights...

  • Razer TRON Keyboard and Mouse review: typing 2.0

    In the world of PC peripherals, Razer products are just a little different. Razer embraces the idea that practicality and eccentricity can work in harmony. A mouse shouldn't simply move a cursor across a screen. A keyboard isn't merely a tool for writing word documents. When Razer has its way, these peripherals become a bombastic extension of your very persona, with a design that overshadows the PC that powers them. Compared to the dime-a-dozen peripherals adorning desks the world over, Razer products sparkle. Furthermore, they’re gadgets catered specifically to the hardcore PC gamer, granting Razer God-like status in these...

  • Razer Ouroboros mouse: high-performance gaming

    I’m a left-handed gamer, and unlike those treacherous left-handed gamers who play games right-handed instead because THEY HAVE NO SELF-RESPECT (or whatever), I play games left-handed. In fact, I’ve been using a left-handed Razer DeathAdder mouse for about six months now, and before that I used the now tragically discontinued Logitech MX610, but before that I used a right-handed something-or-other because, honestly, left-handed gaming mice are not exactly available in abundance and right-handed people expect everything to be made exclusively for them anyway. It’s true, just look at scissors. It’s nothing if not striking to look atSo the nice people...

  • Logitech Touch Mouse review: Beautiful, but not Bluetooth

    I guess I’m one of the stranger users of technology. I’m not an Apple zombie, insisting everything has to be Apple “just because” or an unwavering, die-hard Microsoft zealot based on Apple hatred. I like to use best-of-breed and what suits me, irrelevant of silly branding and ideology. So for a long while I have been using a mighty mouse (Apple) and Vaio PC laptop combination. And it worked well for about three years. Then Windows 8 came along and my wonderful little hack inexplicably just stopped working. Even though I am an iPad and iPhone user, I do not...

  • Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse review: a unique design for a mouse, but is that a good thing?

    With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has released some new peripherals that have been designed to complement the new operating system, and its new way of doing things. First up is the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, a rather odd looking Bluetooth-only mouse. In the past, Microsoft has launched a number of ergonomic peripherals that are comfortable to use for long periods of time. As you can guess from one look at this mouse, this isn't one of them. But that's not the aim of this mouse. It's not designed for sitting in front of a desktop PC for hours at a...

  • Not a review: Logitech M125 in ‘A Lonely Place to Point and Click’

    Rays of sunlight pierced my venetian blinds, sending UV rays lasering into my room. As I raised my trembling hand to shield my eyes, a tiny Logitech mouse cracked me across the bridge of my nose. Why was it tied to my hands? What happened the night before, and where the hell was my coffee? The office, yesterday, 4:30pm The Logitech M125 mouse, a tiny nugget of user interface fun was thrown onto my desk. “Here, review it. Make it shine,” my editor said. “Make it fantastic. I want to laugh. I want to cry.” The mouse is the most important piece...